Trudging into the Plains of Wrath, William found himself attacked repeatedly by groups of people with the sole intent to kill him.

The majority of them were highly skilled individuals, but none of them was a match to the Half-Elf, who was determined to get to the Tower of Wrath as soon as possible.

"M-Monster!" a skinny man screamed before running away.

Unfortunately for him, William had no intention of letting any of them get away. Since they dared to attack him, he didn't show them any mercy and killed them down to the last man.


That was the last thing the man shouted before William's black lightning bolt pierced through his chest, turning him into a red mist that flew towards the entrance of the Plains. There, they would have to wait for a day for their bodies to return to normal.

After that, another cycle of life and death battles awaited them. This would continue until they reached a billion credits, which would be enough to allow them to buy a ticket to return to the Cycle of Reincarnation.

These souls would then be cleansed of their past sins, and have their memories erased, so that they could start their brand new lives without being shackled by their past. This was the place where majority of those that had committed great crimes, including murder, arson, and genocide were brought in order to suffer the same kind of suffering they had forced upon others.

Just as William was about to continue his journey, a dust cloud appeared at the corner of his vision. A moment later, a dozen motorbikes stopped several meters away from him.

"I have been watching you for the past two hours, and found you quite interesting," a man wearing sunglasses said with a smile. "My name is Modo, and I am the leader of the Renegades. How about you join our group? Although we're not as strong as the other people here in the Plains of Wrath, our teamwork is second to none."

"Not interested," William replied in a heartbeat as he walked away, leaving the bikers behind.

"Um, don't be in a rush to reject our offer," Modo caught up to William and walked beside him, while dragging his motorbike. "The Plains of Wrath is a dangerous place. You might be strong, but there will always be someone stronger than you."

William ignored Modo's words and continued to walk. He didn't plan on staying long in the Plains of Wrath, so he wasn't interested in becoming part of any group in order to gather Hell Credits so he could leave this place.

"Hah~ don't waste your time on him, Boss," one of Modo's comrades said. "Let him suffer a beating first. After he faces the strong fighters of this plain, he will definitely change his mind and beg to join our group."

"That's right, Boss," another one of Modo's subordinates commented. "Who does he think he is? Does he think he is Felix, who was able to gather the Big Groups after beating them and started his own faction?

William halted his steps before glancing in the direction of the biker who said a familiar name.

"What does this Felix look like?" William asked. "Does he have green hair?"

"You know him?" The man who mentioned Felix's name arched an eyebrow. "Are you perhaps one of the people he has beaten to a pulp recently? If you plan to join our group just to take revenge on him, you better forget it. That person already has the Four Wrathful Kings on his side. It is not good to antagonize their faction."

Modo, who had intended to recruit William to their team, nodded his head in agreement.

"Friend, you might be strong, but there is greater strength in numbers," Modo stated. "The Four Wrathful Kings are the true Overlords of this place. Their goal is to gain enough Hell Credits to Enter the Tower of Wrath, and take the Trial that will allow them to go to Heaven."

Modo smiled wryly as if the mere thought of the word Heaven disgusted him.

"Based on your path, I am guessing that you are headed for the Tower," Modo commented. "However, that is also where Felix and his cronies are currently located. None of the other groups in this area dare to go near it. If you go there, it is the same as committing suicide."

William shifted his attention towards the Black Tower as a devilish smile appeared on his face. Truth be told, he was unconscious when he "killed" Felix, who was possessed by Aka Manah.

The Half-Elf had long wanted to crush the green-haired demon with his own hands for everything that had happened in the past. Also, the mere thought of his Master, Celine, being paired up with Felix as his Bride of Darkness made his blood boil.

He had already made his Master his woman, and he would be damned if he allowed the green-haired Demon to even touch a single strand of her hair, especially now that she was carrying William's child in her womb.

"Are you sure that I can find Felix and his cohorts near the tower?" William inquired as he gazed at the tower whose peak couldn't be seen.

"Yes," Modo answered. "Don't tell me…"

They had already told the black-haired teenager about the danger that was waiting for him near the tower, but the expression on William's face made them wonder if they were just imagining things.

The Half-Elf's devilish smile that was plastered on his face made the Renegades feel as if they had encountered a madman.

William's started to run towards the Black Tower in the distance. Now that he knew that Felix was also here, he decided to increase his pace in order to reach the tower.

He was worried that the green-haired Demon would start to climb it and find Celine along the way.

If something bad happened to his Master, William would definitely go all out against Felix, and make the green-haired Demon understand that he wasn't safe from the Half-Elf's wrath, even though he had already died and was currently paying for his sins in the Underworld.