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Evade the Hero and Flee! 239.

27. A clumsy person cannot survive in a villainous world full of trickery (6)

#6 Their circumstance: A certain warrior’s circumstance


Alice, who pointed her index finger at the sky, said.

“Kkokko (sound), break it.”

a clear voice.

Kkokko (sound). Just hearing your name sounds like a chicken. It’s the name of a chick, even if it’s overlooked a lot.

Yeah, let’s let it slide a little more.

You can use the name Kkokko up to birds.

But that cock is not a chicken, not a chick, not a kind of bird.

If you look at a similar kind, yes, there is a lizard. Well, in a cute way, it’s a lizard.

If you look at something a little bit more similar, there’s Wyvern, there’s Drake, there’s something called Dragons.

Well, to sum up, that Kkokko is a dragon. The dragon is called the strongest creature on Earth.

So if you tell her to break it down,


I realized for a moment that I made a protective shield with magic. And at the same time,

Oh my god!

Kkokko’s small body emits tremendous magic.

“Kuh… …(sound) !”

No matter how powerful the species is, it was overwhelming considering its age.

Breath, the dragon’s breath, and the best attack.

It is a technique that emits a huge amount of magical power accumulated in the dragon’s heart, which is said to be the source of magical power for dragons., and in the case of dragons, it is said that it has the power to blow away a city.

But what to say? If the dragon heart in that small body, in other words, was big, how big would it contain such magical power?

This feeling of ringing in the air.

I don’t know if it’s just a feeling, but it feels stronger than the breath of the Dragon I knocked down.


Moonlight pours down at the same time as a huge sound.

I didn’t notice it because it came down in circles, but when I looked up, I felt like I came down quite deep.

“What is it?”

Jeon Jeon-dae, a senior who woke up grumbling, looked at Alice and Kkokko with a panicked look.

“Wow, crazy….”

“The instructor is not normal, and the instructor’s daughter is also not normal…….”

The seniors of the Jeon Jeon-dae, who were looking around the shattered area, looked at the ceiling with a hole in it with their mouths wide open.

“How is it? Do you think you can get away with this?”


I couldn’t help but admire Alice’s momentum of looking at her senior leisurely.

I’m scared of that senior, too.

I can never do such a thing, full of memories that I couldn’t say were good, such as when I was beaten in the past or chasing my instructor.

But there were people who were more surprised than me.

“Your daughter?”

Even when he saw his senior, the instructor, who had been slightly surprised, had a shocked expression on his face.


At a glance, Alice looked awkward.

“Why, what is this?”


At the instructor’s bewildered words, Alice just smiled awkwardly.


No, senior, why are you going to see that? Oh, did you misunderstand?

It’s not what you think it is……. It’s just normal family love! You don’t have to be so jealous!

Oh… Come to think of it, you can be envious in some way. Because I wanted to be a family in a different way.

“Daughter? I didn’t raise you like that.”

“Sorry… but I can’t help it! My father is old now!”

At Alice’s words, the instructor fell silent.

“My dad has protected me since a long time ago. I’m not even a real daughter but loved me like a real one. I mean…!”

The pink hair shining in the moonlight begins to grow little by little.

It’s subtle, but I’m a little taller, and my chest is a little swollen.

And two black wings appeared behind the back.

“Now I will protect you.”

“Me too!”

Kkokko flew up, flapping her small wings hard next to Alice.

“Yes. We’re guarding it.”

Alice, who looked at Kkokko with affection, changed her expression and looked at her senior.

“You again, Master…….”

The senior looked at the instructor trembling.

I remember seeing that expression when I was very young.

What to say… …. When her father, the owner of the Grand Duchess of Raina, accepted her young concubine, her aunt, who was the wife of her husband, made that face of her.

I still vividly remember what my uncle said while passing by.

I can’t believe you accept such a girl even though I’m here! Do you like being that young?’

…No, no, sir? It’s really not like that? It’s just normal family love! It’s a desirable image of a daughter who cares about her old dad!

“I’m going to get rid of anyone who bothers my dad.”

“Do you think you can do it?”

“There’s nothing you can’t do.”

I want to tell you.

But it is absolutely forbidden to go into that atmosphere.

It’s scary. I feel like a completely different space is being created between those two.

I’m a warrior… I’ve caught a dragon before…….

But I just wanted to avoid getting in between them.

It’s not just me. The seniors of Jeon jeon-dae behind the senior also looked at the two with trembling.

“You little one.”

“I’m glad you’re old.”

“It’s not old, it’s mature.”

“It’s the excuse of the old.”

“You don’t like me, do you?”

“Is there a daughter who likes someone who bullies her dad?”

“I’m not bothering you”

“Should I believe the words of a person who will kidnap and imprison them face to face?”

“Yes… I was going to let it slide because you said you were the daughter of the instructor…….”

“You don’t have to let me off, ma’am.”

“Yes, I’ll kill you.”

The instructor said to me, looking at two people looking at each other and breathing out their lives.

“Move, warrior!”


No, I don’t mean to get in between them. I’d rather fight the devil.

“Me, me?”

However, I couldn’t get the word out when I saw the iron bat in the instructor’s hand trying to move.

“Yes, you are.”

The two women in front are scary, but the iron bat in the back is also scary.

When I’m at a loss,

“How long are you doing this?”

It was a shiny golden blonde boy who saved me then.

“Cat? What about you?”

“You have to stand out.”

The boy uttered the words and jumped up, holding the instructor in one hand and Hill in the other.

It was an amazing leap forward. The way he stepped up gradually, stepping on the boundaries of the broken layers with one jump, could be thought of as using magic to move through the air.


“That’s what I’m saying!”

A senior who saw such an instructor tried to use magic, but Alice’s attack failed.

“Damn you, bastard!”

“Leave Daddy alone!”

That… Are you Alice?

Even demons with stronger magical power than humans can’t imagine using enough magic to stand against their seniors!

“I’ll kill you.”

In the end, my senior pulled out his sword. And at the same time,

“Protect Alice. If we can’t keep it, we’ll find your brave man by all means… I’ll keep it alive forever.”

“The instructor?”

At the words of the instructor who shouted from heaven, I had no choice but to draw a holy sword with tears in my eyes.

It’s not like I’m going to kill you, but I’m going to save you forever.

“What are you doing?”

As I moved in front of Alice with tears in my eyes, the senior gnashed his teeth and glared at me.

At the same time, my former seniors begin to join in what my senior said.

Each one is a sword master or a great wizard.


“God of Hell, Styx.”

The senior summoned a scary-looking skeleton behind his back.

I’m well aware of what it is.

It is to summon a summoned beast, that is, a god from another dimension, or a deity similar to that.

A hundred times, or a thousand times more threatening than the god of nature who can’t do anything!

A sword master, a wizard, a new summoner. You’re so mean.

“Get out of my way, junior. Before I kill you.”

Still, is it love for juniors or countries?

I felt like my senior was giving me a last chance.

If I kneel down and beg you now, you’ll forgive me, right?

“I can’t help it either.”

But even if you live after that, you don’t live.

The instructor is the one who seems to find me even if there is no means to find me.

Hill has been handed over to such an instructor.

Bad luck. I didn’t expect the boy to take the instructor and Hill at the same time.

“Really? Then let him die.”

However, the senior who announces death in front of him is also very scary.

Those eyes were the ones that really wanted to kill me.

Alice was stronger than expected, but this is in the middle of the enemy camp. It was also a space that would have been prepared to catch the instructor.

I’m not sure I can win with just one senior!

-Losing is the best way, and then winning with a fight. And the best move is to win without a fight.

Then the instructor’s voice rang out in my head.

Yes, there is still a way.

It was the words of the instructor who turned a person into a pushover with only one word.

Not yet… I feel so sorry for my life to end yet!

Most of my 24-year-old life has been done by evil organizations, instructors, iron bats, and warriors!

I want to date, travel, eat delicious food, get married, and live in peace!


But there is too little time.

I look at the hand of the God of Hell slowly rising and think.

How do you convince him? The only answer is the instructor.

And how do you convince the instructor?

What can be a bargaining chip for the instructor now is the devil and the empress chasing the instructor, and Alice behind me.

So, do I have to capture Alice alive and hand her over to my senior?

No, then Alice is dead.

Then the senior doesn’t get what he wants, and I can never die.

If it was an instructor, he would come to catch me even if he sold himself to an imperial woman.

First of all, you must reconcile the two.

How? Is that possible?

It’s impossible, but we have to make it possible.

“Daddy, Dad!” Now you’re going to go to the cage!’

At that time, I start to think of the conversation between Alice and the instructor in the demon continent.

Yes, the usual Alice said this.

‘Labor is important for cage, stepmother, and farming. I wish I had a younger brother.’

I found the part where the purpose of the senior and Alice coincide.

Then why are you two fighting? What could it be?

You can forget everything you’ve done so far. From now on, I’ll…….’

Yeah, that was the beginning. Alice, who was quietly behind the instructor as usual, began to get angry.

Let’s think about it coldly.

Why did Alice start to get angry at that remark?

Probably because she was denied. She had a meeting between herself and her instructor.

I heard briefly that when the instructor first met Alice, he said that Alice was close to her death.

Both body and mind were in a state of wounds, and the instructor seemed to have healed them.

To be honest, I couldn’t understand why I was being treated for being hit with an iron bat, but it could have been because the instructor treated only Alice especially.

For Alice, the instructor would be the most precious father in the world.

But it was denied. He was angry at it.

Then why was he angry?

‘Yes, you don’t need to know. Who is not the party?’

That’s because my senior was also denied.

I’ve been trying hard to find an instructor so far, but I’ve been denied that I’m not a person because I haven’t spent time with each other.

an indescribable fact. That’s why he got even angrier.

Can we clear up the misunderstanding between these two?

There is.

“Hey, senior!”

“Will you listen to my will?”

You’re really going to kill him…….

“Would you listen to me a little?”

“Yeah. I think I’ll miss the instructor anyway… Now you have to listen to the will of your junior who will die.”

Swallow it.

The dry saliva is swallowed spontaneously.

If I fail here, I’m dead.

“If I kill this child here, I will have an irreversible relationship with the instructor forever.”

“I know. But I can’t help it. That stray cat…….”

As expected, the senior is a misunderstanding. This Alice loves the instructor as a man, not as a father.

“How about a pet cat instead of a stray cat?”


When solving a misunderstanding, one should not solve it alone.

“Pet cat? Are you talking to me?”

I turn to Alice, who looks at me with a sharp eye.

“Why did you think you were an enemy?”

This is where it matters.

If Alice doesn’t give me the answer I want here, it’s all over.

And fortunately,

“That person is trying to take my dad away from me. You’re forcing me to drag you when you don’t like it!”

“What if it’s a proposal?”


Alice looks at me with a blink of an eye.

As a bonus, Kkokko next to her tilts her head, saying “Kkyuu.”

“No way… a candidate for a stepmother?”

Alice’s mood softens.

And the senior was not tactless enough not to notice it.

“Don’t tell me…”

Looking at Alice, who seemed to be slightly welcoming, the senior also seemed to have noticed his illusion.

“Yes. This is just a child who literally likes his father. I want to live with my dad by farming normally.”

When he said he wanted his stepmother and younger siblings as a bonus, a scary skeleton disappeared behind his senior’s back.

“What have you done, I……?”

All right, the murder is completely gone from the senior.

Peace lasts unless you attack in desperation!

“Here I come, benefactor!”

At that time, a blond boy who jumped up with an instructor landed on the floor, spouting speculation.

“Didn’t you fight yet?”

“Hey, be sensible.”


I left the boy tilting his head and looking at Alice.

“Candidate for stepmother or proposal?”

This site also seems to have complicated thoughts.

“Alice, you said you wanted a stepmother, didn’t you?”

“Uh, yeah….”

“The instructor hated it.”


“But there’s someone who’s so active in appealing to the instructor?”

“I heard it from my sister…….”

I kept persuading Alice, who was confused.

This way, the instructor will miss the chance to marry forever. This is when you should be an apostle of love as a daughter.

As a result of persuading Alice using all the talking skills she learned from the instructor,

“Bird… Mom?”

Alice, who took her to the front of her senior, tilted her head and said.

Hey, it’s your chance! Please let’s love peace!

“No, I don’t you think so

However, the senior did not seem to love peace as a disciple of the evil instructor.


When I thought there was really nothing left but fighting, the senior looked at Alice with a kind smile and said.

“Call me Mom.”

I have done it.