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At that moment, Ingrid felt that the Brazilian song of the band 'Roupa Nova: Volta Pra Mim,' described very well the emotions she felt at that moment. Especially the part that says:

'I love you and I'll scream for everyone to hear

Having you is my desire to live

I'm a girl and your love is what makes me grow

And I give myself body and soul to you~ ♪'

The only thing she would add was that she wanted to scream and say that she loved Luan and that she was engaged to him!



While for Luan and Ingrid it was a happy and joyful moment. For the Vulcan Clan elder Sergei Li Vulcan, it was an unfortunate time.

Because his soul was wounded, he was about to go into a deep sleep, he could barely keep himself insane consciousness. 'Bastard... Wretched!!'

He swore in his mind as with his utmost effort he left some words written in blood near where he'd fallen.

[Enemies, murderers of my disciple Lex Vulcan and thieves who stole the heavenly volcano's heart: Man as white as wheat, red eyes, and white hair. White woman with blue eyes and blond hair. Detail: Extremely beautiful.]

With a 'thud' his hand dropped heavily to the floor. He couldn't take it anymore, so he passed out.



At a luxury hotel, Ingrid came out of the bathroom with a towel around her body. Right behind her, Luan came out completely naked.

"Why are you naked?" Ingrid was already used to looking at him naked, but still...

"There's only the two of us here, why do I need to worry about getting out of the shower?" Luan shot him a questioning look.

"Whatever it is." Ingrid stopped caring.

After taking a clean change of clothes from the storage ring, she changed.

"What's the plans?" Ingrid sat up in bed and crossed her legs: "After dawn, will we stay here, or will we go somewhere else? Or maybe return to the land?"

"Mm, I was thinking about hunting a bit. My credits are running out." Luan said: "By the way, I got information that there is a plague of rats to the north. If it's what they say, I'll give you enough credits to put my next plan into action."

"Well, what about the engagement party?" Ingrid was more interested in that than anything else.

"Relax." Luan finished putting on the clothes, he approached and kissed her forehead: "Before leaving, I told my mother that I would ask for her hand in marriage. She and her mother-in-law must already be anticipating..."

"But... well, forget it, as long as they are happy." She sighed but then smiled. She didn't care so much about running the engagement party. But the wedding was an entirely different matter...

"So, what's your plan?" Ingrid asked.

Luna sat next to her. Holding his hand, he said, "I know the game [Online Survival] has already gone through a new expansion. However, I intend to make a new one where they could play the game with their minds. But to put this into practice, I need to create a console that supports it. Therefore, I intend to obtain technology that would only be possible to acquire in the tower and then..."

"And then, it will be possible to make that become possible." Ingrid added: "Since the tower has experienced the advancement of earth technology, should it have the resources that were lost when the earth reset? Well, or rather, went back in time? Well, whatever. You are wanting to do this with the thought of using these features, right?"

"Exactly." Luan kissed her and proudly said, "My fiancee is so smart~"

"Humph!" Ingrid snorted, but then laughed.



In the northern plain, very close to the sea, the number of giant rats running around was chilling.

Even Ingrid who experienced the apocalypse on earth, got several horrifying goosebumps when she saw over 1 million furry giant rats running around, trampling everything in their path.

"I don't know why, but I feel like laughing so hard to see these cultivators in the midst of all these rats." Ingrid said with a laugh: "I just thought it looked like people trying to stop a gigantic herd of bulls."

"Ohhh." Luan hadn't noticed that, but after hearing what Ingrid said, he laughed a little: "Yes, it does."

"I wonder. Aren't they afraid of being run over to death?" Ingrid pondered.

Some of them weren't even in the Fifth Order. Although most giant rats were in the Third and Fourth Order, with such an absurd amount, it was difficult to get away with it being below the Fifth Order.

A pair of blood-colored wings spread out behind Ingrid's back. Looking in the direction of the giant rats, her eyes narrowed a little, twisting her body like a snake, she brought out the pendant-shaped sickle, transforming into a sickle larger than a full-grown man and wielding the power of magma on the part of her body. sickle head.

It was as if the scythe had been dipped in magma and the magma was dripping from the scythe's head. Ingrid's control was still very thin, she knew that all too well, and she wanted to use these giant rats as a living target to improve her control.

With a thrust of her body swiveling through the air, she writhed and released a blast of magma!


Although a good part was lost in the spin, more than half were thrown in a similar 'U' shape, just a little more open.


"Not bad," Ingrid muttered with a smile as she made a flap with her hand as she looked in the direction her attack hit.

The impact was not too strong, but not too weak, more than five giant rats were possibly killed. At least 1 of the giant rats, she was sure had died, as the body was cut in half.

"Very well." Luna clapped.

Ingrid turned and gave him a "V" sign.

Luan saw this and laughed out loud.

The people who were hunting the giant rats were wary of their arrival. Especially with the power of the attack that was launched that made the ground shake.

'Who are they?'