Erinys followed a few steps behind William.

She had noticed that the Half-Elf was walking towards the giant White Lotus, as if he was in a trance.

In just two minutes, they arrived at the edge of the river while William stared at the center of the Giant Flower.

Inside it were four people.

Three pink-haired girls and one veeeeeeeeeery fat, brown-haired lady, who was currently lying down while being hand fed by two of the pink-haired girls that were inside of the White Lotus.

The third girl, whose long, pink hair, fell up to her waist, glanced in William’s direction. Immediately, she dropped the candied apple in her hand before jumping off the giant flower with tears streaming down the sides of her delicate face.

“Will!” Chiffon cried out loud.

Her shout made everyone who was observing the two newcomers look at him with interest because they didn’t expect that the black-haired teenager to be one of the Super VIP’s that were currently staying in the Gluttony’s Grand Buffet Hall.

William spread his arms wide and caught the pink-haired girl in his arms and swung her around twice before holding her in a very tight embrace.

Chiffon hugged him back, and even though William’s hug made her feel as if her very bones were breaking, she didn’t utter a complaint. Instead, she imitated him and hugged him tight as well.

The two stayed in each other’s embrace for a very long time. A moment later, William pulled back and lowered his head to kiss Chiffon’s lips.

The two of them kissed once then twice then thrice in quick succession before pressing their lips together for one sweet, and very long kiss, which made those who were also inside the Grand Buffet Hall whistle, and cheer because this was something that they didn’t see everyday.

Erinys’ who had spent a lot of time with William, could see, and feel, how happy the Half-Elf was. Making her feel happy, and proud of herself, for helping him to reunite with one of the ladies that was very important in his life.

“Maple wants a kiss too!”

“C-Cinnamon wants to be kissed as well!”

“Now, now, don’t bother them,” Adephagia said as she lovingly patted the heads of the two little girls who were feeding her gummy bears just a minute ago. “You can ask for hugs and kisses later. I’m sure that William will be more than happy to give you what you want.”

“Maple wants three kisses.”

“C-Cinnamon wants four.”

“I want four as well.”

“Cinnamon wants five!”



Adephagia could only chuckle as the two pink-haired girls started to raise the number of times they wanted to be kissed until it reached two digits.

She then glanced at the black-haired teenager and her beloved daughter, who had finally been reunited after so much hardship.

‘You didn’t fail me, Will,’ Adephagia thought. ‘At least you were brave enough to come to the Underworld for your wives. My going to Hestia to help you wasn’t in vain.’

After descending to the Hestia, and getting injured severely in the battle with Ahriman, the Goddess of Gluttony didn’t return to the Temple of the Ten Thousand Gods.

Instead, she went to Gluttony’s Paradise to recuperate, as well as to keep Chiffon company until she regained enough of her Divinity to return to the Heavens.

When she got there, she was surprised to see Maple and Cinnamon feeding Chiffon with gummy bears, while the latter laid her head on their laps.

Adephagia was more than happy to see the little girls who clung to her when she made her appearance and called her Great Grandma, making her heart melt in happiness.

Chiffon was also very happy to see her, and she cried while being hugged by her Patron Goddess, who treated her as her own daughter, in a tight embrace.

“Will, why are you here?” Chiffon asked after their long kiss ended. “Did you die fighting my brother and Ahriman? Mama Adephagia has blurry memories of what happened during the battle, so she didn’t know whether you won or not.”

William wiped the tears that were streaming down his wife’s face before planting a kiss on her forehead.

“No,” William replied. “Felix is dead. As for Ahriman, he is no longer in Hestia. At least, that is what we believe.”

“Then, why are you here?”

“I came for you, Ashe, Sidonie, and My Master, Celine. I will take all of you back to the Surface World.”

Chiffon’s face became hopeful for a fleeting moment before it was replaced by sadness.

“Will, I’ve already died,” Chiffon said. “My body was also corrupted by Ahriman’s Darkness. I’m sure that it would have long been destroyed by now.”

William shook his head. “No. Your body is fine. In fact, it has even regained its heartbeat, and its body functions are working normally as well. All I have to do is bring your soul back to your body and you will be as good as new.”

“Is that true?” Chiffon, who had lost hope earlier, held onto William as she gazed at his eyes to check if he was lying or not.

“It’s true,” William replied. “All I need to do is find a way to bring your soul back to the surface, and we can be together again in the world of the living. After all…”

William glanced at Maple and Cinnamon before whispering in Chiffon’s ears, making the latter blush because of what her husband had told her.

“… You’re right,” Chiffon said softly. “I forgot about them because of how lonely I felt when I was taken to this place. Suddenly, they appeared here one day and had been living with me since then. Oh no! Could they have died as well?!”

The pink-haired lady in his arms started to panic as she glanced at the two little girls who seemed to be arguing with each other.

The words.

“Fifty times!” and “Fifty one times!”

Reached her ears as Maple and Cinnamon continued to argue on how many kisses they would ask William for later.

“Don’t worry, they are very much alive like me,” William whispered to Chiffon, making her feel relieved. “I don’t know how they got here, but I’m glad they were here to keep you company. After all, you get lonely very easily.”

William kissed Chiffon’s cheek as he pulled her closer to him, hugging her in a warm, and protective embrace.

“Un,” Chiffon replied as she buried her head on William’s chest, inhaling his fragrance, and feeling the warmth of his body.

“How did you know I was here?” Chiffon asked.

William smiled before kissing her head. “My Heart moves where my heart wills, is what I’d like to say, but I had some help.”

The Half-Elf then glanced at Erinys who had kept her distance away from William and simply observed him, and his wife, from afar.

“She helped me find you,” William said. “Her name is Erinys, and she is one of the Ferryman of the Underworld,”

“Erinys…,” Chiffon muttered. “It’s a good name.”

William nodded in agreement before glancing at the Half-ling who waved back at him with a smile on her face.

The Half-Elf knew that without Erinys’ help, he might have had a hard time in the Underworld, and the process of him reuniting with his wives would have taken much longer than he expected.

Fortunately, she was there, and it allowed Wiliam to find his wives sooner.

Chiffon, on the other hand, stared at Erinys as if deep in thought. When the God of Death had taken her to Gluttony’s Paradise, she vaguely remembered the presence of a Half-ling that was on the same boat as her, Ashe, and Princess Sidonie.

She didn’t know if that person was Erinys or not, but if she was, Chiffon could only feel gratitude towards her, who had brought her husband to Gluttony’s Paradise so he could be reunited with her once again.