Chapter 1261 Tremania Fruits

"Zam iz!" Lory said loudly, pointing to the Tremania fruit that was in the distance.

"Thank you, Lory," Emma said, rubbing his head with a smile.

Lory grinned with a wide smile back to her, feeling proud.

Emma had of course long since seen the fruit, but she let Lory believe that it was him that found it. In doing so, she made Lyra feel a little bad.

She thought of some other way to make her feel useful later.

Once they arrived at the location, she saw the fruit that was hanging far above her casual reach. She thought of something and used her powers to make the two cubs fly.

"Can you get that for me Lory? Lyra?" she asked asshe flew them right to the fruit. "Bite on the green stem. No, the stem. That's not the stem. Lory, stop eating the fruit, I need that. Lyra thats a branch, you can't eat—"

The entire branch fell at once. Emma caught it before it hit the ground and picked the fruits from the branch, before storing them.

She looked back up to find the two cubs looking down with wide smiles, looking for praise.

Emma wasn't sure if she should give them one or not. After all, they hadn't exactly done something good.

"Good job, Lyra. You too, Lory," Umbra spoke up. "Help sister Emma gather more fruits please. And don't break any branches this time. Here, you only heve to do this."

A small blade of shadow appeared from underneath Umbra, flying directly into the tree where it cut the stem of the Tremania fruit, which then fell.

Umbra brought out a wall of shadow that devoured the fruit before it flew out from underneath her.

Emma grabbed the fruit and nodded in thanks to Umbra. "Just like that, kiddos. Can you do that?" she asked.

"Yis!" Lory said.

"Zam iz!" Lyra replied.

Emma smiled, but on the inside, she knew that she would most likely have to ask her father to make the two forget about that word.

She could probably do it herself as well, but she didn't have any practice and thus didn't want to mess it all up, just in case.

Lory and Lyra flew through the air, cutting down all the fruits, and letting them fall onto Emma.

Emma caught them all as they fell and counted them to see how many she had in the end.


That was quite a nice haul from a single tree.

Once the fruits were down, Emma brought back the two kids as well and placed them on top of her shoulders. Then, she brought out one of the fruits that were a little damaged and plucked out one of them to try on her own.

The fruit she ate was slightly sour, mostly sweet, and with a hint of what she thought was alcohol at the end.

"No wonder there is such a high demand for it," she thought. "They probably just want to eat it for the alcohol taste without having to get drunk or something."

As she continued on, she found the flowers that she was supposed to bring back, along with a few different things.

Quite a few hours had passed since she had come here and it was already afternoon. She wanted to continue, but then she heard a thunderous road from the distance, a strong sound that rarely happened back on Earth or in the Origin.

The two cubs were frightened by the sound and Emma held them tightly in her embrace. "It's just lightning, it's alright," she told them. "Only the sound is large. It won't hurt you."

The two kids were not so easily calmed. In the end, Emma had to give them back to their mother.

Umbra held onto them on her underside using Shadow Essence. Emma looked at them properly fastened before looking to the sky as the sun was quickly hidden behind thick clouds.

"Wow, it gets dark in this place so quickly. And does it always rain in the afternoon?" she wondered if that was the same as what had happened last time. "Should we return?"

Umbra looked around. "Maybe we should. Or at least we should find a shelter until your father can come to get us or something," she said.

"Why wait for Father?" Emma asked. "I can teleport us back."

"Oh," Umbra was surprised. "I was under the impression that only your father could do those things."

"Ahem. I can't really do all that he can. Especially creating things like those books that he does," she said. "But, doing something like teleporting or erasing minds is something all Wills are capable of. If it were my planet, I could move people around without even thinking about it."

"I only have to put effort because I am not in my world right now," Emma said.

"So… can you take us back then?" Umbra asked.

"Uhh…" Emma thought for a moment. "Better not. I don't have practice with it, so I don't want to screw it up. I'll try it on my own first in the coming days."

"Okay," Umbra said with a bit of a chuckle. "For now, let us just find some shelter then. I don't want to keep the kids walking in the rain. I would hate it if they end up loving it somehow."

Emma chuckled a little. "They only learn the worst things, don't they?' she asked. "Alright, lets go find a large tree or something to take shelter under. It will start raining very—"

Emma's words paused in her mouth when she noticed something out of the corner of her eyes. She slowly turned and saw a deer, walking on its own, without any urgency.

Her eyes ignored the brown body of the deer and instead went to the glowing orange antlers on its head.

"There it is," she said softly.

Umbra was curious as to what she was talking about, so she turned around and finally saw it.

"Is that…"

"A Flamelord Deer."