"Really? That powerful?" Jack asked.

"The skill summons the spirit of past Themisphere's kings, totaling eleven of them until this era," Peniel explained. "Each of these kings will unleash the most powerful attack they possessed during the prime of their lives."

"You mean I will summon Themos when I use this skill?" Jack asked.

"I doubt he will appear," It was Thaergood who answered. "This is a country of the human race. The second he turned into a Vampire, his soul will no longer be accepted into the hall of his ancestors."

He sighed. "I still can't believe His Majesty will do that just to escape death."

"Thaergood is right. I didn't count him among the eleven," Peniel said.

"Good, it will be weird if he appears when I use the skill," Jack chuckled. "I can't help but notice that this equipment has the same level as my level. They also didn't have the upper limit of level like the other equipment."

"That's because you can't upgrade them. This heritage equipment has the same mechanic as pet armor. They will level up when their wearer levels up," Peniel answered.

"What? You are not joking, right? That means I don't need to waste ores on them?"

"No, you don't need to."

Jack thought on the matter. Considering this was heritage equipment that was later passed down to another person, it made sense that it didn't have a fixed level. If for example, this armor was truly level 64, this meant if Alonzo didn't die and was presented with this armor, he won't be able to wear it because the equipment level was too high for him.

Also, although it was a boon that he did not need to waste ores to level up this armor, their potential was also less than normal equipment. For normal equipment, he could level them up until it was ten levels higher than him. Thus, making the equipment more powerful. For this royal armor, he couldn't do so.

But he wasn't bothered. This unique-grade set armor was already powerful as it was. He could now save up his ores in case he got legendary-grade armor in the future.

"I'm glad that Your Majesty like this regal outfit," Thaergood said. "If you don't mind, can I hold the crown first?"

"Oh? Why?" Jack asked.

"So I can crown you in front of the others during the coronation," Thaergood answered.

"Oh, right," Jack said and handed him the crown.

After he did, he went to the cupboard that housed the cloth armor type.

When Thaergood was confused as to what the future king was planning, Jack transformed into a different person in front of him.

Jack had transformed into Unrivaled Arcaner, his mage persona. He then started replacing his current equipment with the royal armor set, which was Themisphere Royal Garment. The set armor was similar to Themisphere Royal Battle Armor except that the boosts it provided cater more to magic-based players.

It also had the same Judgement of Past Kings for the bonus of full set equipment.

An interface appeared when he donned the cloth armors. The interface asked if he wished to use the armor's original appearance or use the previously set appearance.

Jack chose the latter. This was supposed to be a disguise. If he went around wearing something that looked like a king, then his disguise would be pointless.

After finishing, he went to the light armor's cupboard.

During the week when he was attending the rehearsal, he again upgraded his Orb of Disguise using the divine gem and magic crystals copied by Jeanny. The orb was now in the third rank which was also its maximum. It could not be upgraded anymore.

After the upgrade, the orb could store another disguise, giving him a total of three options. The first one was Unrivaled Arcaner, a mage human. The second one was Master Slayer, an ethereal Blade Dancer. For the third one, he chose the orc race, with an appearance from the Beastmaster class.

Of course, considering his pet and beast form was distinctive. The disguise would be useless the second he summoned his pet or transformed. Still, he chose this so he could have wide disguise options. Most disguises would be revealed once a battle starts anyway, so he didn't concern about it too much.

The reason he chose the orc race was so that he could travel into Verremor nation in case he somehow needed to. Currently, humans would be chased out if they were sighted inside that country.

As for the name, his orc disguise had the alias of Iamanorc. Peniel was confused at first by the weird name until Jack explained to her how to pronounce the name.

The light armor was also similar to the medium armor and cloth armor versions, except they were more geared toward agile players. Jack also changed the appearance of the equipment to make it look less regal.

The only armor he didn't touch was the heavy armor version. Too bad he couldn't lend it to another, this armor was restricted to not only the human race but also to Themisphere's king.

He transformed back into Jack afterward and said to Thaergood. "Okay, I'm ready."

Thaergood nodded. "It shouldn't be long now," he said.

They waited a few more minutes until the guards outside the chamber announced the arrival of the group that came to escort Jack to the throne room.

Jack came out of the room and met Duke Alfredo, Emris, and Meryl. The three bowed. Seeing the three, Jack had that weird feeling again about how things turned out.

"Are you ready, Your Majesty?" Alfredo asked.

"Yes," Jack replied. "Let's go."

Alfredo nodded. He took the lead and Jack followed him, flanked by Emris and Meryl. Thaergood and the two guards who guarded the king's chamber followed from behind.

They followed the path marked by the red carpet and soon arrived before the throne room. The room was fully packed with people. Even more so than during the rehearsal. That was because some high-profile dignitaries weren't required to join the rehearsal. They only came during the real thing.

Additionally, there were also leaders from influential outworlder guilds. It was John who arranged the invitation. Different from the previously planned coronation. This time, the crowned king was an outworlder. So, it made sense that representatives from outworlders should also be present.

Jack watched all these people. These people would be his subjects starting today.