Raws for Evade the Hero

# 232

26. Why me? (7)

The devil is here! The god of evil is resurrecting! The world may end!

He has appeared many times before, but the world has never fallen.

However, most people say that the world will perish when the devil appears. Because it is a revelation from God.

Even in previous lives, where there was no evidence of the existence of God, there were many stories of one end or another. Myths, prophecies of prophets, the last days of a civilization recorded, and so on.

Although there is no evidence, people believed in such an apocalypse.

Even when the gate opened, the streets were full of voices saying that God’s judgment had finally arrived and that it was not too late to believe in God.

Besides, this is a fantasy world. It is a town where the gods act as soldiers of interest because they want to let them know their existence.

A neighborhood where they do their best to let people know that they exist, and if they impersonate themselves, they even judge themselves!

In such a town, if God says, “The world might end!”, ordinary people cannot help but shudder in fear.

Yes. That’s normal people.

“Well, well, you’ve come to see me. Give us a little reward, and we’ll…….”

And the extraordinary, extra-villain fellow, who seemed to be level 1 when he said level 10, was waving at us.

It looks like you make a circle by putting your thumb and forefinger together and shaking it!

In other words, it was a sign to give money.

To put it roughly at the level, it is a mob of villains at level one.

Far from being a warrior, he was a fellow who would be dealt with only by the local guards.

“You came to the right place.”

“yes. Is it the cheapest around here? Who will help me escape with only 10 silver?”

When I sighed with relief, he was more likely to show off his greatness.

“Hold it,”



In a moment that I couldn’t even recognize, the 1st level villain who had been slammed on the floor by the hero was about to scream in pain.

“Shut up.”

“Eup -eup!”

But what we have to do now is secretly kidnap the villains. It is difficult to hear a scream about something that is secretive.

“Isn’t it too extravagant to say that it hurts that much?”

” Eup! Ugh!”

At the hero’s insipid voice, the villain screamed desperately.

Of course, his mouth was sealed by the magic of the warrior, so he only heard the sound of “eup-eup.”

Now, don’t make a big deal out of it, and shut up.”

I don’t think it’s the right thing to say to the man who stuck his face on the floor that he could just magically suppress, but…….

“Huh? Come on, be quiet. huh? Are you still rebelling? Even like this? Even like this?”

Rather than a warrior, he shows the appearance of a great villain, but he just lets it go.

It seems that anger is building up over the arrest, but I’d be happy if you let me go like that.

I don’t know what’s going to happen if it explodes at me.

So, I’d be happy to release him to such a mob.

“Well, let’s go before the guards come.”

The eyes of a 1st-level villain turned upside down by all kinds of bullying.

The hero, carrying the villain who couldn’t be bothered more, leaves and goes to the warehouse prepared in advance.



” Eup!”

Already 15 people were left with their hands and feet tied and their mouths tied.

“Is it full already?”

It was a warehouse obtained by selling the hero, but there seems to be no space for about five adult men.

“Can’t you just crumple it in?”

At the words of the hero, I looked at the warehouse again. If it was crumpled, it seemed like it could hold about 10 people.

“Hmm… …. I think it will be a nuisance when I clean it up later.”

I’m doing things quickly, but I’m doing it while watching the general citizens.

It took 3 days to secretly kidnap 15 people. Those who use some magical power may not know, but these small brims are bound to have limitations in physiological phenomena.

It’s already starting to smell like filth, but if you add more people here, what a terrible smell it will be! Who wants to clean up after that?

In response to my answer, the warrior gave me a neat solution.

“You can just leave it alone.”

uh… is it?

It’s convenient to leave something alone, but I borrowed it under this guy’s name.

“Wouldn’t it be troublesome to find a bunch of kidnapped men in a warehouse rented in the name of the Church of Nature?”

“What does that have to do with us? The church will take care of it.”

Wow… this coolness. Who would think of this guy as a hero?

They’re more like villains than those who are shaking.

–for he has learned from his master, the ultimate villain.

-Should I say that I learned well?

Even though he was a hero of the Church of Nature, he did not care about the Church of Nature at all.

What kind of god is nature’s god to choose such a man as a warrior?

If you had listened to your master, the God of Nature would have been very upset.

– He chose such a warrior as his apostle, but he feels unfair.

“Would you like to go again?”

Look!! It’s been a while since I’ve been kidnapping people, and I’m the one who’s aiming for the next target.


However, I did not refuse because it was very important to the plan I was implementing.

“How long are you going to continue?”

In the middle of the street, the warrior asked as if there was no one.

Well, there’s really no one.

“Until the main body bites the bait.”

That’s why I answered without hesitation.

“Is that so.”

It wasn’t a small town. It is not enough to be called a big city, but it is in the middle of a fairly large city.

But there are no people on the street.

Sometimes I could feel the eyes looking at us from the windows, but I didn’t see anyone passing by on the street.

“Is this the way it will be until the apostle of the evil spirit dies?”

It was a word uttered by a brave man looking at the quiet street.


It is a world where there are people who believe in many gods, but there are no people who do not believe in gods.

In such a world, when all the gods mention the end of the world, ordinary people cannot help but tremble in fear. Because all they can do is tremble in fear inside their homes and ask God for mercy.

In this situation, people walking around the streets are people who need things urgently and run around.


“Wait, let me check… … .”

There were only fifteen soldiers from far away.

“Come on,”

Before the soldier finished speaking, the hero threw an object to prove his identity.

“Now this…nothing… … . uh?”

The soldier, who was irritated by his poor attitude, shut his mouth when he saw the object thrown by the hero.

“What, hero?”


An identity plaque proving a hero recognized by the Church of Nature.

Looking at the card and seeing the soldier with his mouth wide open, the hero frowned.

“What more do you need?”

“Oh no!”

The soldiers who quickly handed over their ID cards saluted and started to leave.

“As expected, it’s comfortable.”

After all, he was a walking high pass, like a warrior.

“Is that so?”

Well, the expression of the brave guy who put his ID was full of dissatisfaction,

“Or should I replace it with Heel?”

It wasn’t that there was no one to replace him.

“no! way”

He was a warrior who smiled quickly as if he had frowned.

For your information, my detector shuttle, who could replace this guy, was lying on the bed and sleeping.

Of course, it’s not just sleeping. He was beaten by a soppata and passed out.

“As far as I know, I’ve heard that Heel is also quite strong in combat… … .”

“Still, I can’t compare to the hero who defeated the dragon!”

Hurry up and follow the hero who wants to kidnap people.

There is one soppata and two people to manage.

Even if there are no people around, it is good to move the minimum number of people to kidnap.

In the end, the other one who is afraid of escaping is… It is necessary to put them to sleep periodically.

“Let’s see, was the destination this time in that alley?”

You enter an alley where the security situation looks bad no matter who sees it.

Commonly known as backstreets, of which there are at least one or two in any fairly large city.

It was a space inhabited by various villains, including all kinds of crooks and criminals, starting with the neighborhood bullies.

“What is going on?”

As soon as I went inside a little bit, a man who was related to painters such as Van Gogh and Gauguin appeared.

For reference, the association was Impressionism.

“That, that… … .”

Seeing that, the hero started to tremble.

“I-over there… with my father… … .”

The trembling figure is truly a gentle deer itself.

Who would think that this guy is a warrior who even defeated a dragon?

“Oh, is that?”

Despite the hero’s selfish pronunciation, the impressionist painter, no, the man with an impressionist’s face showed an expression of understanding.

“Are you going to stand out?”

“Yes Yes!”

Perhaps because he understood what he was saying, the warrior’s expression brightened. It was acting, of course.

“Hmm… … . There have been fewer people coming these days… Is there a reason why you want to run away late?”

The man seemed to understand what we were trying to say.

“My father said he couldn’t leave his hometown and go… It took time to convince them.”

“Well, there are cases like that.”

The man looked at me with a pathetic expression.

Well, I can understand that look.

This is a city in a kingdom adjacent to the Rubella City Alliance.

It is a city established to deal with the demons. It is far inferior to the Empire, but compared to other kingdoms, it is a city alliance of Rubella that has almost no enemies.

The forces of the evil spirits destroyed even the city union of Rubella in an instant.

Where will the army aim next?

This kingdom right next to it, or this city, is a place where you don’t know when the evil god’s army will invade.

-Isn’t that because it has an owner?

– Uh-huh! This is the right place for common sense.

Even if I can’t say that I came over to the Ma Continent because I was the target, there’s an army of evil spirits right next to me!

No matter how much our ancestors lived in, there is no one who wants to run away.

However, for the lord, territorial people are property that cannot be handed over carelessly.

Yes. It may be a small town that is easy to run away from, but a city with a wall does not let its precious labor force run away.

After closing the gates and making it impossible for people to leave, the lord said, ‘Don’t worry, everyone. The evil spirits will be defeated by good warriors!’

Of course, when the forces of the evil spirits come, the lord can run away alone.

– What’s the owner’s?

-Because mine is precious.

Sometimes there are perverts who fight to the death claiming it’s the honor of a nobleman, so let’s just bet on the warrior’s hand.

“Recently, the surveillance has become more severe, so the cost has gone up. Is that okay?”

Surveillance sucks. After all, it’s about letting people out through a secret underground passage. Even if the number of guards increases, there’s no way the risk will increase.

Unless, of course, it is a place of human trafficking, either by a scammer or by a secret passageway.

“of course. It’s small, but… … .”

But neither of us has any intention of paying for it anyway.

What does it matter how much money you won’t pay anyway!

“Well, you have a good sense,”

The man smiles after receiving a silver coin poking him.

“I will introduce you to some particularly good guys.”

The man with a big smile called a person from the alley he came out of and gave it to us.

After following him through the complicated alleys, I arrived at the alley most suitable for committing a crime.

“Wait for a little.”

The man yawned and went back the way he came.

And maybe 10 minutes passed.

“2 people?”

A level 1 villain with scars on his face, no matter who sees it, approached us.

“Another dud… … .”

A sigh comes out of my mouth.

At my sigh, the warrior seized the mob and knocked him to the floor.

The warrior, who had been taking out his anger with rubbish mobs to relieve his stress, ended it with a single blow.

That’s what I mean!

“You asked this time!”

“That’s right.”

To my words, the hero replied with a bright smile.

“I thought the kids were disappearing from our district these days… After all, it wasn’t a runaway.”

“There should be more numbers.”

“As expected. There are some guys in this city who don’t realize what it means to touch us.”

“To touch our darkness, which not even the lord can touch… … . What kind of kids are they?”

I look at the four men and women who come out one by one.

Seeing him carrying dozens of subordinates behind him, he must be at least a mid-boss!

“You seem quite confident in your skills, but!”

“As long as our Darkness Four Heavenly Kings appeared, it’s impossible!”

“Regret, regret that you went against us!”

“Even if it’s only death anyway!”

Each of them began to spit out the lines of third-rate villains with shriveled limbs.

But what do I do?

“Who, who are you?”

It’s all game over if you get caught by the hero who defeated the four kings of the demons as well as the 20,000-year-old dragon.

“Who are we?”

A bloody street.

Seeing the four Heavenly Kings staring at him with astonished faces, the hero smiled like a villain.

“Former member of Howling… It is a villain.”

Hey, are you a warrior?