Bak Jung-Hwa slowly opened her eyes, confused for a moment as to where she was. She felt well-rested and had no sense of discomfort, which felt weird for some reason.

It was as if she woke up expecting some sort of problem with her own body

"Hmm?" she thought when she felt a weight around her leg when she tried to lift it. When she looked at what it was, she saw a head full of red hair, sleeping by the side of her bed.

The old woman was confused and slowly nudged the head.

Tae Hi-Ah woke up from her own sleep. She had been looking after her grandmother ever since they brought her home. She knew it would take some time, even a day for her grandmother to wake up, so he had fallen asleep by her without hesitation.

Now that she was awake, she looked at the old woman with her confused face.

"Grandma!" she shouted and immediately rushed to hug her. "Grandma, you woke up."

"Hi-Ah? Is that you?" the old woman asked.

"Yes, grandma, it's me," she said.

"How… you…" the old woman found it hard to speak about what was so confusing.

Tae Hi-Ah quickly left her grandma and rushed to the door.

"Grandma is awake!" she shouted into the house. Two pairs of footsteps could be heard as they rushed up the room.

The old woman expected to see two familiar faces. The first one to enter was her son, Tae Min-Ki, who seemed to have somehow grown older since the last time she saw him.

The second one to enter was her grandson, Tae Hung-Jee, who—

The old woman paused. Was that Tae Hung-Jee? He looked nothing like the young man she remembered.

She kept staring for a while when she noticed something. "Those eyes… are you…?"

"Mother, look who came to visit us," Tae Min-Ki walked up to her and grabbed her hand. "You can recognize him, right?"

"Is that really my grandson?" she asked.

"Grandmother, I'm happy to finally meet you," Ning said as he walked up to the old woman. He sat by her side as he introduced herself. "I'm Ning Ruogong."

"You really are her son?" she asked with tears. "Where is that stupid girl? She never once even reached out to tell her how she was."

Ning's face darkened. "My mother and father both have both passed away already in a car accident," he said.

The tears that were teetering on the edge of her eyelids fell as the old woman heard the news.

"My child, she… I told her not to go with him. I told her he wasn't good for her. And now he killed her," the old woman said.

"Mother, please don't curse the dead. My Brother-in-law wasn't the one at fault here. Accidents happen, it's not like he did it on his own," Tae Min-Ki said. "Besides, if not for him and your sister, you wouldn't have a grandson like this who were far and beyond to get you out of your coma."

The old woman turned to look at her. "Coma?" she asked with a confused look.

The 3 of them had to spend some time explaining to the old woman that it had been a few years since she had gotten ill with Mana poisoning and had fallen into a coma.

The woman finally understood why everything looked so weird around her.

"I was in a coma, huh? And my eldest grandson healed me?" she asked.

"Yes, grandma. Cousin did something that could only be considered a miracle today to heal you," Hi-Ah said.

"Forget miracle, it's the hottest news out there right now. You open any outlet and they talk about either him getting the SSS-rank, or him healing the entire hospital room," Min-Ki said.

The old woman couldn't understand most of the things her son was talking about, but she could see that it was definitely something incredible.

"Hah, at least that stupid girl did something good in her life. If only she hadn't died too," the old woman said softly. Her tears started flowing once again and the rest of the people in the room started tearing up as well.

Ning stayed quiet for a while, letting the others cry, while his eyes got a little moist as well.

After a while, Tae Hi-Ah left the room to go prepare dinner. Normally, they would have ordered food, but since their grandmother was home, she decided to give her so home cooked meal.

Besides, the doctor had given strict directives to not give anything solid as the old woman's body had severe muscular degeneration due to not having to use any of it for a long time.

It got dark outside not long after and the door to the front of the house opened up.

"Gosh, it is so late today." A young man walked in with a small box in his hands. He had black hair and fair skin and was tall and lean.

He wore a green coat, a uniform from his guild, and hung it by the side of the room.

"Sis, I got you some cake as—" he stopped when he saw a man with golden hair intently watching TV in their living room.

"A guest?" he thought.

White turned around and looked at the young man. With a single look, he understood who it was.

"Your family is upstairs," he said as he went back to watching TV again.

"Okay…" he slowly walked away from the weird encounter and walked upstairs. He quickly found his sister in the hallway.

"Sis, who's the guy downstairs?" he asked.

"A guest," she said. "Come with me."

"Hmm?" he followed her without asking any questions. "Oh right, did you hear about what happened at the Hunter testing place today? You must've been there right?"

"I was," she said.

"So, is it true? Was there really a man with not one SSS-rank stat, but two?" he asked.

Tae Hi-Ah smiled. "Let me introduce someone to you."