Chapter 362 – Asura’s Sword


A dazzling light flooded the room. At the same time, everyone in the room felt as if space within the room was being compressed. Even experts like Meteor and Trecht felt their bodies becoming cumbersome, so much so that an ordinary Tier 4 player could kill them. As for Thousand Scars, she couldn’t even move her body, feeling as if she was frozen solid.

Is this Guild Leader Black Flame’s true strength?

Jun Luosha, standing by the room’s entrance, couldn’t help but be fascinated by the small glimpse of the attack her eyes had just caught. Although the incident on the flying ship already gave her an indicator of Shi Feng’s strength, what she saw in this room made her strongly reevaluate her opinion of Shi Feng.

First, Shi Feng killed Platinum Beast, an expert superior to Saint Nine, in one hit. Now, he had even executed an attack of unimaginable power.

Sensing the effects Shi Feng’s attack had on the surrounding environment, Jun Luosha did not doubt, even for a moment, that this attack could heavily injure a Tier 5 Legendary monster of the same level. And if a Tier 5 player were struck by this attack, it was unlikely they would survive.

Shi Feng’s attack was a combination of the Spatial Imprisonment effect and unbelievable speed. Even if she got promoted into a Tier 5 Sword Saint, she doubted she could survive such an attack.

When the smoke in the room dissipated, Iron Crocodile remained standing in his original position, his sword and shield raised. His HP, though, had fallen for the first time. Although it was only a meager 2%, it was a fact that Shi Feng had successfully damaged the Tier 5 Sacred Sky Knight.

“Incredible! No wonder you can beat Leroja and Cross! With that strike just now, you can even get into the top 500 of the Galaxy Conglomerate’s invitational competition!” Iron Crocodile said as he used his longsword to tape the white mark left by Shi Feng’s attack on his shield. Then, he sneered and continued, “It’s a pity you won’t get the chance to participate in the invitational competition and receive the Galaxy Conglomerate’s attention.”

Immediately, an invisible pressure descended upon the hall. The feeling Iron Crocodile gave off also underwent a tremendous change, his current aura causing even the likes of Thousand Scars and Midsummer to feel suffocated.

“He’s finally getting serious.” When Trecht sensed the change in Iron Crocodile’s aura, he didn’t react in surprise. Instead, he simply revealed a wry smile.

“He hasn’t been serious all this time?” Thousand Scars turned to look at Trecht, shocked by the latter’s words.

She had met with many Tier 5 players before. Although they were admittedly much weaker than Iron Crocodile, she found it hard to imagine that Iron Crocodile’s performance thus far was him taking it easy.

“Of course he hasn’t,” Trecht said, rolling his eyes at Thousand Scars. “Did you not notice that apart from Nine Absolute Shadows, he hasn’t used any other combat techniques or Skills? He’s been relying mainly on his Basic Attributes this entire time.”

Realization dawned on Thousand Scars when she heard Trecht’s words, and she couldn’t help but gasp.

Indeed, Iron Crocodile hadn’t used any other combat techniques apart from Nine Absolute Shadows this entire time. He hadn’t even been using any Skills or Spells. Yet, even though he was mostly relying on his Basic Attributes, he still perfectly suppressed Shi Feng.

If Iron Crocodile was already capable of this much simply by relying on his Basic Attributes and one footwork-type combat technique, she couldn’t even begin to imagine how strong he would be if he combined offensive Silver Combat Techniques into his every attack…

While Thousand Scars was letting her imagination run wild, the previously spectating Tier 5 Grand Wizard and Brilliant Cleric Saint suddenly appeared next to Shi Feng.

“What are you two doing?” Iron Crocodile looked at his two companions in confusion.

The three of them had previously agreed that he would be the main attacker while the other two would keep watch from beside to prevent Shi Feng from escaping. After all, Shi Feng was a Tier 4 player who had already reached the Tier 4 standard. While it might be easy for them to kill him, it was a different story if they wanted to capture him. They’d have great difficulty capturing him if he focused solely on escaping.

“The young master doesn’t want to wait any longer and wants us to finish things up quickly!” the Cleric Saint calmly answered.

“Fine, then. If that’s what the young master wants…” Turning to Shi Feng, Iron Crocodile said, “You should feel fortunate, Black Flame. We’ve never gone to such great lengths, even when we captured a Tier 6 expert. To have the three of us come after you together is a great honor. However, you only have your own arrogance to blame for this outcome!”

When Iron Crocodile finished speaking, the Grand Wizard and Brilliant Cleric Saint had also finished chanting their respective incantations. Immediately, over a dozen magic arrays appeared in the air.

With this, Black Flame will finally be gone.

Thousand Scars inwardly sighed in relief when she saw the three remaining Beast Warriors taking action together.

She had made it her goal to catch up to Black Flame ever since the man became the Ancient River Kingdom’s First Paragon. However, after seeing Black Flame defeat not only Markless Blade but also living legends like Leroja and Cross, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of hopelessness. After all, with such achievements under his belt, Black Flame’s fame was bound to spread across the entire Starlight Realm sooner or later.

This realization made her think that she would never be able to catch up to Black Flame’s footsteps.

But now, so what if Black Flame was an incredible genius?

So what if Black Flame was the strongest player in the Miniature Ancient World?

In front of Dira, Black Flame was no different than an ant. Just a few words from Dira were enough to end Black Flame’s career in God’s Domain, and there was nothing Black Flame could do about it.

However, despite seeing Iron Crocodile’s group of three attacking him seriously, Shi Feng reacted surprisingly calmly.

“Arrogance? I’m afraid you’re still not worthy enough for me to get arrogant!”

After glancing at the three Tier 5 players around him, Shi Feng took out a God Crystal he had obtained from the Mutated Heroic Spirit. Then, he used it to activate the Ancient Dragon’s Power he had received from Dragon Princess Kalisha, selecting the Winter of Eternal Night as the ability’s target. This would also be the first time he had used Ancient Dragon’s Power after achieving a 120% Legendary Mana Body and becoming a Special Lifeform.

Shi Feng had heard of Dira’s name many times during his previous life, as the other party was considerably famous in the Starlight Realm. And although he had never clashed with the Paimon Conglomerate before, he had a good understanding of the conglomerate’s strength.

If they were in the Greater God’s Domain right now, he would have fled without hesitation.

However, in the current Miniature Ancient World, there existed no person or power that could make him feel fear.

This was also why he dared to come to this banquet, even though he knew it was a trap.

After Shi Feng finished speaking, silver flames suddenly rose around the Winter of Eternal Night. Although these flames were small, they radiated a bone-piercing chill that froze the entire room.

As for Shi Feng himself, he had seemingly undergone a complete transformation. Not only did his body exude soul-shuddering power, but he also radiated mana so powerful that it distorted the surrounding space.

Subsequently, Shi Feng raised the Winter of Eternal Night and pointed it at Iron Crocodile.

“Let’s begin the second round, then!”