Evade the Hero and Flee! 234.

27. In a world of villains where manipulation of power is rampant, a clumsy person cannot survive (1)

I got an unexpected benefit.

“Save, save me!”

I poked it because I thought it was similar, but I didn’t expect it to be true.

“It doesn’t kill.”

“Please kill me neatly!”

The way he crawled on the floor and talked seemed so disastrous.

What the hell did you do?

Whatever I did, I did my best to teach you.

If my student dies somewhere, I think his dream will be fierce.

You mean you hit it properly!

That’s right!

He was one of the second students of mine who did not get to meet the iron beater but instead tasted the wooden beater.

-Is that all?

-I hit it to the point where it’s hard to say its ‘only’ level.

In terms of the number of hits, he is probably the most beaten of all the students.

I was a novice instructor when I was teaching that guy because all of the guys graduated in one year.

Instead, unlike the first generation, there was a wooden paste from this generation.

What did you do when I wasn’t there?

It’s no big deal; it’s just that the novice instructor trained him with too much enthusiasm. I just overused the best falcon called wooden beater.

I was so excited back then. No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t listen to it, but after the wooden beater was formed, I listened to it if I hit the rod of love a little bit.

“Please, please, Beater-man!”

I looked at my old student, who was trembling.

Still, I think I fought equally as my disciple, but I think it was too much for a warrior who is a lump of cheat on a subject that I never had in my previous life.

By the way, wasn’t cheating a prerogative of reincarnated people? Why aren’t you giving it to me?

“You look very sick.”

Tears covered my eyes when I see my disciple with dead blood flowing around his mouth.

He was brought up hard not to get hit anywhere.

– The person who hit was raised like that, so there’s nothing we can do.

Is it a spear and a shield…….

The strongest spear and the strongest shield fought, and the strongest spear won!

We can conclude that the first punch is the best!

I don’t think so.

Well, if not, never mind.

That’s not what’s important.

“Oh, it doesn’t hurt! It doesn’t hurt at all! Hey, this is just tomato sauce!”

“Where is there such a dark red tomato sauce?”

“It’s, it’s new!”

What an appetizing sauce. I need to get rid of it right away.

“Stop! Please! Beat, Beater-man! Please, mercy…. “uh? uh!”

Space is limited.

As soon as he saw the wall that blocked him, he began to beg me for help,

“Oh, you don’t?”

He uttered the words with blank eyes, and this time he began to laugh like crazy.

“Ha… Hahahaha! Hahahaha!”

“What is it?”

“I think it’s crazy.”

I guess you’re right.

“None! If you don’t have that cursed beater, no matter how much you’re a master, it’s worth trying!”

Oh, right. The wooden beater didn’t have this function.


“It’s too late!”

To my former pupil, who suddenly rose from his seat as if, ‘I crawled on the floor to gain momentum!’

“That’s right.”

He swung his hand as it was.


The iron beater worn on the wrist naturally changed to the form of a beater.


Oh… As expected, my former student.

Even though it was a sudden attack, he quickly deflects and avoids it.

In the days of Howling, I trained myself as a wizard except for a little close combat, but what a great body move!

When I fought with the warrior earlier, I used something similar to a sword, so I think I became a swordsman.

Man! A magician who’s close to a sword master! You’ve grown up great!


“Can I avoid it?”

Twist the wrist to modify the sword path or the barrow.

“You’re old!”

But my former pupil seemed to escape my attack with a single piece of paper and prepare for a counterattack.

“I’m old.”

I’m not just saying it, but I feel like I’m really old.

Even if it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve been away from active duty, I can’t believe my wrist hurts because I swung the beater a few times. I had no choice but to feel that time was really free.


The atmosphere rings. a sign of magic completion.

To be honest, magic that uses pure magical power doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t die.

For example, if you change the ground into the form of a spear and stab it, you will be really stabbed, and if you get hit by explosion magic, you can explode and die from flying debris.

If I can use magic, I can block everything.

It’s really unfair.

So you have to beat it before the magic is done.


I roll my eyes and look at the former student who collapses.

“What? Argh!”

“Beral, this can be an automatic chase.”

Well, it was the usual attack. The iron beater, which was moved thinly like a thread, hits the former pupil.

It’s always the same pattern of attacks, but there’s no reason not to use them because they keep getting attacked!

“Sa, sappu-nim

The former pupil looks at me with shaky eyes.

I think it’s a big shock to see that you can’t even pronounce it properly.

“Now, then, let’s be right.”

“Oh, yes!”

“You can!”

It’s been a long time since I knocked on my disciple with Jajinmori rhythm.

“Ka-hak? Ack!” “Cough!”

Fast 3 beats, 4 beats!

“Please go to a good place.”

When he glanced at him, the warrior did not run away and prayed for the repose of the deceased.

I’m not gonna kill you!

Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry.

Murder? We can’t do such a scary thing.

It is true that iron beater tackled him, asking what kind of nonsense he was talking about.

No one has died in my hands for at least 10 years. In my hand!

“Help, help me…….”


Is it because I was thinking about something else? My former pupil grabbed my ankle.

“Please, please, save……. “Argh!”

Slap out the wrist quickly.

It may seem too cold, but it is very dangerous to get caught by a wizard. It’ll be big trouble if you blow yourself up!

“Beral, you don’t have to worry.”


The former pupil begins to scream at the start of the thrashing again.

“This is not the beater you knew.”

“Well, then….”

Hope began to grow in the dying eyes.

If you read your thoughts, you can say, “Yes, there can be no such evil weapon!” or “Lord, you can die!”


“This is a beater you know… a new product followed by a wooden beater. It’s a steel bar of black anvil.”


The words of new products and black anvil made the eyes of hope fall into despair.

Sorry to hear that.

“It lasts longer.”

“I don’t want to!”

Higher notes than female soprano begin to resonate.

You have a nice voice!


Like celebrating the beginning of my grand scheme!

#1 their situation: The situation of some warrior

“You’ve raised him well

“Thank, thank you.”

I kneel down in front of the instructor and look at the shaking man.

Darkness’s boss who used the considerable skill of sword and magic.

According to what they say, Darkness is the organization of evil that ruled this kingdom.

Well, right now, anyway,

“Well, then I’ll tell you what to do.”

“I accept your order!”

You’ve been beaten and enslaved!

“Do you keep in touch with any of your friends?”

“That’s right!”

As soon as the instructor’s words are finished, an answer is heard.

a struggle for life.

It’s not like other people’s work, so tears flow a little.

“How much?”

“Everyone is connected.”

I was a little surprised at that.

They’re all connected?

I was a student of the instructor, but I couldn’t believe that they could get along with each other.

We pretend we don’t know each other when we meet and go on our way.

Of course, the 1,000th Mira will try to catch us the moment we meet!


“Yes, we don’t keep in touch very often, but we do exchange information from each country.”

After hearing the story, the instructor nodded with a satisfied expression.

“As expected, peer love is the best.”

It was a statement that I could not sympathize with at all as I, was caught by that peer and went to the Demon Continent after struggling.

“Maybe I can call the others

“It would be impossible. Since the demon king appeared, I’ve been taking care of myself as much as I can…….”

“Is that so…….”

Chaos is the best stage for places like evil organizations to work.

In particular, the situation where the apostles of evil spirits are roaming around like now is the best opportunity for an evil organization!

Being confused, morale works well, and even if they commit all kinds of crimes, the risk of being caught is low because all the soldiers are out at war.

However, this was not the first time that an apostle of evil spirits appeared.

Get hit once, get hit again.

Whenever evil spirits appeared, villains and those who were looking for opportunities played the game, and internal problems began to arise.

Internal problems are bound to spread to the outside world.

If you look at the past records, while the soldiers were fighting the apostles of evil spirits, the younger brother staged a coup, killed the older brother who was the king, and robbed the throne!

The king’s father-in-law and the general, who was fighting on the front line, heard the news and recalled his troops.

Thanks to this, it is said that the front line that fought against the apostles of evil spirits collapsed.

Despite the dissuasion of each denomination, human greed was endless, and when similar things were repeated, each kingdom began to clean up the interior first when the apostle of evil spirits appeared.

However, the opponent is an organization of evil. They were creatures with the same vitality as cockroaches.

I can’t believe I’m running away to survive, even if I’m abandoning my home base!

“Try to get in touch somehow.”

“All right!”

As a result, however, the boss and senior of the poor evil organization caught reminded me of the old saying that justice wins.


“What’s wrong?”

“No, sir

the old saying said that nothing was wrong… Does that mean the winner, the instructor, is justice?

It would be better for evil spirits to be destroyed in such a world.

“It’s bland.”

Fortunately, the instructor, who does not have the ability to read the inside, looked back at the senior with his eyes closed.

“How many secret passages are there?”

“There are three underground.”

“What other guys don’t know?”

“Just in case, I’ve made five passages that only I know!”

“That’s great.”

“Because I learned everything from a great master!”

Tears cover my eyes when I see Abu and the senior rubbing the instructor’s shoulders.

Because I acted like that…….

“I don’t need flattery. Hurry up and send the information to the other guys.”

“Hehe…! What information should I send?”

“The Demon King’s Movement Path.”


The senior stopped for a moment.

“Does the devil have a route?”

If it originally appears, it is the apostle of evil spirits that destroys everything in the world. A symbol of destruction that just moves forward and destroys everything.

But this time it’s different.

“Yes. The devil is looking for someone.”

“What the hell is he doing, so the evil spirit has come…….”

suuk (sound).

The senior’s gaze went down to the instructor and the iron pad in the instructor’s hand.

“Don’t tell me…”

“That’s not true.”


The senior nodded with his mouth open blankly.

“As expected, Master.”

It was a word with various meanings.

“Do you want to get hit?”

“Then I’ll get in touch with you right now!”

As the instructor raises his hand, a senior is seen running away quickly. a pathetic look.

But you can’t swear…….

“Follow me and check.”

“I see.”

It was because I was in a similar situation.

#2 their situation: The situation of some evil boss

“Yes, you are my junior’s junior.”

“That’s right.”

Huh! I can’t believe there’s a warrior who beat up a dragon.

Howling was a great place, too.

“Should I stand out?”

“Can you stand out?”

I tried to talk to him, but his eyes are empty. He has already tried to run away several times, but he seems to have failed.

“If possible?”

“Of course I will.”

“Is it right if I fail?”

“Yes. And I’m going to make soup for a week.”

I can’t believe it fits that for a week. It’s better to kill yourself…….

“Even if you kill yourself, you’ll be saved.”


I shook my head at the appearance of my junior who said that he had already done it.

“You’re doomed.”

“It’s already a ruined life.”

I had to realize it when I saw a guy who looked like a warrior swearing at his god. That such abnormalities were only around the instructor in my life!

“Well, I can’t help it.”

Raise your hand and write a letter of communication.

Since we found out the path of the evil spirit, let’s meet.

But there was one more hidden content in it.

<Found it>

Junior, can a senior be a senior for nothing?

You don’t know, but I still have a way to live.