Chapter 785 – Tier 6 Skills That Exceed 100%

Crucible of the Ancients, Miniature World 104:

While a young lady elegantly made her way out of the ring, the nineteen spectating contenders outside remained silent, all of them wearing looks of disbelief as they looked at the dead young man from the Holy Race in the ring.

“Eight Paths died, just like that?”

“This is the little monster of Sovereign Mark’s trump card party we are talking about! He’s even one of the former top ten experts! How can he lose so easily?!”

“A monster! This human girl is an absolute monster! She clearly only had a minor edge over Eight Paths when they fought in the last championship, yet she can now one-shot him?!”

“Elise is now probably as strong as Garuda and Rin, right?”

When the contenders outside the ring looked at Elise, Demon’s Gate’s strongest chosen one, they felt like they were looking at a monster. It should be known that Sovereign Mark’s Eight Paths was no weakling. This could be inferred simply through looking at the two Divine Artifacts he had equipped.

Additionally, Eight Paths was the leader of a top 8 party in the previous Continental Championship. He had even butted heads with Elise’s party in the round of 16. Though slightly weaker than Elise at the time, he leveraged the main event’s party-based format to achieve victory, halting Elise’s party’s advance in the top 16.

But now, the difference in strength between Eight Paths and Elise had expanded from a small gap to a massive chasm. Elise had stepped into a completely different playing field.

After Elise made her way out of the ring, her silver eyes suddenly noticed a call request from Phoenix Flame.

“Your Highness, Black Flame is going up next,” Phoenix Flame said excitedly when she saw her call getting connected. “His opponent is Sovereign Mark’s Venom Tail. With him as the opponent, we should get a good estimate of Black Flame’s true strength.”

“Venom Tail? He should suffice.” Elise nonchalantly nodded. “If Black Flame hasn’t improved since the defensive siege, he will have no chance at victory.”

Currently, most powers participating in the Continental Championship were under the assumption that Venom Tail was only participating with one Divine Artifact. However, based on Demon’s Gate’s sources, Venom Tail had secretly borrowed a Divine Artifact from Sovereign Mark, meaning that he was actually participating with two Divine Artifacts.

“But aren’t we being a little too careful, Your Highness?” Phoenix Flame asked in confusion. “Gentle Snow might be able to pose some threat to you, but Verdant Rainbow’s party is still nowhere near strong enough to threaten us in the main event. Even if Black Flame does defeat Venom Tail, I doubt their party can beat any of the former top eight parties. Not to mention, Black Flame has repeatedly opposed us this entire time.”

“You don’t get it.” When Elise recalled the two moves Gentle Snow used against Returning Blade, she put on a serious expression and said, “Her sword technique is unlike any other. Not even the Divine Fist and the Earthen Princess can confidently say they can win against her if she can perfectly execute it. The championship this time is also considerably different from before, and we must secure first place no matter what. If Black Flame can defeat Venom Tail, I wouldn’t mind making their party my chess piece and helping them enter the top eight.”

“Understood.” Although Phoenix Flame was still confused, she had absolute faith in Elise’s decisions.

Meanwhile, inside the ring of Miniature World 085, Venom Tail and Shi Feng stood facing each other. Although the match had already begun, neither of the two hurried to take action.

“We meet again, Guild Leader Black Flame. What a coincidence,” Venom Tail said with a delighted look. “My memory of you kicking me out of Shadowring Town remains fresh till this day, and I have been constantly thinking of how I should repay you.”

“I’m glad to hear a Holy Child like you still remembers me,” Shi Feng said, responding to Venom Tail’s disingenuous smile with a faint smile of his own. “If you really wish to repay me, you can do so by surrendering right now.”

“You really know how to make a joke, Guild Leader Black Flame,” Venom Tail said while activating True Eye, an Identification Skill that came with his Legendary Ring, on Shi Feng. Then, he chuckled and continued, “You want me to surrender? When you only have a Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set and a level of 190? When you don’t even have a single Divine Artifact on you?”

Originally, Venom Tail was still rather concerned about facing Shi Feng. This was because Shi Feng had kept his weapons, equipment, and level concealed while he was in Shadowring Town. He also didn’t have an opportunity to use True Eye on Shi Feng back then. However, after inspecting Shi Feng with True Eye, he realized all his worries had been for nothing.

Under normal circumstances, the gap in strength between a player without a Divine Artifact and a player with a Divine Artifact was so massive that it was nigh impossible to bridge, even if the former had a considerable advantage in combat standards. Needless to say, the gap would become even more gigantic if a player had two Divine Artifacts while the other had none.

“What do you mean by that?” When Shi Feng saw Venom Tail’s smile turn cunning, he understood that Venom Tail must have used a powerful Skill to determine the quality of his equipment.

“Stop pretending, Black Flame,” Venom Tail said unceremoniously. “Under the effects of my True Eye, even Legendary-ranked concealment tools are useless. I can clearly see that you barely have any Legendary Weapons and Equipment, let alone Divine Artifacts. I will now let you know how foolish it was of you to kick me out of Shadowring Town!”

After saying so, Venom Tail’s aura skyrocketed in intensity. He also stopped concealing the presence of his two Divine Artifacts, letting their auras spread across the ring. At the same time, Venom Tail began to radiate a Holy Aura several times stronger than what Chalk Splendor radiated when he wielded the Sunlight Blade.

“Two Divine Artifacts?”

“How generous of Sovereign Mark. Apart from that weapon, they even lent him a prized possession like the Holy Aura Robe. Black Flame is doomed for sure.”

“Indeed. With the Holy Aura Robe’s ability to amplify the wearer’s Holy Aura by three times, any Skill Venom Tail uses will exceed the 100% Completion Rate threshold. Now, every move he makes will be as powerful as an Ancient Saint of the same level. Apart from the former top two experts, I don’t think anyone here can afford to confront him directly.”

The Holy Race players in Miniature World 085 were greatly astonished when they recognized the robe Venom Tail wore.

Whether it was for the human race or the Holy Race, Divine Artifacts were considered incomparably precious treasures. Even royal powers that had existed for thousands of years would only have a very limited number of Divine Artifacts. It was especially so for top-tier Divine Artifacts.

Meanwhile, Sovereign Mark’s Holy Aura Robe was a Divine Artifact of a similar caliber as the Sun Dynasty’s Sunlight Blade. When a player equipped it, their Basic Attributes would rise to a whole new level, and the Holy Aura they conjured would skyrocket in power.

For a player of Venom Tail’s caliber, the Holy Aura he could conjure with the help of the Holy Aura Robe would be vastly superior to even the Holy Aura of Ancient Saints. With such a powerful Holy Aura, he could combat Ancient Saints, the equivalent of the human race’s Ancient Gods, of the same level. When paired with a Divine Weapon, he would become a walking natural disaster in God’s Domain.

At this point, no one present doubted that Venom Tail could obliterate the entire miniature world in a single blow if he chose to.

“You were quite proud of your town’s Tier 6 Legendary Guards, weren’t you? You thought there was nothing I could do because you had those God-ranked Guards protecting you, huh? Well, let me show you the absolute power of an Ancient God!” Venom Tail said as he abruptly leaped into the air and swung his ritual sword at Shi Feng.

Tier 6 Holy Skill, Thousand Light Purification!

Skill Completion Rate: 103%!

Immediately, the ritual sword transformed into countless light particles that rained down on the ring, each comparable to the all-out attack of a Level 192 Ancient God. If struck directly by one of these attacks, even a Level 200, Tier 6 God would sustain serious injuries. At this time, the miniature world was also showing signs of collapse.

“Absolute power? Is that so?”

While looking at the descending light particles, Shi Feng leisurely unsheathed the Shadow Incinerator and executed an upward slash. At the same time, he also cast Divine Shadow, one of the Tier 6 Super Spells he had learned when he advanced to Tier 6.

Tier 6 Super Spell, Divine Shadow!

Spell Completion Rate: 105%!

Originally, Shi Feng had only managed to cast Divine Shadow with a 95% Completion Rate. However, under the influence of the God Chaser Set’s six-piece set effect that increased Skill and Spell Completion Rates by 10%, his Super Spell was able to exceed the 100% threshold.