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Aimee had never seen a single spirit that could even attempt to communicate before they were bonded with someone. However, this spirit was not just able to talk but was also highly wise from what she could see.

Hell, the spirit had even named itself despite no one being around to influence its thought. Was it that advanced? If that was the case would it also be stronger?

Aimee felt like she finally saw a silver lining behind this cloud of darkness that had been covering this land for the last 2 years.

"Saphandra, please help us. We are dying. The demons are killing us," Aimee spoke. "Please, bond with me so I can go save the humans."

Saphandra flew around, quietly contemplating the offer.

"What do I get from it, little blue-haired lady?" Saphandra asked.

"Wh-what do you want? I can give you anything I have," Aimee said. She didn't have time to argue about what the spirit could ask for or take from her. Her friends and family were dying, and she needed to quickly go save them.

"…anything?" Saphandra asked.

"Anything," Aimee said. "You want all the energy I collect. You can have it. I will give it to you for as long as you bond with me."

"Hmm… that's not a bad condition, but you said I could have anything I want, right? I want something else," Saphandra said.

"Wh-what is it?" Aimee asked. Even though she was ready to give away anything, she was still a little hesitant.

"Give me your body," Saphandra said.

"My… body? What do you want my body for?" Aimee asked.

"I will take over your body, in exchange for whatever it is that you need me to do," Saphandra said.

"You really want my body?" Aimee asked. "Forever?"

"No, not forever," Saphandra said. "How about I return it to you after I defeat the demons?"

Aimee's eyes went wide when she heard that. "You are sure you can defeat them?" she asked.

"I have been here since before humans were but monkeys, fighting each other to get the sweetest fruit on the tree. Trust me, I am capable of defeating the demons," Saphandra said.

Aimee tried to think for a moment, but she didn't have time to do that at all.

"Ok," she said. "But what happens to me?"

"You? Hmm… why don't you take over my body in the meanwhile?" Saphandra asked.

"O-okay, I agree to everything," Aimee said without hesitation.

"I agree as well, little girl," Saphandra said. A summoning circle appeared between both of them, and suddenly their bodies were swapped.

The blue hair that was on Aimee turned to violet, and Saphandra opened her eyes.

"I… am a spirit?" Aimee spoke from her now spirit body. She admired it for a second before realizing that she had wasted quite a lot of time already. "Please, hurry."

"Okay," Saphandra said. "So, I… hmm? I don't have any spiritual energy?"

Saphandra was confused. She couldn't feel anything. She tried absorbing it from the air, but nothing remained in her body.

"What's going on?" she looked confused for a second before realizing that all the spiritual energy she was gathering was going into her spirit body which Aimee had taken over.

"What's going…"

"Please, hurry. Save my people," Aimee shouted.

"Ah, yes. Let's go," Saphandra jumped from the mountain and flew through the sky at such a speed that she broke the barrier of sound multiple times.

Her human body could barely survive that sort of speed, but Saphandra pushed away any things that would cause resistance against her body.

She slowed down and gently floated down onto the battlefield… only to realize that she was too late.

Everyone on the battlefield was dead.

"Ugh! My head," Aimee shook her spirit head as it got a little wobbly. She looked through it, but her head was getting groggy.

She was barely able to register the massacre that was around them.

"No…" she spoke. "My sister. My sister is… my sister is in… where's my sister?"

"In the city," Saphandra said. For some reason, she could see the memories left behind by Aimee. "Come, Little blue. Let's check out the city."

She once again sent herself flying through the air to arrive at the city, only to find another massacre once again. Everyone in the city was dead.

Saphandra went around searching, and near the staircase of a house, found the body of a young girl with wide eyes and half her body missing.

"Blue, don't look," Saphandra turned to stop Aimee from not looking at the image, however, she only then realized that there was something wrong with her.

"Little blue?" she called, and the spirit turned and gave a quizzing look.

A horrified expression fell on Saphandra's face when she realized what was happening. Because she was using Aimee's spiritual energy instead of her own, the spirit was slowly regressing mentally as more and more spiritual energy was drained away.

Soon, she would stop being able to think. Fortunately, they had made a pact where the spirit would gain the energy that the human absorbed.

'I can keep her alive,' Saphandra thought. 'But barely.'

If she wanted to help her improve her consciousness, Saphandra would have to collect a lot of spiritual energy at once.

From Aimee's memories, pearls seemed to be a good way, but more than that, just jumping into the ocean should have been enough to gain back some consciousness.

Saphandra stopped thinking about that for the moment and went on to search for survivors, or even just the demons so that she could kill.

However, there was no one alive in the entire world anymore. The humans were dead, and the demons had left.

She had failed at her words to defeat all the demons and save the humans.

Then, a curious look appeared on her face. 'Does that mean I don't have to give back the body just yet?' she thought.

Greed took over her, as well as the fascination she had for human life. As such, she decided to 'keep her words.'

"I'm sorry, Little blue. But I wish to remain human just a bit longer."