"The White Devil guild requests that you meet them today by 11 am. Can you do it?" Hi-Ah asked Ning.

"What's the time now? 9?" Ning asked.

"Yeah, a little past 9," she said.

"Ok then, I can do it," Ning said.

"Brother, should I leave my job? Can you get me into the White Devil guild?" Jung-Hee asked.

"No," Ning said. "I'm not helping you anymore. You will grow reliant too much. You'll have to do it all on your own. Work hard like everyone else."

"Come on, just a little help," Jung-Hee said.

"Nope, no help," Ning said. He turned towards Hi-Ah. "You should go back to work too. Does the government assign you some task or do you just sign up for it?"

"They set up a schedule at the end of each day," she said.

"You didn't miss out on anything yesterday, right?" he asked.

"No, I had taken a day off knowing that I would have to rank up. I will start today again," she said.

"Good," he said. "Also buy some vehicle. Since grandma is alright now, you don't have to worry about money anymore."

"Ah, you're right," Jung-Hee said. "Sis, can we buy that bike I've been telling you about? It's awesome, and I think it's going to go on sale very soon."

"If we're getting anything, we're getting a car first. If we buy a bike and you take it, that's the same as being without any vehicle again. If you want a bike, reach Rank B and gather some money. You will buy a bike in almost no time," Hi-Ah said.

"Aw," the young man got sad.

"Well, aside from a vehicle, you should look into moving houses as well. Unless you have an emotional attachment to this house," Ning said.

"I would like to keep this house. He and I grew up in this house, and it's been in our family for generations, so it feels wrong to just leave it," she said.

"Okay, then you should just get a place closer to the city," Ning said. "That way you don't have to commute such a long distance every day."

"Later," Hi-Ah said. "With grandma healed, I will have more than just that to think about."

"Alright, I'll leave you up to it then," Ning said. "Where's white?"

"You mean that blonde dude? I think he's still watching TV," Jung-Hee said.

"TV?" Ning sent his divine senses to the TV room and saw White watching the TV intently. He was watching some documentary on tigers from what Ning could see.

"Do you plan on leaving today or not? Will you watch TV all day?" Ning asked.

"Oh, no master. I will leave. I want to go out and check the rest of the world," he said.

"What about you?" Ning asked Saphandra, who had been watching the TV as well.

"You won't take us to other places to see, right? Then I will go with him too," she said.

"Good, go and do what you want. Just don't get into trouble like yesterday," Ning said. "I will be leaving soon too."

After a while, Ning changed his clothes and went over to the building for the White Devil guild. He walked in and asked to meet their guild leader.

The vice leader was already in the lobby, so he quickly came up to Ningg and brought him to Kim Min-Soo.

The girl was waiting for him in her office at the top of the building once more.

"You're finally here," she said the moment she saw him walk in.

"Yes, I hear you called me. You must've decided on my contract details then," he said.

"Not yet, there are still a few things I'm confused about that I wanted to clear up with you before our team forms any sort of contract," she said. "I hope you can answer some of our questions."

"Uh… sure, go ahead," Ning said.

"First thing, your name is Chinese, but you are a Korean hunter?" she asked.

"That's how it came to be. I'm Half-Korean by the way, in case you didn't know," he said.

"Even then, you were a Chinese citizen before this right? We have a record that says that you only recently become a Korean citizen," she said.

"You looked me up, huh? Yes, you're right, I only recently became a Korean citizen," Ning said. "You aren't going to ask why I became a traitor or something, right? Zhu Zentian asked the same thing just a few hours ago."

Kim Min-Soo's eyes narrowed. "Zhu Zentian? He came to meet you?" she asked with a concerned look.

"Yeah, but he's back now. I hope you won't be as patriotic as him. You'll find that I simply do not care about the country I'm from," he said.

The girl kept a serious face. "I'll keep that in mind," she said. She didn't ask the question about why he left China for Korea and instead moved on to another question.

"Are you from Chengdu?" she asked.

"Hmm? You're quite fast. How did you find out?" he asked.

"So it's true," the girl said with a bit of shock.

"That is true," Ning said. "I am from Chengdu. But you must tell me how you found out."

"Image recognition software," she said. "We had the Korean government look you up."

Ning's eyes narrowed as a small smile appeared on his face. "The Korean government has access to China's database?" he asked.

The girl said nothing. "Anyway, we learned about you from there. I hope you aren't angry about us doing a background check on you," she said.

"No, no, It's alright. It's not like you can do anything just because you have knowledge of my past," Ning said. "So, now that you looked at my past, is there anything that you want an answer for?"

"Yes," the girl said. "Our information might be incorrect— no, it is incorrect. I was hoping to learn why there is wrong information in the database about you?"

"Which information might that be?" Ning asked.

The girl frowned. She could tell that Ning was being purposefully oblivious to her question. Still, she decided to humor him and asked the question that had been bothering her ever since she read him information this morning.

"Why does the government think you died in a zoo accident?" she asked.

Ning's smile broadened. "I died, of course. That's why the government has that information. I can't believe you would ask such a simple question," he said.

The girl was ticked off slightly by Ning's words. "Why did you fake your death?" she asked, as she believed that to be the truth in this instance.

"I did not fake my death. I did die," Ning said. "But an all-powerful being wanted me alive, so I was reincarnated. And now I'm here."

Kim Min-Soo couldn't figure out which feelings to feel. On one hand, she felt that Ning was making fun of her by obviously lying, but on the other hand, the document stated his death as well as the fact that there was video proof from the zoo.

She could only believe one thing to be true in that instance then. Her voice got a little softer as she asked, "Did you come back to life because of your System?"