"Royal Agents," Jack left the special classes panel and went to the other panel on that screen, the royal agents. There were five empty slots inside.

"While the special classes panel is for outworlders, this one is for natives," Peniel answered. "You can choose five natives and place them in these slots as your royal agents."

"What's so great about being a royal agent?" Jack asked.

"They gain the benefit of outworlder's fast-leveling. Just like if they were an outworlder's companion," Peniel answered.


"These royal agents would be your followers who took direct command from you. You can send them on a specific quest, train, learn a skill or spell, or simply do free adventuring. They are not tied to the kingdom and do not have specific duties to perform. You can see them as free agents. If you choose someone who is an officer of the kingdom, that person will have to let go of his rank and position."

"Free agents…," Jack's attention turned to Duke Alfredo, who seemed to catch his intention.

"Your majesty, I…"

"You value your freedom, but this can be considered as sort of free, right?" Jack said before Alfredo could reject. "How about I promise to just let you do free adventures all the time? This way you can do as you like. At least you will have the ability to level up and keep up with us, outworlders."

Duke Alfredo appeared to be in a difficult place.

"If you truly don't want it, I won't impose. But I don't have many natives whom I truly trust. You can be said to be one at the top of my list," Jack said. "If I am forming a royal agent team here, I hope you can be the team's leader."

Duchess Isabelle placed a hand on her husband's shoulder. Alfredo turned to her.

"Didn't you say you always wish to be strong enough to protect or at least fight by my side? This can be your chance," Isabelle said.

After his wife's encouragement, Duke Alfredo finally agreed. "All right, Your Majesty. I am honored to be your royal agent. And please don't worry about my freedom. Just give me commands as you see fit."

"Perfect!" Jack exclaimed. He immediately interfaced with the first slot, which ask him the name of the natives.

He could select from a nearby native similar to the special classes system, input the native's specific name, or select from a list of available natives. The third options were of course too many to choose from.

He selected Duke Alfredo from the list of nearby natives. Alfredo received a notification from the system, asking if he want to accept the appointment or reject it. Alfredo accepted it. His portrait soon filled the first slot. From there, Jack could check his data, which was his level and grade, attributes, equipment, affinity, talent, spell traits, and spells.

Duke Alfredo was a level 70 rare elite. His level was still the same as when Jack first met him almost a year ago. This showed how difficult a native to increase a level after reaching such a high level.

He had fifteen spells, some of which Jack had witnessed before. These spells were; Myriad Ensnaring Chains, Spears of a Hundred Calamity, Magic wall, Magic Shield, Pyramid Prison, No Fly Zone, Barrier, Earth walls, Mana Beam, Arcane Turbulence, Dispel, Fly, Phantasm Hammer, Phantasm Fist, and the mega spell, Prism Prison.

Once the slot was activated, several command options appeared below Duke Alfredo's portrait. Some of these options were what Peniel had mentioned earlier; Quest, train, learn, adventure, hunt, and escort. There were also two additional buttons marked as Install and Gears that were not part of the command options.

The Quest command was to have the royal agent go on a specific quest. Jack could choose quests that were available in the kingdom. Normally from the list of kingdom faction's quests, quests from the adventuring association, or even help the quest from an affiliated guild such as Everlasting Heavenly Legends.

The Train command was to have the royal agent focused on increasing his or her level.

The Learn command was to have the royal agent focused on learning a specific skill or spell from the list of skills and spells that have been researched by the kingdom.

The Adventure command was basically giving the agent free rein. To go on an adventure of his own accord. Peniel informed that aside from gaining outworlders' fast leveling ability, the royal agent could also freely use the teleportation function in the cities as outworlders did. This allowed them to navigate the kingdom with ease.

The Hunt command was to either hunt a specific monster or to hunt monsters in a specified region. Sometimes to collect the loots dropped by the hunted monsters. The loots collection was another outworlders' benefit that an agent received aside from the fast-leveling ability and the portal zone usage. Any monster they killed would now drop loots. They would now collect loots as opposed to previously ignoring those loots.

The Escort command was to have the agent follow a specific individual, protecting them. The individual could be another native or even an outworlder.

"I might as well have them escort me," Jack joked. "This meant I will always have five natives as my bodyguards."

"You can call them anytime you want," Peniel said.


"You can use your king badge and summon them to your sides just like when you summon your companion."

"Wow! Doesn't that mean I practically have six companions then?"

"You are a king, Your Majesty," Duchess Isabelle said. "Certainly, you need to have access to immediate protection if required."


"If you choose the strongest native available in this kingdom, you will be invincible then," Jeanny laughed.

"Not everyone will accept this royal agent appointment," Peniel said. "Just as the companion contract, they will lose their freedom even if they receive many benefits. Not to mention they had to let go of all the affiliations they are currently tied to. Stronger natives normally will already be in a higher position within a faction. They won't let go of those positions easily."

"Well, I prefer to have people I can trust to be by my side rather than simply being strong," Jack said. "I already have two other persons in mind. They don't have high ranks, so they should be willing to accept."

Jack chose the second slot and input the name, Lindsey.