"I will make this simple, gentlemen," Salamander started, his voice carrying the weight of authority. The members of the planetary council, a mix of politicians, scientists, and military leaders, exchanged uneasy glances as they awaited his words.

"The Imperium faces a dire threat from the demonic forces, a threat that endangers every living being in this galaxy. Inquisitor Aeliana has ordered the Celestial Platoon to secure the necessary resources for the war effort. Your world, like all others, must contribute to this cause."

The head of the planetary council, a stern-faced politician, spoke up, "Salamander, we understand the gravity of the situation, but you must realize that our resources are not limitless. We have our own concerns and responsibilities to our people."

Salamander, unmoved, replied, "I sympathize with your concerns, but this is not a negotiation. The Imperium demands your cooperation. The consequences of non-compliance are severe, not just for your world but for the entire Imperium."

Another council member, a scientist, interjected, "We can't simply give away our advancements and discoveries. Our research is critical for the progress of science and technology in the Imperium. Surely there can be exceptions."

Salamander's helmeted gaze fixed on the scientist. "Exceptions endanger us all. The demonic threat does not discriminate. It seeks the destruction of everything in its path. Your advancements and discoveries mean nothing if we cannot stand united against this menace."

Within the list of Aldred's request was the information and latest research of every world. He figured that they might have something that could help with the war.

But, Aldred also thought that there might be a new technology that he could get his hands on.

The tension in the room grew thicker as Salamander continued to press for compliance. The planetary council, reluctant to yield, began exploring alternative solutions to meet the Celestial Platoon's demands without compromising their own interests.

One council member proposed offering a portion of resources while seeking financial compensation for the rest. Another suggested diverting resources from less critical projects, arguing that sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

Salamander listened to their proposals with growing impatience. Finally, he spoke, "Your deliberations are futile. The Inquisitor's orders are clear. You will provide the necessary resources, or your world will face the consequences. Consider the lives of your people and the fate of the Imperium."

As Salamander's words echoed in the council chamber, one member of the planetary council, Admiral Sefare Angmar, sternly disagreed. She rose from her seat, her military uniform adorned with medals and insignias that spoke of a long and distinguished service to her world.

"Salamander, with all due respect, we do not have the obligation to comply with every demand that comes our way, even if it's from the Inquisitor herself. The Imperium is built on principles of cooperation, not blind obedience. We must consider the long-term consequences of draining our resources without ensuring the survival and prosperity of our people," Admiral Sefare Angmar declared.

The tension in the room intensified as other council members exchanged uneasy glances.

Admiral Sefare was known for her steadfast commitment to the well-being of her people, and her dissent carried weight among those who shared similar concerns.

Salamander, though unmoved, acknowledged her statement with a nod. "Admiral, I understand your perspective. However, the demonic threat does not discern between worlds. It poses a danger to every living being in the galaxy."

Admiral Sefare crossed her arms, maintaining her defiant stance. "Salamander, our world has its own defenses, its own strategies for dealing with threats. We are not blind to the dangers that loom, but we also cannot strip ourselves bare, leaving our people vulnerable to other potential threats that may arise in the future."

Salamander, aware that this could turn into a protracted argument, decided to take a different approach. "Admiral, I respect your dedication to your world. The Imperium acknowledges the sovereignty of each member planet. However, when faced with an existential threat, we must rise above individual concerns for the greater good. We need your cooperation, not only for the sake of your world but for the entire Imperium."

The Admiral gritted her teeth. Salamander had been using the word 'Imperium' in almost all of his statement. This made it hard for her to disagree on anything or it would show disloyalty to the Emperor.

"Our world has contributed enough to the Imperium's cause. We cannot afford to jeopardize the safety of our people for a war that may not guarantee our survival."

Salamander, realizing that diplomacy might be futile at this point, shifted his tone. "Admiral Voss, you leave me no choice. The Imperium does not take defiance lightly. Non-compliance with the Inquisitor's orders is considered treason. The consequences extend beyond your world to the lives of every citizen in the Imperium. I urge you to reconsider your stance."

Admiral Voss stood her ground, undeterred by the threat. "I will not sacrifice the well-being of my people for the Imperium's ambitions. We will not be bullied into submission. If you choose to act against us, be prepared for the consequences."

Salamander's countenance darkened. "That's your opinion, Admiral. If you truly love your people, then you should listen to what they have to say."

Salamander opened the window to the council room and the scream and shout of the people outside were heard.

"Celestial Platoon! We love you!"

The atmosphere in the council chamber became charged as the distant roars of the crowd reached the ears of everyone present. The multitude outside waved signs declaring their love for the Celestial Platoon and expressing unwavering support for the battle against the demonic forces. It was a public display of solidarity that seemed to echo across the city.

Admiral Sefare Angmar exchanged a glance with her fellow council members.

The public opinion, loud and clear, was overwhelmingly in favor of cooperating with the Celestial Platoon for the greater good. The planetary council, now caught between the demands of Salamander and the impassioned cries of their own people, found themselves in an increasingly difficult position.

Salamander, having opened the window to let the voices of the crowd permeate the room, turned back to the council with a stern expression. "Admiral Sefare, the people have spoken. They understand the imminent danger we face. It's time for you to make the right choice, not just for your world but for the Imperium."