The centipede roared in pain before all the faces on its showed an expression of rage. They all opened their mouth, and Aldred saw blades made out of bones shooting out from the mouth directly at him.

The blade looked extraordinarily sharp with some small protruding bones on its tip which could create extra damage when the blade first entered.

Aldred slipped to the left, and parried a blade that came at him before he rolled on the centipede's back, and jumped as a bone blade went for his leg.

There was a face on that blade, screaming as it stared at him.

Aldred looked around and noticed that the centipede had actually moved its body on the wall. He thought there was a lot of monsters, but in reality, it was just one centipede, but the length and size was huge enough for it to make a circle around the entire width of the cave.

This also caused a problem. Because the centipede's body circled around the cave, that meant the ugly faces on its body could attack him in any directions.

And that was exactly what the centipede did. Thousands of blades made out of bones were flying at Aldred at an incredible speed.

"Hey, you guys get out of here!" Aldred shouted to Maverick and Naly.

The two of them knew they were useless in this situation, so they ran away immediately.

"I will think of something to help you!" Maverick shouted.

"Don't do anything! The centipede might put a target on you if you do."

Maverick gritted his teeth and nodded.

Aldred rolled in the sky, slashing and hacking as he deflected all the blades coming his way.

When he landed, he stomped on one of the faces, destroying it as disgusting green liquid spilled out.

The eyes on the faces shone.


Aldred widened his eyes as his face began to turn into stone. His right hand moved and punched himself right in the nose, destroying the stones.

He then spun and slashed. "Execution Strike!"

The powerful red arc went along the centipede's scales, cutting all the weird faces it passed through.

The centipede roared before it moved at the ceiling. Aldred rushed towards its head, but the constant barrage of attacks from every directions hindered him.

"Fire Bullet!"

"Fire Arrow!"

"Fire Ball!"

"Fire Javelin!"

"Flame Fist!"

Aldred used all his fire elements to burn, deflect, and destroy all the bone blades and some of the weird faces.

"Wind manipulation: Air ball!"

Aldred created a wind sphere in his hands, and then he rode on top if it as he rushed towards the centipede's head.

As more blades came at him, he activated another spell: "Wind Barrier!"

A powerful sphere of wind enveloped him and deflected all the bone blades.

The faces changed expression again, and they shot miasma at him.

"Water manipulation: Imprison!"

Thick body of water came out from his hands like a whip and then entrap all the poison mist that came at him, locking them in a floating bubble of water.

The scene of the battle was chaotic with the entire caved filled with poison mist and blades raining up and down.

But Aldred managed to defend himself from all of this attack and kept on approaching the centipede's head.

"This is where you're going to die, damn centipede!"

When Aldred got closer, he leaped off his air ball, and then raised his Phantom Doomblade.

The blade then grew in size, more than 8 meters in length, and three meters wide.

Aldred then swung it precisely at the head.


The blade went through the head like cheese, but it stopped halfway.

The centipede's eyes turned eerie red. Then its whole scales and all the faces on its body shone red as well.

This had to be the skill [Enraged].

Hot steam came out of the centipede's whole body. It was so hot, that Aldred could feel it on his skin. It was burning.

Gritting his teeth, Aldred shot out water from his feet, and turned it into ice before forming a water and wind barrier around him.

But that wasn't even the real threat.

Under his shocked gaze, the centipede bulged in size, revealing its huge well-defined muscles underneath the scales.

The centipede rose, towering over Aldred like a monstrous giant.

"Oh shit."

Maverick and Naly peeked from a distance, trying to see what they can do to help.

The centipede roared and pounced on Aldred.


Smoke and dust flew everywhere.

"Fuck! Aldred is fine, right?" Maverick gripped his weapon. He was prepared to rush there and save Aldred.

"Well, I am still alive, so he should be fine," Naly replied. Because the system had explained everything to her, she understood that Aldred's death would mean her death as well.

When the smoke and dust disappeared, Maverick and Naly were shocked too see the scene.

Aldred had turned into a giant as well, and he held the centipede by the neck.

The centipede roared right in front of Aldred's face, fangs almost touching his skin.

"Disgusting creature!" Aldred punched it in the face, but the bridge collapsed, making him fall.

He tightened his grip on the centipede, hanging onto it like it was a rope.

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Maverick's legs tickled as he watched this scene.

As he hanged onto the centipede, the monster roared and bit his right arm.

"Ahh, you fucking bastard!" Aldred heaved himself up, and bit the centipede as well.

It disgusted him, but he had to do what he had to do. He sucked the blood of the centipede.

Because he was a vampire, he had the ability to suck blood at an alarming rate. This weakened the centipede significantly.

[Blood Lock activated]

[Blood Lock]

Consumed the blood of the target will increased your damage to the target.

[Increased damage by 20%]

[Increased damage by 30%]

[Increased damage by 40%]

The longer Aldred sucked on its blood, the more damage he could dealt later on.

And soon after, he decided to stop sucking the blood and attack.

[Increased damage by 100%]

"Haaa!" Aldred punched the centipede right in the face, shaking its head like crazy, and he was sure the centipede would get brain damage after this.

The centipede loudly roared before it turned weak and limp. Aldred laughed but then he realized something.

"Oh no."

The centipede lose its grip on the wall, and then fell to the abyss, bringing Aldred along with it.

"Fuck, Aldred!" Maverick was about to jump until he saw a string attached to the wall.

It was Aldred as he pulled himself to the wall, and grabbed the wall like his life depended on it. Literally.

Maverick let out a sigh of relief. "You always have some things in your sleeves."

Naly giggled. "This much wouldn't kill him, my dear. He has far more cards. Even if an Adamantite Rank would not dare to attack him if they know who his parents are."

"Stop making me curios. You keep teasing me about his parents, but never tell me when I asked."

"Hehe." Naly stick out her tongue like a naughty girl.

"Hey, you guys alright?" Aldred shouted.

"I should be the one who ask you that!" Maverick shouted back.

Aldred laughed as he kept hanging onto the wall. He looked at the abyss. "It should be about now."

Seconds later, a notification came.

[You have killed Soul Eater Centipede]

[+8,000 EXP]

Aldred raised an eyebrow. According to his memory, a monster below Platinum Rank would never give experience above six thousand. But this centipede gave eight thousand exp at once.

So maybe the system did not give him exp according to the level of the monsters, but also have different parameters as well. Maybe difficulty, or special skill.

"Well, extra EXP is good EXP."

Suddenly, a small shining orb floated from the abyss.

It stopped in the air, and then slowly approached towards Aldred.

Grabbing it with one hand, the orb shattered.

[You have received Aquamarine]

[You have received Aquamarine]

[You have received Milky Quartz]

[You have received Deep Dark Pearl]

[You have received Scroll of Darkness]

[You have received Master Work Scythe]

[You have received Scroll of Greater Spell Immunity]

All the items instantly entered his inventory, and Aldred confirmed them to be quite valuable, though he would probably don't have any use for them.

Not much items or objects could be considered valuable now. He earned billions of gold coins per month from his business, and he had a super legendary weapon that could change shape, size, and could even devour the soul of his enemy.

Not only that, his weapon could even devour other weapons to strengthened itself.

Suddenly, another item entered his inventory.

[You have received A Piece of Note]

Aldred opened his inventory and tapped the item.

It materialized on his palm as a literal piece of note.

"It might be a clue," he said to himself.

When Aldred opened the note, his face turned into a frown.