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Ashe greedily licked Williams… as Princess Sidonie kissed his lips, sliding her tongue inside of it.

Morgana, on the other hand, was leaving kiss marks on the black-haired teenager’s body, while his fingers teased her insides, preparing her for what was about to come next.

This was William’s fourth day inside Lust’s Abode, and Ashe, Princess Sidonie, and Morgana all knew that he would leave them soon to look for Celine, who was pregnant with his child.

Because of this, they decided to take the initiative and pin William down any opportunity they got, preventing him from leaving their private residence, and simply indulged in pleasure day by day.

‘… Can’t you guys tone it down a bit?” Erinys grumbled. “I’m trying to sleep here!”

She was currently staying inside Ashe’s room because she and William would be leaving when morning came.

Princess Sidonie and Morgana even invited Erinys to join them a day ago, but the latter firmly rejected their offer with a beet-red face. The Half-ling knew that the two beautiful succubi were only teasing her, but deep inside, she knew that they were half serious as well.

William’s and Erinys’ next destination were the Plains of Wrath, where those that had succumbed to acts of war, violence, and any extreme actions that harmed anything, and everything around them were sent after they had died.

This was the place where they would spend their days fighting with each other, until all of their pent up anger was vented, allowing them to move on to their next stage of life.

Since that was the case, William’s three wives had locked him inside Princess Sidonie’s room, right after the sun went down, in order to engrave his touch, kisses, and essence, into their bodies and souls.

Several minutes later, Erinys gave up on sleeping and left the residence. As someone who had no experience in the acts of carnal pleasures, the Half-ling could only imagine what William’s three wives were doing to him.

Naturally, she wasn’t that naive about it because she had stayed in Lust’s Abode for a few days, observing the people inside of it from afar as they fornicated in broad daylight.

But, surprisingly, she couldn’t find herself imagining doing the same thing with the black-haired teenager whom she would accompany to the next layer when the sun rose from the East.

Back then, Erinys’ didn’t really care too much about this act of love making because she couldn’t imagine herself falling in love with someone, and surrendering her heart, body, and soul to them.

Because of this, she had watched many romantic telenovelas to better understand the feelings of love. This was why she was feeling confused about her wish to stay by William’s side. Was it due to the feeling of puppy love, or just her wish to play a supporting role to the tale of the Prince going to the Underworld to save his wives?

When she first saw the black-haired teenager and found out that he was a living person, Erinys’ interest in him grew.

Then, when she had gotten to know him a little better, she found out that, although William looked standoffish, he was actually a very caring person.

Also, she didn’t want to admit it, but on the day that William saved her from Dominic’s sinister attempt to take advantage of her weakness, she felt as if she had become a protagonist in one of the shows she frequently watched.

Just like the Leading Lady being saved by the Male Lead in her darkest moments and forming a connection with him that led to a romantic relationship.

That was the scenario that happened to Erinys, and yet, she didn’t know if that feeling of gratitude had something to do with love, which made her confused.

“It’s no use to think about these things, Erinys,” the Half-ling muttered. “Even if he manages to rescue his wives, they alone will be able to leave this place. I can’t do that… I will forever be stuck here in the Underworld.”

A long and deep sigh escaped Erinys’ lips as she laid on the deck of her flying boat, which was currently hovering above Lust’s Abode.

‘I hope morning comes soon,’ Erinys thought as she closed her eyes. ‘Then we can leave this place, and I will have some time alone with Will to better understand what I feel about him.’

Just as she was about to fall asleep, she sensed a presence coming near her boat.

The Half-ling immediately propped herself up and glanced to her right, just in time to see another flying boat, led by another Ferryman, hover beside her own.

“It’s been a while, Erinys,” the Ferryman greeted the Half-ling. “How are you doing?”

“It’s you, Calli,” Erinys smiled widely after hearing the voice of her friend. “What are you doing here?”

The Ferryman named Calli, took the black robe off her face, showing a pretty face with long, dark-brown hair, and green eyes.

“I’m just on my way back from tossing someone into the River of Hell,” Calli replied. “The Boss sure made things difficult for me. I have to do a lot of paperwork after dealing with that bastard.”

“Sounds rough. How is the boss doing?”

“Well, he’s the same as always.”

“… I see.”

The smile on Erinys’ face dimmed a little after hearing Calli’s words. However, the Ferryman, who was also Erinys’ close friend, jumped over to Erinys’s boat and gave the Half-ling a bear hug, making the latter struggle in Calli’s embrace.

“Um, did you become a bit heavier?” Calli asked as she put the panting Half-ling down. “Have you only been eating junk food? No good, you’ve become a slouch since you got the Ferryman Badge. This will not reflect well on your record.”

“N-Nonsense,” Erinys stuttered. “I am eating properly everyday. Also, I’m still a growing girl. It is only fine for me to gain a little weight in order to get taller, right?”

“Taller?” Calli looked at Erinys from head to toe before circling her three times. “Your height is the same since I last saw you. Give it up, Erinys. You stopped growing a year ago.”

“K-Kuh… are you my friend or not?” Erinys wasn’t able to refute Calli’s words and the latter just chuckled while patting her head.

“Well, enough about your height,” Calli said with a smile. “What are you doing here in Lust’s Abode? Don’t tell me you finally got curious about doing THAT. I can’t believe it, my little Erinys is finally curious about having se-arggh!”

Calli found herself being headbutted on her stomach, making her body bend like a cooked shrimp before falling down on all fours coughing.

“D-Don’t talk nonsense!” Erinys’ shouted with a beet-red face. “W-Who is interested in learning how to do that thing!”

“C-Calm down. I was just joking.”


Calli massaged her stomach before propping herself up. She didn’t expect Erinys to have this kind of reaction, so it piqued her interest.

“Say, Erinys, I heard that you’ve been traveling with someone as of late,” Calli said with a smile. “Is he a boy?”

“That’s none of your business,” Erinys replied with a pout.

Calli walked closer and crouched a bit, so that she could look eye to eye with the Half-ling who had a wary look on her doll-like face.

“I see, it’s a boy. So, is he handsome?”

“… I didn’t say if he was a boy or not.”

Calli giggled. Of course she knew that Erinys was traveling with a boy. She was one of the Ferrymen that had been ferrying souls for hundreds of years in the Underworld, so it was fairly easy for her to gather information on the person that Erinys was traveling with.

“I heard that he is still a living person,” Calli commented. “For him to appear here before his time of death is truly intriguing. Tell me, what is he like? What kind of person is he?”

“No comment,” Erinys replied.

“Awww… don’t be like that. Your Big Sis is here to give you some advice about love.”

“I don’t need your advice.”

Calli smirked before moving her head closer to the Half-ling who had subconsciously taken a step back.

“Since he is still alive, it is fairly easy to bind him to you,” Calli said. “Just let him eat the food of the Underworld. As long as you prepare it yourself, he will be bound to you for eternity.”

“I will not do such a despicable thing,” Erinys replied. “Will and I are friends.”

“Oh, so his name is Will? I’ve seen his picture, and he looks like a very fine person…” Calli smiled. “If you are not interested in him, maybe I can feed him some food in the Underworld and make him my…”

Before Calli could even finish what she was about to say, she felt the cold, and sharp blade of a Deathscythe hanging over her neck.

“Calli, don’t even think about it,” Erinys said as her eyes turned crimson. Her hair fluttered lightly in the breeze as she held her weapon firmly in her little hands. “Will is off limits. He is mine.”

Instead of feeling afraid, the smile on Calli’s face widened.

“I see,” Calli commented. “Since you’ve already made the decision to make him yours then you know what to do.”

Calli lightly pushed away the blade of the Deathscyhe from her neck with a finger.

“There is more than one way to bind the living to the Underworld, and it is not just about food,” Calli whispered in Erinys’ ear as if she was a devil tempting her to do bad deeds. “Just imagine… spending eternity with him, wouldn’t that be wonderful?”

Erinys snorted as she unsummoned her weapon and turned around. She didn’t want to look at Calli’s face right now because the latter’s words had shaken her heart.

“Get out of my boat,” Erinys said. “I don’t want to see you anytime soon.”

“Fine, I’m leaving,” Calli replied before casually jumping to her own flying boat, which was floating beside the Half-ling’s. “But, remember this, Erinys, you belong to the Underworld. The Surface World is not as beautiful and peaceful as the ones you see in your telenovelas.

“It is an ugly place filled with wicked men and women who do vile things to each other. You should know that more than I. After all… you’ve been ferrying those who have departed to the many Layers of Hell. You should know by now what Human nature is like.”

Having said her words, Calli steered her boat away and headed towards the Third Layer of the Underworld.

Although she said some pretty harsh things, she was just worried about her friend, Erinys. She even went as far as to remind her that there were other ways to keep William in the Underworld if she truly wished for it.

“Erinys’ you’re still too young and innocent,” Calli muttered as her boat descended towards the Third Layer. ‘I don’t know what the Boss is thinking, allowing that Half-Elf to freely move around the Underworld, while he is still alive, but I have a feeling that whatever is in his mind right now… it is something that you should stay away from no matter what.’

Calli had been in the Underworld for a very long time, and she had seen all the faces of humanity during those many years of ferrying the souls of the dead.

Although she knew that there were also good humans among the bunch, she had just seen so many evil things that her heart had already grown cold and numb when it came to interacting with people who had made others suffer just for the sake of their selfishness.

“Well, whatever happens, I got your back,” Calli said softly. “It’s good to be young. So innocent and foolish at the same time.”

The Ferryman of the Underworld sighed before giving the Lust Abode one last glance before continuing her journey, leaving her friend behind, whose mind was reeling from the thought of keeping the handsome Half-Elf by her side…

For eternity.