Chapter 352 – Half-Step Sword Saint

“Quite safe?” When Franz heard Wu Xiaoxiao’s statement, he looked behind Wu Xiaoxiao, a trace of disdain briefly appearing in his eyes when he saw Midsummer and Shi Feng, who wore a cloak with Zero Wing’s Guild Emblem pinned on it. Then, he chuckled and said, “In that case, I will respect your decision, Miss Wu. But if you encounter any problems afterward, feel free to find me. I can’t say I can solve all problems, but I still hold enough influence to solve most problems you’ll face in this Miniature Ancient World.”

None of the young geniuses on the deck refuted Franz’s words. On the contrary, all of them agreed with his claim.

There might be many hegemonic powers and corporations in the Miniature Ancient World, but Franz could still be regarded as a powerhouse. Unless necessary, most powers and corporations would choose to take a step back out of respect for Franz.

In the meantime, Jun Luosha carefully scrutinized Shi Feng as if she was looking at some kind of rare animal. Then, unable to help herself, she whispered to Wu Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, is this friend of yours that strong?”

The Miniature Ancient World was currently in an incredibly chaotic state. The Miniature Ancient World’s native powers were even facing increasingly greater pressure from the various foreign powers. It was especially true when it came to the Thunder Fortress since that would be the only entrance to the Greater God’s Domain. It was no exaggeration to say that whoever controlled the Thunder Fortress would be securing themselves a huge fortune.

For this reason, the various native powers began to join forces. In response, the various foreign powers were also looking to weaken the various native powers. If an opportunity appeared, the various foreign powers wouldn’t refuse a chance to eliminate native experts and geniuses.

This was also why Jun Luosha wanted to bring Wu Xiaoxiao with her.

Meanwhile, as a newcomer to the Green God Corporation’s genius training program, Wu Xiaoxiao was very talented and alert, so there was no way the girl wouldn’t understand what she was trying to do.

Yet, Wu Xiaoxiao still refused her invitation. This meant that Wu Xiaoxiao was either confident in her companions’ strength.

“He is very strong,” Wu Xiaoxiao said with a faint smile.

“How strong are we talking about?” Jun Luosha scrutinized Shi Feng’s inconspicuous appearance again after hearing Wu Xiaoxiao’s answer. Then, she chuckled and asked, “How does he compare to the God List’s current rank 1 player?”

After thinking for a moment, Wu Xiaoxiao firmly said, “He should be stronger than the God List’s current rank 1.”

“Keep on boasting. Do you even know who the God List’s rank 1 player is?” Jun Luosha rolled her eyes at Wu Xiaoxiao. She felt that her junior must have been brainwashed to believe that the inconspicuous-looking Shi Feng could be stronger than the No.1 player on the God-ranked Expert Ranking List.

Trecht. The current number one player on the Miniature Ancient World’s God List. Most of the Miniature Ancient World’s native powers might not know much about him, but he was a name known by all in the Greater God’s Domain’s Magus Kingdom. His fame and strength were on par with the Myriad Forest Empire’s Empress Blood Arrow and the Red Star Kingdom’s Undefeated Battle Maniac. Together, the three were known as the Three Invincibles in the Myriad Forest Empire and its neighboring kingdoms. At Tier 4, nobody could hope to compare against them.

“I’m not boasting, Senior Sister,” Wu Xiaoxiao said, hurriedly shaking her head.

Wu Xiaoxiao had done a lot of research on the God List’s current rank one player. So, she knew that since Trecht first debuted until now, he had not lost against anybody he had fought against. He was essentially invincible among his peers, and his achievements were not at all inferior to Empress Blood Arrow and the Undefeated Battle Maniac.

However, Shi Feng had beaten both Empress Blood Arrow and the Undefeated Battle Maniac to secure first place in the Ancient River Kingdom’s Rookie Competition. So, it was by no means an exaggeration to say that Shi Feng was stronger than Trecht.

Just when Jun Luosha was about to ask Wu Xiaoxiao for more details, a loud commotion came from the third-floor restaurant’s entrance.

When everyone on the deck turned to look at the third-floor restaurant, they saw Franz and his bodyguards getting stopped outside the restaurant’s entrance.

“What is the meaning of this, Calgaron?” Franz demanded as he looked at the middle-aged male Elementalist blocking his way. “Do you want to start a war between our two corporations?”

“Nothing of the sort. It’s just that there is a distinguished guest inside who doesn’t wish to be disturbed, so I will have to ask you and your group to wait outside,” Calgaron, the middle-aged Elementalist, said unhurriedly. “Don’t worry; it won’t take long. You just have to wait until tomorrow when the flying ship reaches the Thunder Fortress.”

Calgaron did not seem to care when he heard Franz’s threat of starting a war between corporations. On the contrary, he looked at Franz with eyes full of mockery.

Meanwhile, when the players on the deck saw this situation, none felt surprised.

The Desolate Star Corporation might be powerful, but the Divine Will Corporation that Calgaron was from was not in any way inferior. On the contrary, the Divine Will Corporation was slightly superior since, unlike the Desolate Star Corporation, it held shares in a pseudo-hegemonic power.

Moreover, Calgaron was the Divine Will Corporation’s First Successor. So, in terms of status, he was above Franz.

“A distinguished guest?” Franz’s expression darkened a little. Then, he gestured for his bodyguards to force their way through, saying, “I want to see who this distinguished guest is to dare to disrespect me!”

He had just assured Wu Xiaoxiao and Jun Luosha that he could solve most problems in the Miniature Ancient World. Yet, immediately afterward, he was getting stopped outside the flying ship’s third-floor restaurant. If he took this slight lying down, he’d become a laughingstock.

However, before Franz’s bodyguards could make a move, the restaurant’s front door suddenly opened. Then, a stalwart man, clad carrying a greatsword on his back and clad in broken armor, walked out of the restaurant.

As soon as this stalwart man appeared, Calgaron’s dozen or so bodyguards and Calgaron himself respectfully bowed their heads to the man.

“Lord Saint Nine!” Calgaron greeted the stalwart man, his words instantly shocking everyone present. Franz, in particular, revealed a look of despair when he heard the stalwart man’s name.

Saint Nine!

The current rank 10 player on the God-ranked Expert List.

Despite being a titled expert, Franz felt suffocated just by standing in Saint Nine’s presence. As for his bodyguards, even though they were fourth-floor experts, their faces turned pale, and they couldn’t help but kneel on the ground to keep themselves from collapsing, evidence that they were under immense pressure. Some of their faces had even started to contort.

A Half-step Sword Saint!

Whether it was Franz or the other Tier 4 experts present, every one of them instinctively thought of this term.

Although Saint Nine was still a Tier 4 Sword Emperor right now, his Basic Attributes and Concentration had already reached the Tier 5 standard. The average Tier 4 expert simply couldn’t hope to stand up to him. It wouldn’t be surprising if Saint Nine could fight against actual Tier 5 players.

Subsequently, Saint Nine took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of Franz. Then, after taking a moment to look at Franz in silence, Saint Nine indifferently asked, “So, Franz, do you think I need to show you any respect?”