Lindsey was the late Commander Quintus' daughter. Jack had been thinking about how he should take care of Lindsey now that she was an orphan.

When Jack last saw her during the funeral, she had just graduated from being a trainee not long ago. She was level 31 now and was a rare elite, taking after his deceased father's grade.

When Jack first saw her, she was just a level 21 basic grade. Peniel informed that some trainees could reveal their latent grades after passing the trainee period and entering level 30. Lindsey must be one such trainee.

She was too weak to be of any use at the moment, but letting her have outworlders' fast-leveling ability was one of the ways Jack could make sure she could become strong enough to protect herself. Luckily, Peniel said that when Jack used his king badge to summon the royal agents, Jack had the choice to do selective summoning. So, Jack could leave Lindsey out of his battles until she was strong enough.

Some might say it was a waste of a slot, but Jack thought it was the right thing to do. That, of course, if Lindsey agreed to it.

It took several seconds before Jack received a reply. Lindsey had accepted the appointment. Her portrait now filled the second slot. As someone who had just graduated from being a trainee, she didn't have many skills. She was one of the rare natives who could learn both skills and spells. A physical and a magic user at the same time. She seemed to have chosen a katana as her weapon, following after his late father.

"You can use the Install function to give her new skills or spells," Peniel said. Indicating the button below the command options.

Jack followed her suggestion and clicked the Install button. There were two empty slots there.

Peniel continued her explanation, "Natives took a long time to learn either skills or spells. The stronger the skills, the more difficult it is to learn and thus, a longer learning time. With this install function, you can instantly give them access to skills or spells that have been researched by the kingdom. They will be able to use those skills as long as they were installed here. You can change the skills at a later time, but there will be a one-week cooldown before you can make changes."

Jack was already browsing the available skills or spells. There was a lot considering it was a library from research conducted since long time ago. Some skills he recognized. Some he had to look at the detailed descriptions to know their functions.

"Hey, telekinesis! This kingdom has learned it?" Jack exclaimed.

"The mystic path of this kingdom's research is indeed more advanced," Peniel also agreed that it was a good spell to have been researched. "But she won't be able to use that spell."

Jack was already trying to install the spell on Lindsey when Peniel spoke. As the fairy said, it failed. A notification told Jack that the user didn't meet the requirement. A magic user of at least level 70 and Manipulate spell trait were needed.

"Spell trait?"

"While outworlders' ability to learn spells was locked to their classes. Natives' ability to learn is locked to their skill trait, spell trait, and affinities. Skill traits are divided into the nine types of melee weapons with the addition of shield, move, and ranged weapons like bow, crossbow, gun, and dart. As for spell traits, there are nine. Arcane, summon, restore, curse, enchant, manipulate, offense, nature, and boundary. Affinities are the seven elements. Depending on the person's aptitude, one can have more than one skill trait, spell trait, or affinity. You can check what she has on her information page."

"Well, her level is too low for the spell anyway… Hey. If it's level 70, that means you can use it," Jack said to Duke Alfredo. "Do you have the manipulate spell trait?"

"My spell traits are arcane, summon, offense, boundary, manipulate, curse, and enchant. As for my affinity, I have light and earth elements." Duke Alfredo answered.

"Wow, you have almost all the spell traits. It shows just how talented you are," Peniel praised.

While Alfredo thanked the fairy for her praise, Jack switched to Alfredo's portrait and installed the Telekinesis spell on him. It was installed without a problem.

"Can you use it now?" Jack asked.

"I try," Alfredo said. He cast a six-runes spell formation which Jack recognized since he had seen this telekinesis spell a few times. Alfredo targeted the spell on a nearby statue. He then moved the statue around.

"Well, experiencing it now, I can't help but envy you outworlders more. Being able to learn a spell in an instant is indeed otherworldly," Alfredo commented.

"Let's look for another spell for you. What sort of spell do you prefer? Offensive, Defensive, support, or a summoning spell?" Jack asked.

After pondering for a while, Alfredo answered, "A summoning spell. I have no summon spell at the moment."

Jack nodded. He then browsed through the list for high-level summoning spells but was still able to be used by a level 70.

"Ho! This looked interesting," Jack said. He installed the spell into Alfredo's slot. He chose the spell because it was a high-level summoning spell. Another reason was that it has a similar name to his Blade Dancer's skill.

The spell was Summon Asura.

Duke Alfredo tested the spell without further ado. A large humanoid creature appeared. This creature had four arms. Each of its arms carried different kinds of weapons. A sword, an axe, a mace, and a spear. It stood almost two meters tall, with a red-skinned body full of muscles. It had three eyes, with the extra one on its forehead. The eyes were surveying its surrounding, looking for hostiles that were not around.

Alfredo unsummoned the Asura. He found it uncomfortable when the Asura started staring back at him because it found no enemies to attack.

"Oh… I was just about to suggest myself spar with it," Jack said.

"You do realize that it's very late already, don't you?" Jeanny admonished.

"Ehem," Jack cleared his throat. Everyone was indeed tired already. Better finish this as soon as possible.