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"A universe that died in its infancy? What does that mean exactly?" Ning asked.

<System can't tell you everything, but in essence, there were complications when the universe was formed, and thus not much matter and space was created.>

<As such there is only a single solar system in the entire universe.>

"Oh, such a place exists too huh?" Ning was quite surprised. "So, that means that time will flow faster in this location since it is just a single sun, right?"

<Yes. Between this galaxy and that universe, the time difference is approximately 1:194>

"So two days here is a year over there? That's… not too slow as I thought," Ning said. "What about the Milky way galaxy and that universe?"

<About 1:698400>

Ning's face went blank for a few seconds. "Uhh… did you accidentally add a few zeros in there? That doesn't seem right," he said.

<The time difference between Milky Way Galaxy and the Yomire Galaxy is approximately 1:3600>

"That's… so much," Ning thought with absolute shock on his face.

<For context, the time difference between Milky Way and Andromeda, where Kumia lies, is now 1:400>

<And the time difference between Yomire and Andromeda is 1:9 because of how small the Yomire galaxy is.>

"Ah… okay, that makes way more sense now that I have the context," Ning said and thought of the numbers again. "So how many years passed in that other Universe while a single day passes on earth?"

<1,915 years approximately>

<and for Kumia, it will be 1:1746, so every 4 years and 285 days you spend there, a single day will pass in Kumia.>

"I see," Ning said.

"How many years will it pass in Kumia while I make my way to earth?" Ning asked.

<You will have to stay in that universe for somewhere between 500 thousand years and 700 thousand years.>

<That period is when the universe will pass through the Milky way galaxy, and that amount of time will mean that approximately 400 years will have passed in Kumia at the maximum.>

"That's… so much. How much time has passed already?" Ning asked.

<You remained in Hyrix Galaxy for over 20 thousand years. While most of that time was spent in space, it was still a lot of time. As such, nearly 600 years have already passed in Kumia.>

"600… huh?" Ning felt a little sad when he heard that. He had tried so hard to get there as soon as he could, but still, such a long time had passed.

"Well… they are cultivators, so they should be fine," Ning thought to himself. "With Spirit Transformation realm, they get up to 10 thousand years of life span when I include their body cultivation. I just hope they don't forget me so easily by the time I get there."

Ning wasn't as depressed by the information as he thought he would be. "Right, even if you add 400 years to that, it's barely a thousand years. They can spend that away cultivating," he said. "Also, wait… how much time will have passed on earth by the time I get there? A single year?"

<Yes. Maybe less depending on when you exit the Universe.>

"Hah, I would have never imagined I would have to go on such an adventure, to be honest," Ning said. "A universe that died at its infancy huh?"

When he said that, a thought came to Ning. A memory of a time when the system had used a similar word to say the same thing.

"Wait, didn't you say that such a universe had a lot of space stones before? Can I get space stones from there?" Ning asked.

<There are most likely space stones there, but the system suggests you to not count on them. Since space stones move in the direction with the most gravitational force near it, it is very much likely that the sun had swallowed up all the space stones.>

"Ah, well… that's a shame. Still, I have some hope," Ning said. "So, what exactly do I do to enter this universe? You said it was passing by right, so there much not be much of a window for me to jump in."

<All information regarding the timeline of the universe has been provided to the host>

A stream of information entered Ning's mind and he learned something.

"Open!" he said and his star chart skill opened up to show a vast space with billions of stars. He was just looking at the Yomire galaxy and along the top of the galaxy, his mind made a simple trajectory of where the universe would travel through.

Ning's eyes narrowed when he learned of the time he had. As of today, the universe was already passing from the edge of Quadrant 2 into Quadrant 1 which was opposite to Quadrant 4. And every day Ning didn't get there, it got further and further away.

Based on the time, Ning had about a thousand years before it escaped the galaxy.

<If you want to reach there without using too many Space stones, you have less time>

"What do you mean?" Ning asked.

The star chart zoomed until Ning saw nothing but darkness. That wasn't true entirely though, as there was a ring around the darkness made of very bright light.

Ning was looking at an accretion disk of a black hole. "Why am I looking at a Black hole exactly?" he asked.

A small location right outside the black hole suddenly brightened as the system focused on it.

<There's a natural wormhole formed here that is regularly used by the people of this world to travel. If you enter this place, you will come out here.>

The vision zoomed back and moved nearly 3 thousand Lightyears away to a location in the 1st Quadrant… that just happened to be right next to the pathway of the universe.

The location was a place where the universe would be the closest in 330 years.

"I see," Ning said. "While I don't exactly need to do that since Space stones seem so abundant even in just this ship, I do think it might be a good idea to go there."

"After all, I need to look into the black hole, don't I?"