Raws for Evade the Hero

# 231

26. Why me? (6)

I got a great detector shuttle, so I started running. I had to prepare for the possible betrayal of Mira.

Drake, who was riding, grazed.

Mira knows I can’t control Drake, but due to the nature of the empress, it would be hard to ignore.

And the escape route is a mountain road.

As I was old, I chose an ordinary mountain path route because I could only think of using a general road.

I think the imperial family would look for general, mountain, sky, and underground roads.

And most importantly,

“You should sleep at a place having a roof.”

As soon as I found the village, I rented an inn.

“Can I do this?”

“Of course.”

If you focus on yourself, even X-Tem X-Rer will look blurry.

If perfect hiding is impossible, camouflage is better than hiding.

A village full of people is more suitable for hiding than a mountain full of trees.

“Isn’t it dangerous?”

“It’s safe unless the Imperial Girl built this village.”

I saw the gaze when I first entered the village. They were afraid of us.

It’s not unreasonable.

The evil god has sent his own apostles for the world!

Such rumors were spreading throughout the continent.

It is a situation in which kingdoms that have been hidden but have already been destroyed have been created, and the temple’s personnel are busy gathering.

No matter how much the common people have not learned, there is no way that they will not notice.

And this was the first village that came in after leaving the Ma continent, that is, it was close to the Ma continent.

Unless there were no survivors of the Rubella City Union, they would have gone through this town.

In other words, they remain because they cannot abandon the village but are trembling with fear and wary of outsiders.

Perhaps they would not have accepted us if they had not sold us the name of the warrior of nature.

There were rumors about evil gods that it was contagious to be stained with evil!

However, the brave man has made unexpected objections.

“What if this village was built by an empress?”

“Huh… … ?”

It’s ridiculous.

The expression on the villagers’ faces when they first saw us was something that couldn’t be made out of smoke. From being wary of us with eyes full of fear to changing their attitude as soon as they announce that they are warriors cannot be all acting.

So, no need to worry!

“Is this the end?”

I couldn’t tell the warrior.

I thought it was ridiculous, but I thought that the princess might be able to do that.

“Honestly, isn’t a mountain with a lot of space easier to escape?”

“Well… … .”

If it is not a house that has built an escape route, it is over as soon as it is surrounded.

The only place to escape is a window. And he would have been prepared to catch me underneath.


“Why are you so worried about me?”


“If I get caught, you are free”

I glared at the warrior who was silent for a moment.

What did you mean by saying this? Maybe this guy… ….

“I’m already in contact with the Empress… … .”

“Oh no!”

I heard somewhere that a strong negative is a positive… Where was it? The Organization? Imperial family? Ma continent?




Once suspected, Aar was placed next to the hero.

“If you do something suspicious… … .”


If it had been a mountain, I would have knocked it down and interrogated it, but this is a village inn. It is also a very small-town inn.

It is difficult to expect soundproof facilities at village inns that are protected by wooden fences without stone walls.

There is a way to cover the mouth and hit, but if you cause a fuss for no reason, the villagers will come running, so I decided to just keep an eye on it with a metal pad.

“Daddy, it’s soft!”

A separate room with the hero.

I see her rolling around in bed when I enter the room where my daughter and I will be staying.


It would be nice if the bed in the village inn was good, but I slept on Drake’s back for a few days or on a blanket in the mountains. Of course, even the blankets were stolen by the warriors.

“Yes, that would be great,”

So, I decided to be content with just having a bed in such a village inn.

“Where are you going now?”

My daughter, her pink hair tossing around on the bed, said, putting her head on my lap.

“Well, I’ll have to go around and decide, won’t I?”

“I wish I could go back to the planet of the devil as soon as possible.”….”

My daughter pursed her lips and grumbled as she looked into my eyes.

“There were still a lot of projects going on…… I couldn’t even pick up a place to live there later.….”

I gently patted my grumbling daughter on the head.

“lol… … .”

My heart is healed when I see my daughter smiling as if she is in a good mood.

“Well, I will try to get back quickly.”


As I stroked her hair which was slightly longer than usual, both I and my daughter find peace of mind.

Yes, I will have to exert a little more strength on my daughter.

“From now on, I will explain the plan. By the way, you have no right to refuse.”


“All right.”

Looking at the two guys who were looking at me with the eyes of a master monk, I informed them about my future plans.

“Our plan is… … .”

The best way to escape while saving your job!

“Join an evil organization.”


“An organization of evil.”

#5 Their situation: The situation of a cat

“ohh my!”

You can see a benefactor stretching her arms out. Thanks to this, the bulging chest stood out even more.

The benefactor, who was a child when we first met, was also becoming a lady under the influence of time.


“Okay, did you sleep well too, khokho?”


The way he smiled and stroked the lizard was the same as before,

“Well, you should sleep well. I’m afraid I’ll be busy now.”

The way he changed his expression and smiled coldly was never the same as before.

“Don’t worry! If you bother your grandfather and mom, I’ll get rid of them all!”

“Yes! I’ll trust only Khokho!”

“Yes! trust me only!”

I could understand the story between parents and children. It’s the way children appeal to their parents to trust them.

But if the child is a dragon, the story will be different.

I can really get rid of it all. I have the power to burn down a decent village.

A dragon that can shoot breath is like that, no matter how young it is.

The moment I shook my body slightly at the separation, my eyes met with my benefactor.

“Huh? Did Missha sleep well, too?”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been told about my identity, but I’ve been living with the same behavior as before.

When I was asked why my benefactor treated me the same way when I found out that my identity was revealed, the benefactor answered like this.

‘Because Dad wants it.’

She was obviously smiling, but she was afraid.

My benefactor hugged me as I watched her with a slight shiver.

The benefactor in her arms stroked me and whispered in my ear.

‘Because what Dad wants is what I want. So, Missha will do the same. I’ll trust you.’

That whisper made me think a lot. And I decided to follow the benefactor’s words.

I was supposed to be dead anyway. I decided to live for my benefactor, who had nowhere to go.

If she wants… I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to live to maintain the form of family she wanted.

“Did you sleep well, Missha?”


So, I imitated an ordinary cat, and she treated me like an ordinary cat.

“Well, Misha might have something to do, too.

The benefactor sat the lizard on her lap and whispered softly, stroking his back.

“In any case, I have to fight against the apostle of evil.”

There was no intent to kill in the voice of the benefactor. But I was more afraid of it.

A god of evil is an object of fear.

Not only humans but also some of the other ethnic groups were even afraid to say their names out loud.

And the apostle of the evil god who inherited the power was treated similarly to the evil god.

But the benefactor was different.

He is saying that he might fight the evil spirits for granted as if he had to get rid of the stones on the side of the road. It’s as if we’re going to win easily.

“I must make sure I’m done and go home. Because of more troublesome things, my dad and I… I don’t want my house to be ruined.”

The lizard nodded quietly as she was grinding her teeth.

Anger in both eyes.

That’s what she would say

I won’t experience losing my home to the Ma people who chased me in the past!

I’ll get rid of the evil spirit’s apostles and go back to the Ma Continent and build a new house this time!

“But since I came to the human continent, I wish I could save my stepmother…….

”The benefactor’s eyes widened beautifully. It was a bright smile as if the quiet anger a moment ago had been a lie.

“Oh, Mom! I’ll do my best too!”

The lizard spoke in a slightly trembling voice.

“Mom, you can just trust Khokho!”

“Of course!”

Since then, it has been my usual routine.

“Dad, where are you going today?”

The benefactor asked the man a question with a look of ignorance.

“I guess I have to move to the mountain again from today.”

The man replied to his benefactor with a clueless look.

To be sure, that man was a very frightening man.

When I think about what he has done, I can’t believe it.

If there is a force chasing after them, won’t humans go over to the Ma continent, the continent of the Ma people, or won’t they kill the man closest to the Ma king and become the Ma king himself?

He developed the Ma Continent by continuously proceeding with ridiculous policies.

And I knew the process of those things going on right next to me.

This man who practiced nonsensical things and nonsensical actions is not the type to trust others.

Even now, you can tell just by looking at those two people who are being dragged like slaves.

Even though he seemed to have already given up on this life, he had the silver girl right next to him and was ready to beat her up at any time.

It was the same in the Ma Continent.

They attacked those who opposed the sudden development. They were thoroughly trampled on so that they would never think of getting up again and they would be traumatized by the work themselves.

But was he also a human being?

He was so unchanging about his daughter, his benefactor.

The benefactor is not a child.

No matter how long the Ma people live, half of the benefactors are human beings.

The 12-year-old girl I first met is now a 16-year-old lady.

She acts like a pure girl who knows nothing when dealing with a man, but she is already old enough to know how everything goes.

The man didn’t notice it.

No matter how powerful you are!

Even if you’re in charge of a funny department called Chicken Club!

The benefactor was so clever that he could carry out his policies without any opposition on a scale that he was never inferior to a human continent, neither a small town nor a small kingdom.

Making chicken was not simply the policy of the chicken club.

In order to satisfy the various tribes of the Ma Continent, he identified their tendencies, improved tides accordingly, and created sauces.

In addition, consider the arrangement of each chicken restaurant.

It has been distributed so that too many chicken restaurants do not flock within a certain distance, preventing excessive competition in advance.

Is that all?

It can be described as a great thing, or achievement, to promote simple cooking as a culture and eliminate resistance to the Ma people.

Even the Jomas, who don’t eat birds because they look similar to themselves, made them eat chicken.

I can’t believe that men still think of the benefactors who have done such tremendous things as children. Is this what parents think?


Or is the acting ability of the benefactor, who has an innocent smile that says he doesn’t know anything, too good?

I don’t know.

I thought it would be nice to tell a man, but anyway, what I had to protect was a benefactor, not a man.

If so,


For the benefactor with a bright smile,


I’ll just have to follow what she wants me to do as she pleases.