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In a dark region, under a mountain,

*Bhum! Bhum!....Bhum! Bhum!...*


Dull sounds of something that seemed similar to drums stirred Damien awake as he regained his senses.

His vision was blurry, and he was still feeling a stinging sensation all over his body which he thought was because of the collateral damage caused by the usage of Heavenly Flames.

He had no idea he would be hurting himself so much by using such flames, even though he knew how volatile it was.

Now he realized why Luna said that he had to first master it before he could use it. He couldn't believe that he might have killed himself if he had tried to manifest an ever bigger heavenly flame.

But he had no time to dwell on these thoughts since he felt that something was wrong.

It was not just the loud drumming noise that was bothering him but because he realized that he was unable to move!

And what made him feel even more uneasy was that he could feel his limbs were restrained too tight and could see a huge bonfire in front of him and strange howls echoing around him.

He shook his head as his vision cleared up, only to have his eyes widen upon seeing a number of people wearing strange crude clothes and masks, jumping and howling around him with sharp weapons in their hands.

*Bhum! Bhum!*




He couldn't comprehend what they were shouting as it all just sounded gibberish.

"What the…" Damien couldn't even tell if they were humans since their skin was a pale gray color, and their eyes were an eerie dark silver.

But based on the feral look in their eyes and the dozens of strange gazes that were landing on him, he could feel that all these people were up to no good.

"Master! Quickly get out of here!" Kalypso frantically said upon seeing the situation Damien woke up to.

"I am trying, but my arm, ugh…." Damien grimaced in pain as his arm wasn't healed at all and was still a dark red piece of flesh.

Even his internal injuries had barely healed, and it seemed as if the Heavenly Flames had really dealt a severe blow to his body which was already as tough as steel and resilient.

His healing factor had been suppressed by the Heavenly Flames to the point his recovery was slow as a snail, to say the least.

Because of that, his energy reserves were almost nil, and he could barely gather the strength to free himself since his body was busy using its strength to deal with the damage dealt by the Heavenly Flames.

Damien was frustrated that the Heavenly Flames would prove to be such a double-edged sword.

He knew this was mainly because of the presence of his Origin Seed which the Heavenly Flames can't coexist with. If not for Yuria and Lily's essence helping him, he would have died that day itself.

"Huhehak lu MAJO!!" One of them shouted as they pointed at the human restrained on the tall pole.

Damien froze as he saw this person point at him and wondered what he had just said since the drumming stopped and everybody had turned their gaze towards him.

'Was it because I woke up?' Damien didn't like how unnaturally silent all of them became, and he felt even warier when he saw a few of them in the front discussing among themselves.

Even if he could hear them, he still couldn't understand anything. These people seemed to act like a crude tribe, though a very weird one.

He used this time to stretch his neck and see what they had tied him with, only to see that it was just a thick rope but thick enough to restrain him.

He could only wonder what kind of ropes these guys used on him but what concerned him even more was that his entire body was not only aching all over but a strange numbness as well, preventing him from even properly moving his fingers.

"Don't feel surprised. These barbarians fed some poison to immobilize you, tsk, tsk," Luna said as she sarcastically clicked her tongue.

"Fuck! What are they planning to do with me?" Damien could feel as if these people were treating him like a prey, and upon careful observation, he realized that the skin of these people had an eerie familiarity with certain images in his mind.

Damien formed a guess in his mind, but he hoped that was not the case.

Still, he didn't give up and tried to force his ethereal energy to circulate to dispel whatever poison they had fed him.

But he knew he couldn't use his Anti god energy, at least not for a while since the leftover energy of the Heavenly Flame was still in his body.

However, he noticed that these people stopped talking and were looking at him with a strange gaze before stepping towards the sides as if to make way for someone.

Damien narrowed his eyes as he saw four men who didn't seem that old walk forward from the middle.

They only had some dirty piece of rotten skin covering their lower halves, while their upper bodies had white markings just like the ones on their masks.

Their masks looked a bit demonic and crude, just like the sharp weapons they were holding.

'Is that human skin?' Damien couldn't help but grimace as he noticed something odd about the clothing of all the people here.

Did this mean that he was really trapped in between cannibals?

"Hey…don't come closer!" Damien shouted in order to scare them off after seeing these four approaching him warily with their weapons pointed at him.

Damien didn't say anything before since he felt that it was better to maintain silence rather than try to communicate with people who won't even understand him.

But the four men glanced at each other after hearing Damien speak before one of the men shouted from behind, HULA KUU!!"

"HUAAAAA!" As if they got instigated by the shout of the man, the four men howled as they jumped forward to stab the human.