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Chapter 311 - Sword Drawn, Souls Gone

When Midsummer's Starfire Shower descended, all magic mirrors above the plaza radiated a blinding glow, preventing anyone from looking at them directly. However, when the blinding light faded, what everyone saw shocked them to the core.

"The Knight of Thousand Winds… The Knight of Thousand Winds got killed in one move?"

"Crazy! This is crazy! I must be dreaming!"

"Not only does she have a 120% Mana Body, but she also silent-cast a twofold Tier 4 Curse? Who is she?"

Everyone in the plaza couldn't keep their mouths closed when they saw the outcome displayed in the magic mirror keeping track of Midsummer's battle.

Not just Wu Xiaoxiao, but even Midsummer had a Mana Body that had reached the legendary 120% Completion Rate. Moreover, the combat prowess Midsummer displayed was utterly astounding.

It should be known that Ocean Breeze, the Knight of Thousand Winds, was not only a genius who ranked 50th in the Myriad Forest Kingdom's First Generation Rankings, but due to his class, he was also the bane of all magical classes. Yet, he had died to a magical class player in one move…

With such strength, Midsummer could already be put on the same level as the Ancient River Kingdom's Ten Great Paragons.

She silent-cast a twofold Tier 4 Curse?

Desolate Fury was similarly shocked when he saw Midsummer's performance.

Currently, the area five yards ahead of Midsummer had already transformed into a lava hell. The high temperatures of this field of lava were so high that even Tier 5 players would rapidly lose HP while standing in it and transform into a charred corpse in just a little more than ten seconds.

However, the power of Midsummer's attack wasn't what shocked Desolate Fury since Tier 4 Curses originally possessed the power of Tier 5 Spells already. Not to mention, the Tier 4 Curse Midsummer used was even under the large-scale Destruction Spell category, and Spells under this category were strategic-level Spells in God's Domain. Rather than the Curse's power, what shocked Desolate Fury was the way Midsummer had cast her Starfire Shower.

Tier 4 Curse-ranked Destruction Spells were rarely used in one-versus-one PvP situations due to their overly long casting times. If a player wasn't capable of silent casting, it'd be incredibly foolish to even try to use such a Curse. However, so long as a player could silent-cast such a Curse, even titled experts of the same tier would fall if they weren't careful.

As for two-fold Tier 4 Curses, if a player could silent-cast one, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call them a moving disaster.

A silent-cast Tier 4 Curse would be weaker than a Tier 4 Curse that was cast normally, so it wasn't impossible for a Tier 4 titled expert to try and defend against it. However, a silent-cast twofold Tier 4 Curse was something not even titled experts could defend against.

This was because the moment they blocked the first Tier 4 Curse, the second Tier 4 Curse would immediately follow. With the limitations of a Tier 4 player's strength, there was no way a Tier 4 player could react in time before they got hit by the second Tier 4 Curse.

Typically, when Tier 4 players were going up against an expert capable of silent-casting twofold Tier 4 Curses, their only option was to put as much distance between themselves and the caster as possible. It was simply impossible for a Tier 4 player to react to such an attack at close range.

Hence, Tier 4 experts capable of silent-casting twofold Tier 4 Curses were regarded as nigh-invincible among Tier 4 players.

Of course, silent-casting a twofold Tier 4 Curse was incredibly difficult. Even among titled experts, only a small minority of magical-class paragons could accomplish it. Not only did accomplishing such a feat require the caster to have an extremely high affinity with mana, but the caster would also need a considerably high mastery over the various elements of mana. These were harsh requirements that most Tier 4 players would find impossible to meet.

Dammit! Dammit! When Lightning Chaser saw Midsummer's goddess-like appearance displayed in the magic mirror, a hint of madness appeared in his eyes. Why is she in the same party with that guy?! If it weren't for that insignificant bastard, Midsummer would've never behaved so indifferently to me! It's all that bastard's fault!

The combination of a 120% Epic Mana Body and the ability to silent-cast a twofold Tier 4 Curse was enough to place Midsummer at the top of even the Myriad Forest Empire. She would be put on the same level as the empire's paragons, and even the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers would fight to recruit her. The status she could gain would surpass his status as a corporation's potential successor.

Originally, this beautiful and talented goddess could have been his. Yet, now, he had missed the opportunity to obtain her…

When Lightning Chaser thought up to this point, his gaze turned toward the magic mirror displaying Shi Feng's figure, his eyes filled with envy and killing intent as he watched Shi Feng walking in a forest.

He, an official successor of the Extreme Eagle Corporation, had lost to some nobody?

Moreover, this nobody didn't even have a Golden Leaf Emblem. If this nobody were to talk out on the streets, an ordinary beauty wouldn't even glance at him.

Shortly after Lightning Chaser started watching Shi Feng, his blood pressure spiked again.

Currently, displayed in the magic mirror were Shi Feng and Wu Xiaoxiao walking together. However, every expert the two came across was dealt with by Wu Xiaoxiao. Although Wu Xiaoxiao wasn't as strong as Midsummer, she could still silent-casting Tier 4 Curses, so her combat power was comparable to titled experts. Meanwhile, throughout this entire time, Shi Feng only watched from the side and quietly waited to get promoted through the round.

However, what Lightning Chaser couldn't stomach the most was that Shi Feng was chatting merrily with Wu Xiaoxiao. The bastard was utterly shameless…

At this time, Lightning Chaser wasn't the only person directing feelings of anger and jealousy at Shi Feng. Many young men in the plaza also started to behave this way toward Shi Feng.

Not only was Shi Feng acquainted with two goddess-like individuals, but they even shared a close relationship, evidenced by how they interacted with one another.

Subsequently, as time passed, fewer players remained in the various regions of the preliminaries' first round. At some point, the various youths watching Shi Feng's and Wu Xiaoxiao's actions suddenly laughed.

"Hahaha! Now that the goddess is pinned down by a titled expert, let's see what that bastard will do!"

"He has to go up against three fourth-floor experts simultaneously. That bastard is definitely going to embarrass himself in front of the goddess!"

"Bets are open! Guess how many seconds that kid can last!"

"How many seconds? Aren't you overestimating that guy? He only survived until now because he was lucky enough to get acquainted with the two goddesses. However, his luck ends here. With three fourth-floor experts as his opponents, the fight will end in one second."

When the spectating participants saw three young men wearing Golden Leaf Emblems slowly closing in on Shi Feng, they couldn't help but grow excited. It was especially so for Lightning Chaser.

"Quick! Quickly get rid of him! Let Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao see just how weak he is!"

Lightning Chaser muttered excitedly as he looked at the magic mirror.

So what if Shi Feng got to be in the same party as Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao? He was merely an ant who hadn't even reached the World Tower's fourth floor. In the end, he was still going to get disqualified.

"Black Flame… Black Flame…" When Desolate Fury looked at Shi Feng's figure displayed in the magic mirror, he muttered to himself, "Why do I keep feeling as if I've seen him before…"

"How could you possibly have met that kid before, Commander? He's merely an ant who doesn't even have a Golden Leaf. You normally only interact with the Myriad Forest Empire's peerless geniuses. That kid can't possibly be one of those peerless geniuses, right?" Lightning Chaser said, scoffing.

While Lightning Chaser was speaking, the three fourth-floor experts displayed in the magic mirror sneered and began their offensive on Shi Feng. However, as if they wanted to toy with Shi Feng in front of Wu Xiaoxiao, they deliberately slowed down their movements. Then, when they were within 10 yards of Shi Feng, all three attacked Shi Feng simultaneously, one slashing with a longsword, another smashing with a war hammer, and another stabbing with a pair of daggers.

Even though the three youths were already holding back, which was evidenced by their lack of Skill usage, the speed and frequency of their attacks were still too much for ordinary Tier 4 players to keep up with. Moreover, all three of them attacked from Shi Feng's blind spots.

When the three youths' attacks were within one yard of reaching their target, Shi Feng, who had remained motionless all this time, suddenly moved.




Shi Feng executed three simple movements, nearly in slow motion, in the eyes of the spectating participants. However, even though Shi Feng's movements were slow and gentle, the three fourth-floor experts failed to react to his movements. Or, more specifically, as if their bodies became frozen in time, the three youths stopped moving altogether and simply allowed Shi Feng's sword to cut across their necks. Even until their HP had fallen to zero, the three did not show the slightest bit of resistance…

The spectators were dumbfounded when they saw this, and silence enveloped the entire plaza.

"This… What just…happened?"