Chapter 364 – Poking a Hole Through the Heavens

Thunder Restaurant, top-floor VIP room:

Following the black sword light, a deathly silence enveloped the entire room as everyone stared at the same spot.

“Lord Dira?”

Thousand Scars fell into a daze as she looked at the shattered space and two scattered items in the middle of the room, her mind unable to believe what she was seeing was true.


The most favored son of the Divine Seal Saint, one of the Paimon Conglomerate’s Three Overlords, was killed!

Crazy! He is absolutely crazy!

Meteor shot up from his seat when he saw Dira getting erased from the room. Then, he turned to look at the culprit behind Dira’s death, his eyes full of fear.

However, Meteor’s fear didn’t result from seeing Shi Feng’s space-shattering slash but Dira’s death instead!

In Meteor’s opinion, Shi Feng was already plenty crazy for refusing Dira’s invitation and attacking Dira’s bodyguards. After all, Dira was an existence whom even the Guild Leaders of the Starlight Realm’s upper-ranking hegemonic powers had a headache dealing with. Dira simply wasn’t an existence geniuses like them could afford to provoke.

Yet, now, Shi Feng had made things infinitely worse by killing Dira. The degree of insanity needed to do such a thing was through the heavens. For a time, Meteor couldn’t help but wonder if Shi Feng even knew fear…

At this moment, Meteor, an internal genius of the Paimon Conglomerate, wasn’t the only one horrified by this situation. Everyone who had come to attend Dira’s banquet was equally petrified.

It’s over! Things are truly over now! Flanders, the Tower Alliance’s Vice Guild Leader, revealed a wry smile when he saw that Dira was no more.

If Shi Feng’s previous act of defying Dira was considered only a minor transgression that could be remedied so long as Shi Feng paid the appropriate price, then what Shi Feng just did was no different than poking a hole through the heavens. Now, not just Shi Feng but even Zero Wing and all powers affiliated with Zero Wing were going to suffer.

Everybody knew how much the Divine Seal Saint loved his youngest son. Simply because an upper-ranking hegemonic power had treated Dira poorly, the Divine Seal Saint had led his Divine Seal Legion to erase the upper-ranking hegemonic power’s existence, shocking the entire Starlight Realm.

What Shi Feng just did was infinitely worse than what the upper-ranking hegemonic power did, so it didn’t take a genius to figure out how the Divine Seal Saint would react.

“Kid! Do you know what you just did?!” Iron Crocodile bellowed at Shi Feng, his expression looking a little crazed when he saw Dira getting killed. “Young Master Dira is the Divine Seal Saint’s favorite son! Yet, not only did you dare to kill him, but you even did so with a Legendary Weapon! Do you have any idea what consequences your actions will bring?!”

As Dira’s bodyguard, Iron Crocodile knew better than anyone else present just what kind of personality the Divine Seal Saint possessed. It was also why he was the most horrified by Shi Feng’s actions out of everyone present.

It should be known that Shi Feng didn’t just kill Dira. Instead, he had killed Dira using a Legendary Weapon.

All Legendary Weapons came with the Soul Annihilation effect, which Tier 4 Immortal Souls had little resistance to. Even in the best-case scenario, Dira would sustain heavy damage to his soul after getting killed by Shi Feng. However, it was also entirely possible his soul would get destroyed completely.

If a player had their soul annihilated, it would be incredibly difficult for them to enter God’s Domain again.

In the Greater World, being unable to enter God’s Domain was no different than being a cripple. A person unable to enter God’s Domain would be incapable of achieving a higher order of life and gaining a longer lifespan. This would not change even if this person had full access to the massive resources of a conglomerate.

Meanwhile, Iron Crocodile’s words caused everyone present to shudder involuntarily. Everyone could clearly feel Iron Crocodile’s fear and madness, so they understood that Shi Feng had truly gotten himself into big trouble this time. After this incident, nobody could save Shi Feng anymore. In fact, many people might have gotten implicated because of him…

“Trecht, how about we take action together?” After taking a deep breath, Meteor drew his longsword and turned to look at Trecht. “Iron Crocodile’s fear isn’t an act. We have most likely been dragged into a huge problem, and our only hope of surviving this ordeal is to capture Black Flame.”

They had watched Dira getting killed before their very eyes. With the Divine Seal Saint’s temper, he was almost certain to deal with them together with Black Flame. If they wanted to avoid the Divine Seal Saint’s wrath, their only option was to capture Black Flame and hand him over to the Divine Seal Saint.

“I want to, but…” Looking at the Winter of Eternal Night in Shi Feng’s hand, Trecht shrugged and said, “Even if all of us here work together, we still won’t be his match. I’m sure Iron Crocodile is also aware of this.”

Trecht naturally understood Meteor’s concerns. However, compared to Meteor, Utrecht had a better understanding of what it meant to own a Legendary Weapon in the Miniature Ancient World. Even Tier 5 players like Iron Crocodile would have difficulty holding Shi Feng back, let alone Tier 4 players like themselves.

Upon hearing Trecht’s words, the various hegemonic powers’ executives, who had been thinking of attacking Shi Feng together, promptly snapped out of their dazes and looked at Shi Feng’s Winter of Eternal Night fearfully.

They had been so horrified by Shi Feng’s act of killing Dira that they had nearly forgotten Shi Feng wielded a Legendary Weapon.

With a Legendary Weapon in hand, even if Shi Feng wasn’t a Tier 5 player, he was still superior to Tier 5 players. Apart from the three Beast Warriors, everyone else in this room was unlikely to last more than one hit against Shi Feng.

It was also because of this that Iron Crocodile and the other Beast Warriors did not take action against Shi Feng, choosing to only glare at him angrily. Otherwise, with how crazed the three of them were right now, they would have long since ripped Shi Feng into shreds.

In the meantime, Shi Feng behaved as if he didn’t hear Iron Crocodile’s angry bellowing as he slowly walked up to the shattered space. Then, under everyone’s gaze, he collected the two items Dira dropped and put them into his bag.

How dare he?! Thousand Scars gaped in shock at this scene.

To not only kill Dira but also take the items he dropped… Thousand Scars couldn’t even imagine how much courage Shi Feng possessed to do such a thing. Was Shi Feng trying to see how much he could provoke the Paimon Conglomerate?

This scene similarly stupefied everyone else in the room. Yet, there was nothing they could do but watch as Shi Feng did this. Or, more specifically, they wouldn’t accomplish anything even if they tried to stop him.

If they took action against Shi Feng, they would simply be met with the same fate as Dira.

At this point, even if most of the people present didn’t know about the hidden effects of Legendary Weapons, they still knew that Shi Feng’s previous attack was already capable of heavily damaging Tier 4 Immortal Souls. Meanwhile, if a player’s soul was heavily damaged, they would be prohibited from logging into the game anywhere from a few days to half a month. Moreover, they would be put in a weakened state even after they could log back into the game again.

The World Passage was set to open soon. If they suddenly lost the ability to log into God’s Domain for half a month, they might as well kiss the World Passage’s opening benefits goodbye.

Meanwhile, after collecting the two dropped items, Shi Feng turned around to look at Midsummer, Wu Xiaoxiao, and Jun Luosha, saying, “Let’s go.”

The three girls remained in a daze even until now, so they only instinctively nodded to Shi Feng’s words before following Shi Feng out of the room.

When Shi Feng’s group of four walked out of the room, whether it was the people in the room or the Shadow Guard Legion members outside the room, they all did nothing but watch as the four left the Thunder Restaurant. From beginning to end, nobody dared to attack Shi Feng’s group.

“What should we do now, Croc?” the Tier 5 Grand Wizard asked Iron Crocodile after seeing Shi Feng leaving.

“What else can we do?” With a gloomy expression, Iron Crocodile said, “All we can do now is check on the young master’s situation and wait for Lord Divine Seal’s arrangement.”

The Grand Wizard and Brilliant Cleric Saint involuntarily shuddered when they heard the mention of the Divine Seal Saint.

Meanwhile, shortly after Shi Feng’s group left the Thunder Restaurant, news of Shi Feng killing Dira quickly spread across the entire Miniature Ancient World, greatly shocking the various powers.