The head priest of the church of creation was there beside the throne. Thaergood went and took his position beside the priest. Jack came forward and knelt before the priest. He had gone through the rehearsal so he knew how the proceedings go, even if his current role was different from the rehearsal.

The head priest uttered a long prayer as a blessing to the new king. After it was completed, it was Thaergood's turn to read the vows of kingship. But before he did, a voice was heard from above.

"Let me be the one to read his vows," A soothing but powerful voice was heard. Before everyone's eyes, Serenity appeared followed by a comforting gust of wind. The temperature in the room which was heated by the presence of so many people now dropped to a comfortable level.

Her appearance captivated everyone's attention. She wore a common green dress without any ornaments on her body, yet everyone was certain they had never witnessed a more beautiful woman. Just the sight of her brought comfort and adoration to their hearts. They felt that all their worries were now small problems that no longer troubled them.

Serenity floated down slowly and landed before Jack. Jack was still kneeling.

"Are you willing to take your kingly vows?" Serenity asked. Her voice was gentle but everyone could hear her clearly.

"I am willing," Jack answered with a firm voice.

"Do you swear to rule the kingdom of Themisphere and its people, natives or outworlders alike, with fairness and integrity, and to uphold its laws with an authority that is free of selfishness and personal interest?"

"I swear."

"Do you swear to protect the kingdom of Themisphere and its people from outer and inner threats, and dedicate your life to the betterment and the prosperity of the kingdom? And to stay true to this country?"

"I swear."

"Do you swear to use your rule to bring good and peace to the world? To strive for a better future for all the countries and races outside of this kingdom? And to not cower away from any evil that arises and threatens the peace of this world?"

"I swear."

"Then rise, King of Themisphere. Rise and take your rightful place on the throne. Remember your oaths and do not stray from them."

Jack stood up and said solemnly, "The oaths I have sworn, I will perform and keep. This I swear with all my beings. May the Gods and Goddesses strike me down if I break them."

Serenity nodded her approval.

Thaergood looked at the parchment of kingly vows in his hand. The oaths given by Goddess Serenity were a bit different from their traditional ones, but he figured it was not wise to protest against a Goddess.

Jack walked to the throne. It was a large chair made of a combination of wood, gold, iron, and leather. He never truly paid attention to this throne before. But now, it seemed very large and imposing as he stood up close. Two people could sit on it side by side.

He touched the leather that lined the armrest. It was soft and warm. It had gold rims fixed atop wooden frames. Jack took a deep breath and sat on the throne.

Thaergood came then, he was holding the crown that Jack had handed him earlier. He slowly lifted the crown and rested it on Jack's head.

Two aides came beside Thaergood. One of them was holding a sword, the other was holding a staff.

Thaergood took the pair of weapons and announced, "I presented the king with his regalia."

Jack accepted the weapons. He expected them to be just ornaments. But as he had seen that his regal outfit was combat-effective gears, he inspected these two weapons with a hopeful feeling. He was not disappointed.


Themisphere King's Sword, level 64/90 (Unique one-handed sword)

Physical damage 635

Attack speed 2

Indestructible. Restriction: Human race, King of Themisphere

Strength +22

Endurance +25

If the wielder wears one of Themisphere's royal outfits, physical damage +10%

King's Slash (Active skill): Sent a sword energy that travels forward, dealing 800% physical damage to all enemies in its path. 30% chance to cause Fear and Fatigue. Range: 20 meters. Cooldown: 5 minutes.


Themisphere King's Staff, level: 64/90 (unique magic weapon)

Magical damage: 610

Range: 60 meters

Attack speed: 1

Indestructible. Restriction: Human race, King of Themisphere

Intelligence +21

Wisdom +25

If the wielder wears one of Themisphere's royal outfits, magical damage +10%

King's Punishment (Active skill): Blast a 10-meter radius area, dealing 500% magical damage to all enemies within the area. 30% chance to cause Charmed and Confused. Range: 50 meters. Cooldown: 10 minutes


"Hey, Peniel. I suppose these are also heritage equipment?" Jack asked via his mind. "So, I don't need to level them up, right?"

"Yes," Peniel answered. Then added, "Just to be clear, you won't be able to feed that sword to your Storm Breaker. Heritage weapons can't be sacrificed like that."

"That's okay. I will just imprint it for my Magic Weapon later," Jack said. As for the magic staff, he didn't plan to use it yet. His current Mana Leech Staff was a level 72 unique staff. Its magical damage was higher than Themisphere King's Staff, so no sense to replace it.

Jack held the two weapons in his two hands. Thaergood turned to the crowd and announced loudly, "Behold the new king of Themisphere!"

Everyone applauded. At the same time, he heard a system notification, "Congratulations on being the first player to become a monarch. You are awarded 100 ruling power."

'Ruling power?' Jack thought. He remembered Alonzo mentioned something about this.

"Wow! That's a lot," Peniel exclaimed after hearing the notification.

"Is it good?" Jack asked.

"Very! We will talk about that later," Peniel said.

Jack nodded and returned his attention to the applauding crowds. Even if they were all applauding, Jack could see a few with unsatisfied expressions. If not for the Goddess, he guessed these individuals had thrown protests or might even rebel. He could see already that this role of being a king won't be a smooth road.

"Everyone will now be required to swear fealty to our new king!" Thaergood announced. He then knelt before Jack, volunteering as the first one to swear his fealty.

"I am Thaergood, advisor to the Themisphere's court. I swear that I will be faithful to my king, never cause him harm, and obey his will to the best of my abilities and without deceit."