Chapter 349 – Astonishing Growth

What an incredible effect!

Shi Feng was amazed by the dark-purple pendant surrounded by white flames.

Typically, items in God’s Domain would only see a change in their appearance when they had received a significant improvement to their existing parameters. Either that or they had undergone a change in their existing effects.

In the dark-purple pendant’s case, if he ignored the addition of the white flames, there weren’t any significant changes to the pendant’s external appearance. However, it was a different story for the feeling it gave off. Currently, it felt as if the pendant had transformed from a dead object into an object that was seemingly alive. This was a much more incredible transformation than a simple change of appearance.


This change surprised not only Shi Feng, but Midsummer and Wu Xiaoxiao as well. The two’s mouths fell wide open when they sensed the change in the dark-purple pendant’s presence. Although they didn’t know what Shi Feng had done, they knew that whatever he did had allowed the Ancient Oath to undergo a qualitative improvement. Otherwise, there was no way an item could undergo such a huge change.

But, how exactly did Shi Feng let a Legendary Flying Mount undergo a qualitative transformation?

“A Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon?”

Shi Feng immediately grew ecstatic when he read the Ancient Oath’s updated description.

[Ancient Oath]

Can be used to summon a Legendary-rank Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon as a partner to fly and fight freely in the sky. If the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon dies, it will need 30 natural days to return to life.

Mutation Effect: Grants the Ancient Oath’s wielder 10% of the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon’s Basic Attributes.

In God’s Domain, mutated monsters were generally two ranks stronger than their normal counterparts. Since the Frostflame Phantom Dragon was a Basic Legendary Flying Mount, its mutated version would be an Advanced Legendary Flying Mount. In terms of Life Rating, the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon was already comparable to six-winged Valkyries. It also had a 60% chance of getting promoted to Tier 5 and a 15% chance to Tier 6. It was vastly superior to Basic Legendary Flying Mounts in this regard.

A Basic Legendary Flying Mount might have a 5% chance of getting promoted to Tier 6, but according to records made in the Greater God’s Domain, nobody had ever managed to promote one to Tier 6. Out of all the Legendary Flying Mounts known to have reached Tier 6, even the weakest one was at the Intermediate rank.

As for Advanced Legendary Flying Mounts, they could reach Tier 6 with 100% certainty so long as players were willing to invest the necessary resources.

Moreover, even if Shi Feng couldn’t afford to promote the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon to Tier 6, it would still be of great help to him if it reached Tier 5. This would hold true even if he reached Tier 6 in the future. This was because the Tier 5 Mutant was strong enough to hold its ground against even Tier 6 players.

In other words, so long as he could promote the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon to Tier 5, he’d immediately have a Tier 6 combatant at his command. Although this still wouldn’t be enough to keep him completely safe in the Ancient River Kingdom, he wouldn’t be completely helpless if ordinary Tier 6 experts decided to target him.

“The Frostflame Phantom Dragon mutated?” When Midsummer overheard Shi Feng’s mutterings, she couldn’t help but ask, “Doesn’t that mean you have an Advanced Legendary Flying Mount now, Brother Black Flame?”

An Advanced Legendary Flying Mount!

This was a Flying Mount that was destined to advance to Tier 6! In the Greater God’s Domain, just owning a Tier 6 Flying Mount was enough to keep a player safe from most hegemonic powers. Even upper-ranking hegemonic powers wouldn’t dare to offend a player with a Tier 6 Flying Mount casually.

This was because players with Tier 6 Flying Mounts could establish Cross-Realm Chambers of Commerce.

Traveling between Realms in the Greater God’s Domain was incredibly challenging. However, whether it was players or powers, anyone seeking to improve and grow stronger in the Greater God’s Domain would eventually have to travel to other Realms to do quests. This was because every Realm had its own unique technology that could be of significant help to players and powers.

However, although Tier 5 Flying Mounts could already travel between Realms, traversing between Realms on a Tier 5 Flying Mount was a much more dangerous and time-consuming process than if one were to travel on a Tier 6 Flying Mount. The carrying capacity of a Tier 5 Flying Mount was also much smaller than a Tier 6 Flying Mount.

While it was also possible for Tier 6 players to travel between Realms without the aid of a Flying Mount since their bodies were stronger than Tier 5 Flying Mounts, when it came to traveling between Realms, Tier 5 Flying Mounts were vastly superior to Tier 6 players in terms of efficiency. As for Tier 6 Flying Mounts, their transportation efficiency was at least 20 times greater than Tier 5 Flying Mounts.

Hence, unless a player was swimming in Seven Luminaries Crystals, they would inevitably have to seek the help of Cross-Realm Chambers of Commerce if they wanted to travel to other Realms. Some upper-ranking hegemonic powers even relied on the business of providing cross-realm transportation as their main source of income.

However, compared to Chambers of Commerce that were capable of cross-realm travel, the number of players and powers looking to travel between Realms was much, much greater. Supply was nowhere near keeping up with demand. Because of this, any Chamber of Commerce capable of cross-realm travel would have many hegemonic powers and Tier 6 experts looking to partner with them, let alone a Chamber of Commerce capable of moving large amounts of cargo.

“It is indeed an Advanced Legendary Flying Mount. Make sure to keep this secret for me,” Shi Feng said, nodding. He did not bother hiding the change to the Frostflame Phantom Dragon.

Anyone could tell that the Frostflame Phantom Dragon was a Basic Legendary Flying Mount so long as they saw it. However, mutated variants of Flying Mounts wouldn’t look any different from their ordinary counterparts on the surface. They only differed in Life Rating, Skills, and Spells. So long as nobody mentioned that the Frostflame Phantom Dragon in his possession had mutated, nobody would know it was a Mutant.

While Basic Legendary Flying Mounts were tempting to most hegemonic powers, the various hegemonic powers were well aware that a Basic Legendary Flying Mount’s limit was only Tier 5. So, it still wasn’t enough of a temptation for the various hegemonic powers to throw all caution to the wind and target him.

However, it was a different story for an Advanced Legendary Flying Mount. Even upper-ranking hegemonic powers would take action against him if they found out he owned an Advanced Legendary Flying Mount.

“Don’t worry, Brother Black Flame! We won’t tell anyone about it!” Midsummer said with a smile. “Also, we’ve finished sorting through the Mutated Heroic Spirit’s loot. Out of the 100-plus items it dropped, the least valuable items were Inferior Legendary materials. As for the more valuable ones, we got over forty Legendary materials, three Tier 5 Magic Scrolls, five God Crystals, and one item that’s on par with the Legendary Flying Mount!”

“On par with the Legendary Flying Mount?” Shi Feng was surprised to hear Midsummer’s report.

Just the fact that the Mutated Heroic Spirit had dropped the Ancient Oath was already plenty incredible. After all, the unupgraded Ancient Oath could already rival Legendary Equipment in value. So, he found it truly hard to believe that the Mutated Heroic Spirit could drop another item that was as valuable as a Legendary Flying Mount.

“Mhm. Honestly, I think this item’s value is greater than even the Frostflame Phantom Dragon,” Wu Xiaoxiao excitedly said as she took out a tattered book and handed it to Shi Feng.

“A summoning array!” Shi Feng was flabbergasted when he clicked on the tattered book.

[Primordial Divine Dragon Summoning] (Grandmaster Magic Array)

Gather the power of 108 Divine Dragon Scrolls to form a Tier 5 Primordial Divine Dragon’s phantom for one hour.

Summoning arrays weren’t exactly rare in God’s Domain. However, most summoning arrays were only at Tier 4, and very few were at Tier 5.

Meanwhile, Divine Dragons were akin to kings among Dragons. Their Life Ratings were also at the top among Dragons. Even if the Primordial Divine Dragon Summoning could only summon the phantom of a Tier 5 Divine Dragon, the phantom would still be much stronger than the average Legendary monster.

If he could mass-produce this Summoning Array, he could even destroy the Ancient River Kingdom.

Of course, mass production wouldn’t be possible. After all, just the Seven Luminaries Crystals needed to mass-produce the Divine Dragon Scrolls was already beyond the means of ordinary powers.

The production of each Divine Dragon Scroll cost 100 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. The Primordial Divine Dragon Summoning required 108 Divine Dragon Scrolls, which meant each use of the summoning array would cost 10,800 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

In addition to Seven Luminaries Crystal, the Divine Dragon Scrolls also needed many Epic materials to produce. These Epic materials generally could not be bought using Coins. Instead, people would normally only exchange them for Magic Crystals and Mana Stones. After a rough calculation, the production of 108 Divine Dragon Scrolls would cost around 300,000 Magic Crystals.

Not to mention, Epic materials weren’t available in unlimited quantities. Even if he scoured the entire Ancient River Kingdom, he’d be fortunate if he could get enough materials for a few dozen sets.

Just as Shi Feng was about to conduct further research on the Primordial Divine Dragon Summoning, he suddenly received a system notification.

Regional System Announcement: A Miniature Ancient World’s World Passage will be opening in three days. All kingdoms and empires situated near the Sea of Giants are advised to prepare to resist the incoming beast tide.