Chapter 341 – Top 10 Determined

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Changed the description for Formless Sword:



Additional Profound Inheritance 1: Formless Sword. Converts heaven and earth into a temporary sword. The quality of the sword created depends on the surrounding environment and the magic array constructed by the user.


Additional Profound Inheritance 1: Formless Sword. Converts any object into a temporary sword. The quality of the sword created depends on the object used and the magic array constructed by the user.

Sure enough, the Eternal Ashes is an extraordinary weapon! Shi Feng mentally exclaimed when he saw that his attack had killed nearly thirty experts.

One of the greatest harvests he had acquired in his previous life was the forging design for the Eternal Ashes.

The Eternal Ashes was a Fragmented Divine Artifact whose value rivaled complete Divine Artifacts. However, it had an absurdly high forging difficulty, and even Divine Forgers had a frighteningly low success rate at forging it. On top of that, the weapon required many Divine Artifact-ranked materials to produce. As a result, it was a weapon that had only ever existed in the form of a forging design.

Originally, Shi Feng hadn’t been expecting much when he used the pairing of the Eternal Divine Gold and the Eternal Ashes’ magic array to activate Formless Sword. So, it greatly surprised him when the Replica Eternal Ashes turned out to be at the Legendary rank.

Only, as this Replica was created using a Profound Inheritance and not through a normal weapon production procedure, it didn’t come with any Skills. Apart from some Basic Attributes, the only other thing that came with the Replica Eternal Ashes was the Mana Immolation effect.

Mana Immolation was an ability unique to the Eternal Ashes. It was different from the widely-known Anti-Magic and Mana Destabilization effects. The Mana Immolation effect allowed the Eternal Ashes to instantly incinerate all mana, even solidified mana.

Without the support of mana, it went without saying that a Spell could no longer sustain itself. So, just the Mana Immolation effect alone was already enough to make the Eternal Ashes a godly weapon against all magic.

Shi Feng had never gotten an opportunity to use the Eternal Ashes or a Replica of it in the past, so he never knew how powerful the Fragmented Divine Weapon actually was. After using the Replica Divine Ashes here, though, he realized just how terrifying of a weapon it was.

Just the Legendary-ranked Eternal Ashes was already powerful enough to immolate even Tier 5 Spells. Moreover, it wasn’t even a complete Legendary-ranked Replica. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how powerful the Fragmented Divine Artifact-ranked Eternal Ashes could be.

While Shi Feng was lost in his thoughts, the battlefield remained silent. Nobody tried to take advantage of his lapse in attention to attack him. Instead, everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him, horrified. Everyone even forgot to compete for the Mutated Heroic Spirit’s loot. Only after a series of system notifications had appeared did everyone snap out of their dazes.

Regional System Announcement: Congratulations to Player Black Flame for collecting 100 Heroic Spirits and becoming the ninth person qualified to enter the Ancient River’s Heart.

Regional System Announcement: Congratulations to Player Midsummer for collecting 100 Heroic Spirits and becoming the tenth person qualified to enter the Ancient River’s Heart.


Dammit! How can this be?!

Lightning Chaser’s eyes turned bloodshot when he saw the system notifications, his hands subconsciously pulling at his hair out of frustration.

Lightning Chaser wasn’t surprised that Black Flame had gotten into the top 10. After all, the man had previously defeated Markless Blade. Now, he had even defeated so many experts. Going by the Rookie Competition’s rules, when a player killed other players, they would receive half of the Heroic Spirit Remnants collected by the players they killed.

Shi Feng had killed nearly 30 experts with his one attack. Even if he could only obtain 20 Heroic Spirit Remnants from each player, he would still receive a total of nearly 600 Heroic Spirit Remnants.

However, Midsummer had done nothing but loot items this entire time. Yet, she had gotten into the top 10, fulfilling her previous claim of getting into the top 10…

In addition, according to the competition’s rules, players of the same party could share the Heroic Spirit Remnants they had collected among themselves. So, the Rookie Competition’s 11th place had most certainly gone to Wu Xiaoxiao. Only, as the 11th-ranked player didn’t qualify to enter the Ancient River’s Heart, the system did not announce Wu Xiaoxiao’s name. Even so, she had already qualified for the official phase of the Galaxy Conglomerate’s invitational competition. This privilege alone was already enough to make her the envy of all players in the Ancient River Kingdom.

It should be known that many paragons weren’t even certain they could get past the preliminaries of the Galaxy Conglomerate’s invitational competition. Yet, now, Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao got past it without having to do anything.

Had Lightning Chaser agreed to form a party with Black Flame initially, he, too, could have joined the Galaxy Conglomerate’s official invitational competition as well. He wouldn’t need to participate in the even more challenging preliminaries and fight against countless experts.

At this moment, Lightning Chaser wasn’t the only one envious of Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao. The other experts present, particularly Glorious Mantra, Martial Quadbeast, and Silent Saintess, looked at the two girls with a mix of envy and anger coloring their faces.

In a one-on-one fight, the three of them were confident they could beat Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao hands down, even if the two girls knew how to use Overtier Spells. After all, Overtier Spells were the only things the two girls knew how to use. Given enough time, they could slowly but surely defeat the two girls.

Yet, now, the two girls had qualified before them…

“Xiaoxiao! We passed! We can join the Galaxy Conglomerate’s competition!” Midsummer exclaimed when she saw the system notification.

The Galaxy Conglomerate generally only hosted an invitational competition once every several decades. Setting aside whether they could win the Galaxy Conglomerate’s prestigious membership, just the opportunity to participate in the official competition alone was already incredibly valuable. After all, this was the perfect stage for them to display themselves to the Starlight Realm’s various conglomerates. If they got noticed by a conglomerate, even if it wasn’t the Galaxy Conglomerate, it would still be enough to change their lives forever.

Moreover, the official competition was different from the cruel preliminaries, where one would be eliminated after just one defeat. To ensure the quality of the participants, the official competition adopted a point-based system.

That was to say, participants in the official competition could fight against many experts, which could greatly help those looking to improve themselves. There had even been instances of experts failing to get an invitation—even after getting into one of the Galaxy Conglomerate’s official invitational competitions—but eventually growing into Tier 6 powerhouses, sought after by the various conglomerates, because of the growth they managed to achieve from fighting against the many experts during the competition.

“I get to participate in the competition as well?” Wu Xiaoxiao couldn’t help but rub her eyes when she saw the system notifications, her mind finding it hard to believe this situation was real.

Although Wu Xiaoxiao had never participated in a conglomerate’s invitational competition before, she knew that almost every player who had managed to get into the official phase of a conglomerate’s invitational competition was either a peerless genius or a paragon internally nurtured by a hegemonic power. Just the opportunity to participate in an official invitational competition was an honor in and of itself. At the same time, it was also an opportunity to step onto a bigger stage in the Greater God’s Domain.

Even if she failed to win anything in the official competition, just the geniuses and paragons she could get to know would significantly help her future development.

The Starlight Realm was a very big place, far bigger than any individual God’s Domain. There were also well over a thousand kingdoms and empires in the Starlight Realm, and every country had different Legacies. Normally, it was impossible for a player to get acquainted with the various peerless geniuses and paragons scattered across the Starlight Realm.

However, the Galaxy Conglomerate’s invitational competitions made this a possibility. If she could get acquainted with some of the participating geniuses and paragons, these people might extend an invitation to her when they come across a fortuitous opportunity in the future. If she could get the help of these geniuses and paragons, she would have a much smoother time developing than if she were to do everything by herself.

Only, Wu Xiaoxiao had never thought she could get into the Rookie Competition’s top 20. With how many paragons were participating in the Rookie Competition this time, she would have been satisfied so long as she could see Shi Feng enter the top 10. She never thought that she, too, would qualify for the Galaxy Conglomerate’s official invitational competition.

“We’ve collected all the loot, Brother Black Flame. Should we retreat now?” Midsummer quietly asked Shi Feng as she swept her gaze across the motionless experts on the battlefield.

After Shi Feng had slain nearly 30 experts, the remaining experts, including Glorious Mantra in his Silver Combat Puppet, no longer showed any intentions of attacking their party. These experts only stood still and looked at their party of three. The scene was incredibly strange.

“No need to retreat,” Shi Feng said as he scanned his surroundings with a faint smile. “They won’t dare to attack us anymore. But, Xiaoxiao, you’ll have to log off to rest until the end of the Rookie Competition.”

Currently, he not only possessed the strength to hold back the Silver Combat Puppet, but he also had the ability to instantly kill nearly 30 experts. Everyone present was looking to join the Galaxy Conglomerate’s official invitational competition, so, naturally, nobody was willing to stick out their own neck.

As to why he told Wu Xiaoxiao to go offline, it was because he and Midsummer would be teleported to the Ancient River’s Heart a minute later.

Because Wu Xiaoxiao was currently in 11th place in the Rookie Competition, unless she died or went offline, she would be in danger until the end of the competition. So, the safest option for her to retain her ranking and the items she just looted would be to go offline.

The normal log-out procedure had a 30-second waiting time. Moreover, once a player entered a combat state, they would no longer be able to log out normally. Originally, the surrounding experts would never have allowed Wu Xiaoxiao to log out normally. Now, though, that was no longer a concern.

“Understood.” When Wu Xiaoxiao saw that none of the surrounding experts intended to make a move, she swiftly chose to log out of the game.

Shortly after Wu Xiaoxiao logged out normally, Shi Feng and Midsummer were teleported to the Ancient River’s Heart. When the several parties approaching the battlefield from a distance saw Glorious Mantra and the other experts doing nothing to stop Wu Xiaoxiao from logging off, they couldn’t help but grow confused.

“Have they lost their minds?”

“Why did they let such a good opportunity get away?!”