622 Chapter 622 Killing The Queen

The queen, sensing the impending danger, hissed in defiance, her multiple eyes narrowing with fury. However, the sheer ferocity in Aldred's gaze made her hesitate for a moment, a flicker of fear passing through her monstrous features.

With a guttural battle cry that echoed through the corridor, Aldred lunged forward, his Phantom Doomblade slicing through the air with deadly precision. The blade met the queen's chitinous exoskeleton with a resounding clang, sending shockwaves through both combatants.

The queen shrieked in pain, unaware that a part of her soul was devoured by the Phantom Doomblade. Some of the queen's limbs struggled to move.

It was one of Phantom Doomblade's special ability. The blade was able to cut the soul of body parts, possibly making them completely paralyzed.

The blood and flesh that came into contact with Phantom Doomblade were devoured as well, converting it into energy and sent it to Aldred.

This let Aldred had almost unlimited stamina and strength as long as he continuously hit his opponents.

In that moment, time seemed to freeze as Aldred and the queen engaged in a fierce struggle. The corridor was filled with the clashing of metal against alien armor, the sound reverberating like a war drum. Each strike Aldred delivered was filled with the weight of vengeance, his blows fueled by the pain and suffering the aliens had caused.

The queen, despite her size and strength, found herself hard-pressed against Aldred's relentless assault. The Phantom Doomblade, with its serrated edges, tore through her armor, leaving deep gashes in its wake. Dark, viscous fluid oozed from the wounds, and the queen let out a high-pitched screech, a sound that reverberated through the ship.

The battle between Aldred and the alien queen was like a clash of titans, a confrontation that sent shockwaves through the narrow corridor of the spaceship. As Aldred lunged forward with his Phantom Doomblade, the sheer force of his attack met the queen's chitinous exoskeleton with a deafening clang.

The queen, a monstrous and imposing figure, initially exuded confidence. However, as Aldred's relentless assault continued, a flicker of fear passed through her multiple eyes. Her immense strength and size were matched by Aldred's determination, and for the first time, doubt crept into her alien mind.

Salamander, attending to Cleome, watched in awe and amazement. The ferocity of Aldred's attacks left him wide-eyed, his hands working on Cleome with a mixture of urgency and fascination. He could feel the corridor tremble with each clash, the sheer power of their confrontation sending shivers down his spine.

Aldred, fueled by a burning desire for vengeance, channeled his anger and grief into every strike. His movements were a blur of speed and precision, the Phantom Doomblade cutting through the queen's armor like a hot knife through butter. With every blow, he drew deep gashes in the queen's flesh, causing dark, viscous fluid to ooze from the wounds. The queen's high-pitched screeches of pain filled the air, a testament to the effectiveness of Aldred's assault.

In contrast, Aldred's face was a mask of unwavering resolve. His eyes blazed with a mix of fury and purpose, his grip on the Phantom Doomblade steady. Each swing of his blade was calculated, each strike delivered with the intent to bring justice to the lives lost and to ensure that the aliens paid for their atrocities.

Aldred did not consider himself as saint that bring justice to everyone.

But if his friends were hurt, the perpetrator better be ready for his retaliation.

The onlookers, including Salamander, were entranced and horrified by the intensity of the battle. They could feel the ground shake beneath them with each clash, and the atmosphere was charged with an otherworldly energy. As Aldred dodged the queen's deadly tail strike with lightning-fast reflexes, there was a collective gasp of relief from his comrades.

As the battle reached its climax, Aldred's final, powerful swing cleaved through the queen's exoskeleton, piercing her heart. The queen let out a deafening shriek, her massive body convulsing in her death throes. The impact of her fall sent another shockwave through the corridor, rattling the onlookers and reinforcing the finality of Aldred's victory.

The aliens roared in anger at the defeat of their queen and all of them charged at him with the intent to bring him to die with them.

Aldred stood there, panting heavily, his chest heaving with exertion. He gazed at his surroundings. Time slowed down as the aliens rushed towards him.

He let out a single breath and his whole body flashed, executing a single motion: one horizontal swing.

Suddenly, all of the aliens stood still.

Then, a thin bloody line appeared in the center of their body before bursting out alien blood.

All of the aliens were killed in an instant.

And all of this were done with a single slash!

The corridor was filled with a heavy silence.

The onlookers stood frozen, their eyes wide with shock and amazement, their faces a mix of awe and terror. Salamander, who had been tending to Cleome, dropped his makeshift medical supplies, his hands trembling. His mind raced to comprehend the sheer magnitude of Aldred's power. That was... impossible, he thought, his disbelief warring with the evidence before his eyes.

Beside him, another member of the team, a young woman named Elara, whispered, her voice barely audible, "Did you see that? He... he just took them all out with one swing."

Captain Reynolds, the leader of the security team, stood there, his expression a mix of astonishment and pride. Incredible, he thought. Aldred isn't just a warrior; he's a force of nature.

n the midst of the stunned silence, Aldred lowered his Phantom Doomblade, his chest heaving with exertion. His eyes, once filled with fury, now held a steely determination. He scanned the corridor, ensuring that the threat was truly eliminated. The air was thick with the acrid scent of alien blood, and the walls were splattered with the remnants of the fallen invaders.

Salamander, finding his voice, managed to stammer, "Aldred, that was... I've never seen anything like it. Are you... are you alright?"

Aldred nodded, his gaze still fixed on the now lifeless bodies of the aliens. "I'm fine," he replied, his voice steady. "Just tired. But we need to keep moving. There might be more of them."

Elralya stepped forward. "The others are takingcare of them. Don't worry. There must be only a few of them left. Their primary purpose is to protect the queen after all. Cleome's condition is stable now."

Aldred's blade vanished.

"So, get some rest, Aldred."

Aldred fell to the floor, unconscious.

When he opened his eyes, he was greeted by a bright light on the ceiling.

"You're awake," Salamander said. "I can't help but feel this is a familiar scene."

Shinari approached. "Do you need anything? Are you thirsty?"

Shaking his head, Aldred replied: "Nothing for now."

"What about you, Cleome?" Aldred asked. "Is your wounds fine?"

Cleome held her waist. "The doctors implanted new organs and put new skin cells on me. I am fine, except for some cracks on some of my bones. But the tiny robots that are currently inside of me now will soon fix that."

Aldred forgot that people here did not have healing magic, instead, they mostly rely on technologies and science.

"Come closer."


"Just do it."

Cleome slowly walked to him.

Aldred breathed deeply, grounding himself in the sterile medical bay. His eyes glowed softly, a golden hue illuminating his hand. With hands suspended above Cleome's body, he focused on channeling his energy without direct contact.

With a gentle touch, Aldred delved into Cleome's bloodstream, his consciousness connecting with the very essence of her being. He could sense the flow of her blood, the rhythm of her heartbeat, and the subtle energies that pulsed through her veins. Closing his eyes, he began to channel his magical energy, intertwining it with the natural life force within Cleome.

Aldred's hands emitted a golden glow, honing in on the fractures in Cleome's bones. With a whispered spell, he channeled his healing energy, mending the damaged areas.

The tiny robots inside Cleome's body responded to his magic, their microscopic forms buzzing with confusion as the wounds they tried to heal started to heal on its own.

As Aldred concentrated, his magic formed intricate patterns, weaving through Cleome's bloodstream like threads of light. He envisioned the broken bones fusing back together, the damaged tissues knitting themselves into seamless perfection. The golden glow intensified, enveloping Cleome in a cocoon of healing energy.

Inside Cleome's body, Aldred's magic communicated with her cells, urging them to regenerate and repair. The healing process was meticulous, as Aldred guided every cell, every molecule, with utmost precision. He could feel Cleome's body responding to his touch, her cells dancing to the harmonious rhythm of his magic.

"How did you do that?" Cleome's eyes widened in shock. She could feel the pain easing at a rapid rate. She felt incredible uncomfortable when moving especially while the micro robots were trying to mend the damage in her organs.

Minutes passed like hours in the timeless realm of healing. Aldred's brow furrowed with concentration, sweat glistening on his forehead. The room was filled with a soft, ethereal glow, casting a warm light on Cleome's serene face.

With a final surge of magical energy, Aldred completed the mending process. He withdrew his hands slowly, breaking the connection between their energies. Cleome's body shimmered briefly, a sign of the healing magic's completion.

"And I am done," Aldred said with a smile. "How do you feel?"

"I—I don't know what to say," Cleome stuttered. "I am shocked, I guess?"

Aldred laughed. "Aren't you usually the one who shock people with your lightning bolt?"