Inside the Train function, Jack was given the option to train using all the barracks, fighting schools, and magic schools, or only a portion of them. He chose all of them. The cost was 500 gold coins for each building.

Thereath had twelve barracks, ten fighting schools, and ten magic schools. This training cost a total of 16,000 gold coins.

Jack proceeded to do the same to the other settlements, except for village-level settlements which couldn't be drafted. In total, he spent 182,000 gold coins for drafting and 304,000 gold coins for training.

Aside from building, drafting, and training. There were two more city functions. Construct and Transport.

Construct was for making siege weapons and ships. Since in Themisphere only Thepergua had a port, only that city could produce a ship. The best ship available to construct there was Ship of The Line, costing 4,000 gold coins and required fifteen days to construct.

In the other settlements, Jack chose to construct siege weapons like catapults and arrow towers. They had lost quite a number during the civil war and invasion war. Not to mention, most of the ones destroyed during the civil war were his deed.

Not all settlements could construct these machines. They needed to have a special building called Siege Workshop first, or Ship Factory in terms of building ships in Thepuergua. Other settlements that had none of these buildings had their Construct function greyed out.

As for the Transport function, it was to transport settlements' resources except for population and mana. Food, minerals, and lumber that were excessive in one settlement could be transported to another settlement that needed them. Villages and towns were usually the ones that needed these resources as they were not self-sufficient enough to support their growth.

Thaergood and Duchess Isabelle helped in suggesting to Jack which settlements had excessive resources and which were lacking. So, Jack didn't spend too much time checking the settlement's statistics one by one.

The settlements that require resources the most were of course the three towns that were occupied by the orcs during the invasion war. Many buildings in those towns were destroyed during the invasion, which prompted Jack to have to rebuild the essential buildings.

Some of the other settlements also had specialties. One notable specialty was the magic pigment found near the city of Thedoonvall. This was the basic material for mana paint. Peniel informed Jack that mana paint was something that was used to draw a mobile rune diagram, such as the barrier diagram World Ruler used when they attacked Wicked Witches. Jack had heard about the battle from Jeanny.

In the end, they spent more than half a day dealing with all the settlements.

It was late afternoon already, and everyone thought that Jack would be calling it a day and continuing tomorrow. But after Jack closed the city overview screen, he immediately switched to the next screen without pause. Everyone didn't say anything. If the king didn't suggest a rest, they wouldn't either.

The next screen was Military Overview. It showed the same overall map as the starting screen, Country Overview. But instead of marking settlements' locations around the map, it showed troops positioning. Which not only showed the troops inside settlements but also the ones patrolling around the country and the ones inside defensive forts.

Besides the map was detailed information on the troops and the forts.

Only after looking at this map that he noticed that Themisphere had quite a number of forts. A total of 18 forts existed. However, only 13 were garrisoned. The remaining ones were like fort Garadhor which was empty until Prince Alonzo repaired it for use during the civil war.

The forts were divided into three categories. Small, medium, and large. Small forts were like Fort Garadhor which could only hold less than 30,000 troops. Nine of these forts were scattered all around the kingdom.

Medium forts were bigger-size forts that could hold 100,000 troops. Fort Themisphylae and Fort Slaughterer Plains, which were used during the Verremor invasion war, were medium forts. Themisphere had five of these forts, mostly situated near the borders.

Large forts could hold as many as 500,000 troops. Only three existed in Themisphere. Each of these large forts was led by a lord marshall. These forts were Emris and Meryl's bases. One of them was now leaderless since Arther quit the army.

There was an option to build a fort on the screen. The cost of building a small fort was 5,000 gold coins, a medium fort was 20,000 gold coins, and a large fort was 100,000 gold coins. The building time also differed. Twenty days for a small fort, forty-five days for a medium fort, and ninety days for a large fort. Those did not yet include the time workers and soldiers needed to travel to the selected build spot.

Jack and John decided it was not the time to build another fort. They were still lacking in manpower to man the existing forts and settlements. They would focus on increasing the soldier counts first.

As for the troops' information, Jack could see on the screen that Themisphere had a total of 2,664,000 troops. This already included the 364,000 recruits they had just drafted earlier. Thaergood informed Jack that before the invasion war, Themisphere had around 3,000,000 soldiers. 2,200,000 out of those 3,000,000 soldiers had been mobilized to repel the invasion, while the remaining soldiers stayed behind to maintain stability and protect the other borders. 780,000 soldiers were lost during the war. It would take some time before they returned to that previous number.

On the screen, he also saw the report on how many soldiers were in training. Which was all of them due to the Mass Drill he activated earlier. The numbers that were on training and learning in settlements were also displayed. He didn't need to go into each city screen to check these training soldiers.

Aside from these details, there was also a report on unit types. The kingdom units were divided into two categories, basic units and special units.

Basic units consisted of light infantry, heavy infantry, ranged, light cavalry, heavy cavalry, ranged cavalry, magic, and healers. Jack asked who decided what recruited soldiers to become which type of units, because he didn't see the option when he did the draft.

Thaergood said that it was decided one month after the recruits were drafted. The superiors in the barracks would see each recruit's proficiency and decide what's best for them. Jack didn't have to trouble himself about this thing.

All Jack needed to do, was make sure that the city the recruits were in had the necessary buildings to support the unit type. For example, cavalries needed stables. Heavy cavalries needed stables and armories. If the city didn't have these buildings, then the barracks' superiors would have no choice but to organize the recruit into different unit types, even if that recruit was more suitable as cavalry.

Thereath had all the buildings required for all basic unit types, so it was not a concern. The other smaller settlements like towns, however, were not so. Jack noted this so he would build those buildings after the current building constructions were done.