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Damien clenched his jaw to brace himself for their attacks but...





The sounds of metal striking against something as hard as iron echoed as all of them, including Damien, had their brows raised in astonishment seeing that none of the four weapons even pierced his skin.

He did feel the force at which they struck him, but it barely affected him.

In fact, because of the impact, all four of them got pushed back as they stumbled and fell to the ground.

Damien wasn't expecting them to be that weak, but he didn't care to gloat at their weakness and immediately used whatever strength he had recovered to forcibly break the restraints around his wrists.

"HA!" With a fierce shout, Damien loosened himself free and was already on his feet as he looked around with a wary look.

"Lukhei nu putang!"

"Putang KO!"

"Putang KOOO!!!"

Damien saw them getting even more agitated while shouting gibberish. Their actions and their voices were wild like savages, and they were banging the ends of their weapons against the ground.

'Great! Just a bunch of mad people trying to kill me,' Damien thought to himself wryly, but his eyes narrowed when he saw one of the men among the four again jumping towards him to stab him.

This time he quickly reacted, and since he could only use one arm right now, he simply dodged his attack and punched the man's chest as his chest caved in and his back expanded outwards.

The man's eyes became lifeless even before he was sent flying like a rock for over hundreds of meters.

Total silence descended as everyone witnessed this human killing one of them with just a single punch, and the corpse was sent flying so far it wasn't even visible from here.

"PUTANG HUAAAA!!!" Suddenly, one of the older men broke the silence as he charged toward Damien with just a stick, killing intent emanating from every inch of his bones.

'Is he fucking mad?' Damien couldn't understand if this old man was dumb or something. But he didn't hold back and punched the old man's face, the sheer impact shattering his neck bones too.

With a muffled sound, the old man died on the spot before he could even let out a whimper.

"What the fuck was that? Are you guys seeing this? What's wrong with these people?" Damien asked in a puzzled tone since this old man had literally committed suicide. It was not like he didn't see what happened to one of them just before.

"Yeah, they don't seem like humans exactly, but still they do possess some intelligence considering they can communicate with each other. Good luck. Only you can attract crazies like these," Luna chuckled as if she was enjoying a show.

"Master, it's better to get out of here before they keep at this," Kalypso said, feeling that something was wrong with this picture.

"I seriously tried to fly out, but I couldn't. Whatever they gave me is preventing me from absorbing any energy. If it wasn't for my body being strong, who knows what my current situation might be. Oh shit!" Damien used his arm to defend an attack from another one of them and kicked him in the gut as he was sent flying just like the first one.

"Fuck it! I will run through them!" Damien felt that staying within a bunch of suicidal people wasn't good and began to run in the direction where there was less number of these people.

"Hupo PUTANG!"


The men and women in his direction tried to jump on him, but Damien swatted them away with his arm and even used his legs to prevent others from getting too close to him.

He was using his complete physical strength since he couldn't afford to hold back here. Normally, people would feel scared and intimidated upon seeing someone way stronger than them, but these people were pure nuts. It was as if they were blind to the fact that he could kill them with just one punch.

Why were these people so motivated to kill him? What did he do? Could it be that these bunch of cannibals were so hungry they would want to feast on his flesh at any cost?

'What the fuck happened in this world?' Damien remembered the flashbacks Anton Vahn showed him, where flesh eating monsters were dominating the world. He wondered if these human cannibals were some evolved versions or something. But obviously, they don't seem that evolved.

Damien bulldozed his way through dozens of them as they tried to attack or grab him. He fended them all off with just one arm and his legs.




He couldn't even get a pill from his soul space since his only arm was too busy. He even had to resort to grabbing one of them and throwing him towards others to push back multiple of them at the same time.

Despite seeing how strong he was, none of them were stopping, which baffled Damien even more.

By now, he wasn't feeling that weak and used his legs to push as hard as he could on the ground to leap over these people.

"Whew!" Damien successfully leaped over them and got behind them. He didn't waste any time and quickly grabbed a healing pill and swallowed it to get rid of the poison that was making him weak.

Fortunately, even though the pill was only Rank 6, it was already starting to show its effects on his body.

He could feel the rich energy starting to seep into his veins and towards his ethereal core. Without any further ado, he activated Undying Wrath even if his energy reserves were low. The moment he did, the feeling of numbness and weakness he was feeling before instantly vanished.

With a relieved look, he immediately took to the skies, but his eyes widened when he felt a crushing pressure on his entire being, and before he knew it, he was plummeting towards the ground like a crashing plane.