Mehron subtly smiled as he said, "Your Master? Fair enough. We can expect an answer by tomorrow then."

Mira was relieved that things didn't turn worse than she expected, but at the same time, she knew she had caused huge trouble for her Master. But she was prepared for whatever was about to come.

"Now that it's settled, we will be leaving. We won't take any more of your time, Lady Mira," Mehron said with a quick smile before walking past her along with this entourage.

"You are dead meat, bitch," Lehron whispered to Mira as he walked past her, making Mira crack her knuckles.

The people standing didn't feel that surprised that the situation got defused so quickly, especially since they knew Warlord Nightshade was quite a chivalrous and diplomatic man.

But inwardly, they shook their head when thinking about how Lady Mira slapped his son just to defend a human slave. That was unexpected of her and not something she should have done.

"We have to get back," Mira said with a stony expression as she started walking towards the Godwin Tower.

Damien nodded since he knew it was best his aunt learned what happened as soon as possible.

"You okay?" Damien asked, seeing how she was being unnaturally silent. But he could feel how unstable her aura was right now. It was like she might explode at any moment.

"If only he wasn't his son, I would have slowly burned him on an altar. That trash…" Mira muttered unconsciously, making Damien think he was right about her close to blowing up.

But Mira came back to her senses and answered him, "Why do you care? Are you happy that I am going to get my hands cut off?"

Damien's expression became puzzled as he asked, "What do you mean? Didn't you hear what that guy named Mehron said? He wants me to fight Lehron's slave. So why would you have to worry about getting your hands cut off?"

Mira pulled together her brows, but then she sarcastically chuckled and said, "Yeah, right. Do you have any idea what kind of slave Lehron has or how strong that filthy thing is? His slave is at the First Level of the Profound Ethereal Realm. There is no way you will survive a second against him with your average cultivation," Hearing no response, she scoffed, "That is what I thought."

Mira thought Damien stopped talking after getting scared of hearing how strong Lehron's slave was, not that she was surprised. Only a suicidal person would even consider fighting Lehron's slave.

However, Damien was far from scared but deeply thinking about the outcome if he were to take on Lehron's slave. He definitely killed a creature at the First Level of the Noble Nethereal Realm, which was definitely stronger than any human of comparable cultivation. But that was a fiend, and his heavenly flames were a double-edged sword that could potentially kill him. There was no way he could use that in a battle now.

And this slave was a realm lower, at the First Level of the Profound Ethereal Realm. If it was a normal situation, he wouldn't even have to be the least concerned fighting someone at that level. But since he can't use his Anti-God energy, he would have to fight using only his ethereal energy. This could prove to be quite a challenge.

Just a mile away, Lehron couldn't wait to know and asked his father, "Father, why did you let her off like that? What's the point in involving her slave when she is the one who humiliated me?"

War Elder Ruhar subtly smiled as Mehron placed his hand on Lehron's shoulder and said, "You are too young to understand that it's smarter to take action with our future in mind and not just the present and the past. You have to look past the inconsequential things and see the bigger picture."

Lehron felt more confused as he asked, "What bigger picture? I don't get it."

"You never felt it strange the Chief Warlord suddenly bought a slave despite not doing so for all these centuries?" Mehron asked with a narrowed gaze.

Lehron's expression became thoughtful, and he shrugged, "I don't know. Maybe she only felt like having one now. Isn't that what people say anyway?"

War Elder Ruhar scoffed and said, "Young Lord, you shouldn't let this simple manipulation of information fool you."

"He is right. Of course, what you said might be true, but at the same time, I feel that she didn't bring an ordinary slave but someone who was worth enough for even Mira to slap you just to protect him from any harm. Strange, isn't it?" Mehron asked as he looked at his son.

Lehron's eyes finally lit up as he said with an indignant look, "Yes! That bitch slapped me just because I was going to touch their slave. Why would she be so protective about a slave that can be replaced any number of times? It was not like he was even strong or good at anything," Lehron only realized this when his father pointed it out.

"Yes. That is why I proposed this duel. We will soon find out if she truly cares about her slave," Mehron said as his eyes shone with a veiled glint.

"How could you lose control like that, Mira?! Do you have any idea of the situation you have put yourself into?" Akira scolded Mira as she stood before her with her head lowered, unable to look at her in her eyes, feeling ashamed and regretful.

Damien was standing behind Mira and didn't expect his aunt to be so pissed off. It seemed like he had yet to understand the politics of this place.

Mira fell on her knees as she kowtowed before Akira, "I know I have committed a grave mistake, Master. But fear not, I will accept the consequences."

Akira sat back on her chair and sighed with her forehead resting against her fingers, "I know you didn't really make any mistake since you had every right to be angry after what he said to you. The fiery nature of your elemental seed also makes it hard to control your anger. But…if only you had taken care of it in another way, then you wouldn't have to…" Akira clenched her fists as she hated the situation her disciple was put into.

"No need for all this. I will fight his slave," Damien suddenly spoke up, as both Akira and Mira looked at him with widened eyes.