After filling up Duke Alfredo's two spell slots, Jack went back to Lindsey. He continued to browse for skills or spells suitable for her. But since she was only level 31, he could only look for weak skills. He also paid attention to her skill and spell traits.

For skill traits, Lindsey had Sword, shield, mace, and move. As for the spell traits, hers were Restore, enchant, and boundary. Her affinity was dark and fire elements.

"Hey, Hundred Shadow Strikes!" Jack exclaimed when he saw the skill's name. It was Commander Quintus' skill which he had also learned.

"Ah… Too bad. This skill needs the user to be at least level 40," Jack said after reading the description. The skill also needed the sword and move skill traits, but those traits were no problem for Lindsey.

"Try opening Lindsey's details, I think I see something just now," Peniel said.

Jack complied. After entering Lindsey's information list, Peniel uttered, "There! She has sword proficiency talent."

Lindsey had two talents; Fast Growth and Sword Proficiency. Jack hovered over the talents to see what they did.

Fast Growth added a 20% boost to all exp points received.

As for Sword Proficiency, the description said that one who possessed this talent increased their sword damage by 10%, had a better chance of learning sword skills, and could learn sword skills with the requirement of twenty levels above the talent's owner.

"This means Lindsey can use the Hundred Shadow Strikes!" Jack exclaimed. He proceeded to install the skill into her slots. The skill was installed successfully.

Jack hoped the girl was happy that she was given her old man's signature skill.

For Lindsey's second slot, Jack chose a spell. Since she had spell traits, she could also use magic spells.

She already had three spells in her arsenal, but they were all low-level spells. These spells were Heal, Cure, and Barrier. Since her level was low, Jack couldn't pick the high-level ones. Jack figured she was more suited to learn support and defensive spells. She could focus her offense using her weapon. So, Jack chose Mass Heal for her empty skill slot.

After finishing with Lindsey, Jack went to the third agent's slot. He inputted the name Jonathan on that slot.

"Who is that?" Jeanny asked.

"It's someone I met on my travel," Jack replied.

Jonathan was a knight stationed in Thesylvania. He had accompanied Jack when Jack first met Arlcard. He fought together with Jack in the battle against Arlcard's vampire father, Aubelard, whom they successfully slew after many difficulties. Jonathan even lost his partner in that battle, a sergeant named Harker.

"Is he strong?" John asked.

"I trust him," Jack answered.

A message could be added with the request. Jack typed his message explaining his desire to Jonathan. Jonathan originally wanted to leave the small town but after the incident with Aubelard, he chose to remain in Thesylvania for penance of being unable to protect the town's children.

Jack's message to that old knight was that he could serve the kingdom better by being the king's royal agent. Jack mentioned that he had built a patrol office in that town just now. So, there would be soldiers replacing him to secure Thesylvania.

Jack had built the patrol office in Thesylvania because he had seen how lax and unsecured the place was. This building increased the town's security value.

It took longer for Jonathan to reply compared to Lindsey. Jack was just about to go to the fourth agent slot when he finally received the reply.

Jonathan agreed. He lost his Knight status, though. His portrait soon appeared in the third agent slot.

He was a level 51 special elite, one level higher than the last time Jack saw him. His skill traits were Polearm, Sword, Hammer, and Spear. His affinity was the Earth element.

"He is not too special," John remarked.

"Didn't I already tell you that I choose him based on trust?" Jack said to John. He then turned to Jeanny and asked, "I believe you have a copy of that thing, right?"

Jeanny nodded and replied via message, "I have made a copy. I only have one copy, though. It needs a lot of mana cores to duplicate. You want to use it on him?"

"Yes," Jack answered.

The thing that they were talking about was the Pill of Growth. A consumable item that could increase a native's grade up to rare elite. Their guild members had discovered this item during a quest. Since they didn't have any companions or native friends to use it on, they donated it to the guild for contribution points. Jeanny kept the original and one copy in the leader's warehouse.

"I will go pick it up and bring it here tomorrow morning," Jeanny said.

"Thanks," Jack replied.

He then installed two mid-level skills on Jonathan. Both skills were ones he had seen in action. Spinning Jump Attack and Hurricane Punishing Cyclone. They were ones used by the late Samuel, who sacrificed himself to save Prince Alonzo during the civil war.

Samuel used twin axes then, but these skills could also be executed using Jonathan's preferred weapon, a halberd.

After finishing installing the skills. Jack went to the fourth agent slot.

Since he no longer had a preference, he opened the available list that he could choose from.

"Can I filter the selection?" Jack asked. It was a hassle for him to browse through every native on the list. It was practically every native who had joined the kingdom.

"Yes, you can choose the level range, or choose to display from the highest level, highest grade, or other special conditions," Peniel showed him how the screen worked.

"What about if I want to choose from only the newly drafted recruits?" Jack asked. "I want the best grade for my two remaining agent slots."

Since most natives were unwilling to leave their positions, Jack figured he would just choose new recruits for the remaining two royal agents. The levels would be low, but he thought it should be okay as long as he chose the ones with the highest grade. It would just take some longer time before he could call them for combat.

Peniel showed him how to use the filter so the list only showed the newly drafted recruits. When he was about to ask about filtering so that the list showed the highest grade, his eyes caught a name.

"Is… Is that…"

He clicked on the name and the information of the person appeared, complete with a portrait.

"It is her! She got drafted?" Jack exclaimed.

"Hey, isn't that the girl who let you stay in her house?" John asked.

The portrait in front of them was the portrait of Amy, the bakery girl.