Evade the Hero and Flee! 237.

27. In a world of villains where manipulation of power is rampant, a clumsy person cannot survive (4)

#4 Their Situation: Sianel Karan’s Situation

I searched and searched and found again. But the limits were clear.

Me too, and my men.

They weren’t active with their names revealed, so there were restrictions on what they could do.

It is clear that the best people are the ones who move secretly, but the opponent is someone who cannot be caught even if the imperial family moves.

It was bound to be more efficient to send people from the country than to move. Because it couldn’t be helped.

This is because there is a wall that cannot be crossed between the sun and the dark, no matter how excellent it is.

No matter how hard we try to move, there is a limit to the information we can gather.

Even if you get information from the Empire, it’s a long time later.

I was anxious. If it goes on like this, it will be taken away.

But what should I do? Can we go out to the sun and start in the same place?

I think it’s too much.

It was because he didn’t think there was a chance of winning even if he went to the sunny side now.

I pondered over and over again and came to a conclusion.

Yeah. Even if you go out to the sun now, there’s no chance of winning. No, there will be more troublesome things.

I changed my goal. First of all, you must know the enemy.

Enemy… …who has the same goal as me. She was the queen of the Karan Empire, the strongest on the continent, and the one who held the real power.

It’s a woman in the best position.

Will you be able to win by competing with such a person?

There is no need to think long.

There is no chance of winning against someone who has the best conditions in the best position.

Even if they had the same title as princesses, the limits between those who had already completed the foundation and those who did not were clear.

If so, you can aim for a higher rank than the imperial woman.

If my opponent is the princess of the Karan Empire, the best in the sun, then I just need to become a king who moves in the dark. It is also an overwhelming level of the king!

If there is a limit, you can break it down.

Yeah, you just have to admit it.

If there are things that are impossible because they are in the dark, there are things that cannot be done in the light because they are in the dark.

Let’s take advantage of it.

Thinking so, I began to occupy the small organization around me. It was easier than I thought.

It is said to be a howling that was destroyed in an instant when the empire moved, but it was an evil organization that was in the best position in the empire, no, on the continent.

That’s how good it is, that’s how strong it is.

Therefore, it was simple to bring other organizations to heel with the plan that was based on Howling.

But didn’t the master tell you, too?

Where there is success, there is also failure. No matter how much you plan, there will come a day when it will fail.

When I was occupying nearby evil organizations one by one, I realized that the plan was going wrong in an unexpected place.

At first, I thought it was a coincidence. As Master said, I didn’t think all plans would succeed.

However, the moment when once became twice, and twice became three times, I realized that this was not a coincidence, but inevitable.

I checked the information.

Most of them were kingdoms that were defeated in the Great War and remained in existence.

Even if it wasn’t as strong as Howling, it subdued those that could be said to be powerful.

However, it failed to topple evil organizations that have established themselves in smaller countries.

It was incomprehensible in common sense.

What should I do in this case?

‘Sia, extraordinary things happen sometimes in the world.’

Yes, the master said.

‘In that case… You just have to solve it in an unreasonable way.’

It was the words of the master, the crystal of the unconventional.

Reliability has to be high.

In this way, I mobilized all my personnel to attack the opponent’s evil organization. And it faced more resistance than expected.

It was a strength that reminded me of Howling.

As I was in charge of Howling’s intelligence department, I knew Howling’s potential well.

And these… Although they are few in number, they have power comparable to Howling!

It was ridiculous.

Therefore, we gathered information while taking the offensive.

And what I learned is that the four evil organizations are allies.

This is something I could never have imagined.

An alliance of evil organizations that never know when and where they’ll hit each other in the back!

It is dangerous even if two places form an alliance, but four places form an alliance!

Anyone who has been involved in an evil organization will know. how dangerous this is.

The betrayal of one could destroy the other three.

It is a world of evil organizations where even blood brothers cannot be trusted, but those who seem completely unrelated are gathering strength?

Then there is only one conclusion. That there is a third force gathering them.

The reason for settling in a weak country may have been to hide its power.

He must have been holding his breath as a weakling, and then took a chance and tried to rule the world.

All right, If they are like that, I have to risk everything to fight.

We attacked an organization that pretended to concentrate all its power.

As expected, other organizations sent troops to protect the organization. And attack the enemy with hidden forces.

Unknown troops were defending whether the opponent had predicted it.

But there’s something they didn’t know,

“What number!”

That there is an emperor of the empire behind me.

“shit! The headquarters give up! Only the bare minimum of defensive forces remain!”

Perhaps the enemy investigated us, too.

An organization that was merging evil organizations at an alarming rate.

I would have calculated the number of people moving in the process of merging and also counted the number of people who increased by merging. Those hidden there must have also been calculated.

Their mistake was to think that the organization I run was a mere evil organization.

Who would have thought of it? That someone supported by the emperor would have created an evil organization.

Those included in the Imperial Household are uniting evil organizations!

As one organization collapsed, other organizations began to falter.

And after a while, I was able to take over all four organizations.

But it wasn’t the end. Because they couldn’t catch their boss.

They are the key. Only by catching them can we find a third person who runs these four organizations.

As a person who had no shortage of dealing with, I was willing to appoint him as long as he did not rebel.

Therefore, we put more effort into expanding our power.

The personnel were turned to the outside and the internal defense was sloppy. I think it’s a trap, but I have no choice but to approach it.

It was prepared by throwing sweet prey like a bee approaching a flower to eat nectar.

However, the opponent was cautious.

People were dispatched across the continent, and they hid and hid until all the people they had hidden were dispatched.

All the defenses inside were removed to the extent that it can be said that they are naked like that much.

Too blatant prey. Still, it’s a delicious meal that’s too good to miss.

Looking at the prey, the other person repeatedly pondered.


“The front door has been breached!”

In the end, the opponent took the bait.

They also seemed to have hidden personnel. Or maybe they were on an outside mission.

The numbers weren’t that big, but they were all top-notch. And one of the people who led them was a sword master.

What a lot of talent in the evil organization…….

That’s when I was thinking.


My head tilts automatically.

The one who leads the enemy in the vanguard is too familiar. It wasn’t a very famous organization, but it was a friendly-looking person.

Who is it? Who is it?


It was an urgent voice, perhaps because of the faster-than-expected advance.

“Go ahead with the plan for now.”


“It’s already too late to turn back.”

“All right….”

Others quietly performed their part in my command.

Thanks to this, the people who were rushing to the main gate were able to reach our front at a very high speed.

“It’s over now.”

It was one of the enemy bosses who arrived before us.

“Is that so?”

Numbers aren’t everything in a fight. Because there is such a thing as the quality that overwhelms quantity.

Even so, numbers cannot be ignored.

The enemy’s numbers are overwhelmingly large. I eat half of it and go in.

On top of that, they are talented people who can be called first-rate.

It’s not strange to think you’ve won.

“We used too much bait to catch us.”


One of the bosses in the vanguard looked at me.

“You’re younger than I expected. “I didn’t expect this kind of girl to be the one who screwed us up.”

“Oh my! Thank you.”

I was worried about my age, but it seemed to others that I still looked young.

“Why are you working for an organization of evil with such a pretty face? I mean, I just can’t understand… … . I’ve seen before… … . huh?”

The enemy boss, who was grumbling to himself at my words, tilted his head. It looks like something is wrong.

“Where did we see each other?”

Huh? This is an unexpected remark.

“I thought I did too…….”

Wasn’t it an illusion? Where did I see it? When was the time I couldn’t remember even though I met a person?

A long time ago, when I had a hard time living in my mother’s hands.

And the other one is…….

“No way…”

“No way”

I couldn’t help but open my mouth wide at the moment that came to mind.

no way… Is this a trap?


“Use it!”

I and my opponent shouted at the same time.

At the same time, a geometry of swords was formed by the swords of the enemy,


It disappeared in an instant.

“Pure skills, not magical power. That was the master’s teaching, wasn’t it?”

He pokes into the opponent with the three swords he has drawn.

At the same time, those who remained in the room pull out their swords and rush in.

There is no wizard. pure prosecutors. They were selected only by their sword skills, not by their magic.

“Nonsense! Was it the devil’s trap?”

The opponent’s boss pulls out the sword and starts to push.

There is an overwhelming difference in the weight of the sword. As soon as you hit it, the thin sword will break.


“Can you fight with such ignorance?”

It won’t hit.

The opponent was also trained by a very nice person, so he has excellent physical abilities, but it is unreasonable to wield such a great sword.

It is commendable to wield such a sword only with physical strength, but it is literally wielding it.

A figure swayed by weapons.

It is a side effect that comes from the usual use of magical power to increase physical ability.

In contrast, my three swords,

“Cough (sound)!”

Even if there is no magic, I can swing it as I please.

“Nonsense! What the hell did that demon create!”

“Magic Suppressor. It’s a device that suppresses the magical power of a certain space.”

To be precise, it was made by the imperial family, not the Master.

“For your information, I made a black anvil.”

“You’re worse than this damn evil god, again!”

This made it clear.

That reaction that comes out the moment you say the black anvil, a face I think I’ve seen somewhere.

They were disciples of the instructor.

Come to think of it, I had four seniors.

Fortunately, it was not an organization created by the master.

Not long ago, I was appalled because I thought the master would hide in the back world and unify the back world of the continent.

The Magic Suppression Device is a double-edged sword.

The enemy can’t use magic, but neither can we.

And if an instructor and an iron beater show up in a place like this… Something terrible would have happened.

“I can’t be beaten like this!”


Avoid flying the Great Sword.

Throwing a weapon is to raise an ordinary sword on the floor.

The opponent is the instructor’s disciple. You don’t know what will happen if you let them raise their swords


Cut off the hand that tries to hold the sword.

I didn’t cut it off at all for later use, but it’s impossible to lift a sword without treatment.

“I surrender.”

“You’d better die! Death is easy!”

The other person seems to think that there is a master behind me.

Yes, I do. If there’s a master… I’d rather die.

“The Master is not here.”

“You mean it’s not here.”

Well… that makes sense.

I used to be fooled a lot by things like that.

“I mean……”

With a deep sigh, I told a pretty long story.

And I told him to convince the other bosses, that is, my seniors.

Of course, I did not forget to say that I would kill everyone if they could not be persuaded.

Three months later.

HI subdued my seniors who did not surrender until I showed my strength, and began to take control of the world behind the continent.

About a year, when I occupied the world of villains like that, I could finally receive a letter saying that I had found the master.

Let’s stay calm. You’ve done a great job, Sia. So, let’s hang in there a little longer.

Let’s hold it in, hold it in, hold it in.

And if you meet the Master,

“Welcome, Master.”

You should greet the master with the best smile.