After discussing with the others, Jack chose to research University. He paid 15,000 gold coins and 10,000 mana. The research itself took 25 days to complete.

Jack could use his Ruling Power to hasten the research time. one Ruling Power reduced the research time by ten days. But Jack didn't want to waste his ruling power, he wanted to save them for using Mass Drill again next month.

Jack turned to the next research tree, the Military Path. This path also branched out from a single tech and went up multiple lines along already researched techs until it ended with four available techs that could be researched.

The four were Explosives, Propaganda, Rapid Arrows, and Drilling Thrust.

"Hey, Drilling Thrust? Isn't that the name of my skill?" Jack asked.

"Yes, it is a battle skill. Once you researched this tech, all melee units with piercing weapons could choose to learn this skill in fighting schools," Peniel explained.

Jack also remembered the Rapid Arrows. This was a skill once used by Assistant Manager Ironhand, allowing him to release multiple arrows at rapid succession, much like Gunner's rapid shot but using a bow.

As for Explosives, this tech allowed cannons to be built in siege workshops.

Propaganda allowed cities to build recruitment offices. Each recruitment office increased the number of each draft process by 50 units.

"Pick explosive," John said.

"Why?" Jack asked.

"Our siege weapons were rather lacking. We have lost quite a number during the civil war."

"Yeah. Whose fault was that?" Jack asked.

"I do remember you are the one doing the hacking," John returned.

"People, focus! It's getting late already," Jeanny chided.

"It will take time for us to replenish the number of our siege weapons. If we can't make up with quantity, then might as well make do with quality," John reasoned. "These cannons should definitely be above those primitive siege machines we have."

"All right," Jack followed John's suggestion and chose the explosive tech, spending 25,000 gold coins and 2,500 mana. This tech needed 21 days to complete.

He moved on to the last research tree, the Mystic Path.

This path similarly branched out to multiple options. Jack noticed this path had gone further than the other two trees, which meant the previous kings had focused on this path more. There were six selectable techs in this path instead of four.

These techs were Healer's Abode, Mana Spring, Freezing Halo, Healing Diagram, Stone Gargoyle, and Collective Ardor.

Healer's Abode gave the country the ability to build a building of the same name. This building contributed a bit to the Happiness stat and also allowed the basic healer unit to upgrade into a high healer.

Mana Spring also granted settlements to construct a building with the same name. The building increased mana income.

Freezing Halo was a spell. After being researched, it would be available to be learned by soldiers training inside the magic schools.

Healing Diagram was a mobile rune diagram. It could be drawn on a place and anyone going inside the drawn area would receive continuous healing. However, if combat happened within the drawn area, the diagram would cease its function until the combat was over.

Stone Gargoyle wasn't a tech that allow them to build a unit. It was instead counted as a structure that can be built, either in settlements or in the forts. It was a defensive structure. The structure would stay inert under normal circumstances. But if the settlement or the fort was attacked, this structure would come to life in the form of a huge stone gargoyle. This stone gargoyle would then defend the settlement or fort like other units.

"Research this one!" It was Peniel who make a suggestion this time. She was indicating the last choice on the research tree, Collective Ardor.

"Why is that?" Jack asked as he tried to open up this tech's description.

"This is an enchantment spell," Peniel explained. "This must be the first enchantment spell available in this mystic path. Similar to Goddess Serenity's Blessing. Once it was cast, it would affect the entire country. It won't be as powerful as the Goddess' enchantment, of course. This enchantment boosts productivity to all the settlements in the kingdom."

"You have to note that enchantment usually has high mana upkeep," Duchess Isabelle.

"After we learned this enchantment, how to cast it?" Jack asked.

"Enchantment casting function will appear in the country overview once you have access to a country enchantment spell. You can cast the enchantment this country has researched there," Peniel answered.

"I prefer that Healing Diagram," John said. "It will be useful to have it as a mobile healing station. Saving our army's supply of recovery potions during a campaign."

After some pondering, Jack decided to follow Peniel's suggestion. Following the fairy's recommendation all this time had never disappointed him yet.

"We are not in wartime. We can learn the Healing Diagram after the Collective Ardor," Jack said and selected the Collective Ardor. It cost 15,000 gold coins and 30,000 mana. It also required 33 days to complete.

"What if a country decides to invade us next month?" John asked.

"Then I use my Ruling Power to hasten the research," Jack replied.

"What if you already used up your ruling power and don't have enough for it?" John asked again.

Jack eyed him with annoyance and said, "I've already made my selection. Get over it!"

John responded with a shrug.

"Well, if it is ruling power you are concerned about, the next screen will interest you," Peniel said.

"Oh? Do you mean There are other means of getting ruling power aside from leveling up or waiting for the monthly income?" Jack asked.

"That is not wrong, but the next screen is more towards getting merit points to increase your sovereign level. Just go to the next screen first."

Jack complied. The next screen was called Affairs Overview. Inside the screen were two panels. There were even pictures on them. One was titled 'Dispute of two landlords over a plot of land in Theboldiere'. The other was 'The inheritance of Lord Edmond'.