Evade the Hero and Flee! 229. Why Me? (4)

“I will be back!”

“You shouldn’t!”

I shouted at Mirua from afar. She was dangerous in that she may really come back.

“Should we capture the Demon King?”

The Metal Bat looked at me.

“That will be trouble.”

Even the elite Demons had not been able to stop the Demon King. Heroes would not be able to stand a chance, as I looked at the hero on the ground. The world was in trouble if he was the strongest hero alive.

“He did defeat a dragon alive…”

While the Bat looked astonished, she was the one who made the hero sleep again after Heal joined us.

“Five elite Demons can hold against him.”

“That’s strong, right?”

“Enemies are even stronger.”

Power was comparative, but if someone was incomparably strong, there was only one answer.

“We have to fight in numbers.”

“That’s right.”

A party of heroes going against one Demon King was usually called justice.

“All histories are made of power. The strong are those who are justified at the end.”

Therefore, our actions would be justified.

“You really are a villain…”

“Didn’t I give you a perfect explanation?”

“Daddy, the meal is ready!”

I heard my daughter’s bright voice as I lamented over the Bat’s incapability to understand.


I took Heal, and the Bat took the hero to my daughter. I had knocked Heal unconscious because she had been too joyful at becoming my comrade.

“Wow! It looks delicious.”


I saw my daughter had made two stews. One pot had meat and vegetables, and another smaller pot only held vegetables.

“I found them!”

“That meant…”

I remember there were three members of the hero’s party, and one of them was an elf.

“They usually don’t eat meat…The elf ran away from the food not long ago.”

I thought of chasing methods. While it is said that chasing elves in forests was impossible, there were ways. The elf would probably be ‘Selena’ unless there was a change.

“She would have been making the stew…”

Then had come to call the hero and Heal but ran away on seeing the Bat and me.

“Do you want me to catch her?”

I could if I wanted to. Selena had been hit by the Bat already, and she would have been in too much of a rush to not leave traces I could follow. However…

“There’s no need.”

I had Heal as my radar and the hero I would throw at the Demon King and run. Was there a reason to catch the elf? I thought not.

“Let’s eat.”

“What if she calls in other heroes?”

“That’s a possibility but Heal, and the hero may get away while we catch the elf.”

It would still not be easy to catch the elf in the forest, and that may give the heroes a chance to escape.

“Let them be.”

There were limits to the number of people who could chase me in this situation, and there was a chance they would encounter the Demon King. That meant they would fight each other. If they caught the Demon King, I needed to return to the Demon Lands.

“Would they allow us back?”

The Demon King Marx who had been chosen by the Gods, meaning me, had run away, which would have confused the Demon land. I could find a way to move myself amidst the chaos to carve out a position.

“That would be the best…but it’s you.”

However, the Metal Bat opposed me while eating the stew. What did she mean by that? Why did I understand her nuance?

“I would be hated if I had just run away for no reason, but if I made them understand…”

I had already finished the preparations to make the Demons understand!

“I am certain that the Demons would look up to me even more, when we return!”

If everything goes according to plan. However, why was I so nervous?

#2 Other Circumstances: Belegrea’s circumstance

“How many are dead?”


After Marx and the Evil God’s Disciple had suddenly left, the highest Demon in the lands was me. Therefore, I was taking care of things…



My condition was not good.

“I am fine.”

I calmed the sub tribe leader down as I wiped the blood from my mouth. I was not fine, as the internal bleeding was serious. To have incurred this much damage. The Disciple could really destroy the world.

“The number of the injured?”

I had to gather the people, as the enemy had come alone to the heart of the Demon Lands, the Demon Castle! I had to have the injured healed and prepare for battle. I was the only one who could lead them.

“The injuries are light, but there are thirty in total.”


The fight had not been long, and while we had been surprised at the enemy being unaffected after the Metal Bat hit him, we fought with the best we had. However, we had been beaten. Marx, after seeing all this…

“Had run away.”

I felt the blood from biting my lips.


While he had been praised as being chosen by the Demon God, he was human. That would be why he would desert us. We were the elite leaders, and if we all died, the Demon Land would be vanquished. The monsters would be able to easily destroy unled soldiers.

“I know that. Belegrea! Stand up!”

I had known all this from the beginning. I had been afraid of the silver-haired girl beating me and hoped that they could remove Agreat. I had justified with ideas of peace for the land, despite being determined that he could deceive me at any time.

“You knew, Belegrea…”

I had to control the situation, but my hands shook. Let’s not do this. I had pledged everything to honor my father and his will for peace. However, it was not working.


I heard a voice, and a blue-haired boy was running towards me.

“Larelika? What is…”

He had come to kill Marx, but had followed him loyally after being beaten.


He had been despairing even more than me but seemed jubilant now.


I held my breath on seeing the familiar writing.

<I will take the Evil Disciple. Prepare to accept the Demon God’s will.>


I could read the harried writing.

“Marx…had not deserted us.”

Larelika’s voice was shaking.


I was crying. I had suspected him of throwing us away!

“The Disciple had disappeared suddenly despite being able to easily kill us.”

I understood that the reason for that had been Marx luring the Disciple away so we could have a chance!

“I have no time.”

I had lost time due to suspecting him, despite his running away to buy us this chance. I had only one thing to do.

“Let’s prepare to beat the Disciple as quickly as possible.”

This was the only thing I could do for not having believed Marx.