Grace sensed the enemy who had teleported behind her. She swiftly swiveled with one leg lifted high.

"Spinning crane kick!" Domon identified Grace's kick. This was one of the martial arts Grace had learned from Murong.

Unfortunately, Grace's high-kicking leg only swept an after-image. The herald had somehow moved one meter away.

"Flash step?" Jack recognized the move. The herald could also use skills aside from spells.

Grace didn't stop after missing her kick. Her long mace broke into two and turned into a blur of shadows that darted toward the herald.

The herald had finished casting another spell by then. Grace's movements suddenly stopped as her limbs were locked by fiery runes. These runes formed a fiery symbol that encapsulated Grace's entire body and prevented her from moving.

The herald cast another spell then. Flame burst from within Grace. She screamed from the pain.

Jack recognized this burning spell. Master also had it. It was Immolation. Although it was not a high-level spell, it was still highly damaging when the spell was cast by someone like the herald. Grace's HP went down rapidly despite her high resistance.

"Bastard!" Jack cursed. He transformed into the supreme dragon and flew at high speed. One of his clones followed him using gold dragon wings while the other clone used Charge and Shooting Dash on land.

The others similarly came to help Grace, but the herald cast another spell and multiple fiery tentacles came out of the ground. These fiery tentacles formed a fence around the herald. These tentacles also snatched those who tried to force their way through and entangled them.

John didn't advance with the others. He stayed at the back in safety while his minions were entangled. He cast Living Water Prison at the Herald. However, the water evaporated the moment it touched the herald's chaos armor. The Herald didn't even need to do anything.

"Crap," John cursed when he saw the uselessness of his spell.

Domon successfully dodged these fiery tentacles while cutting them using his glaives, but these fiery tentacles quickly regenerated their cut parts.

Jack used the Nine Yin Phantom Sword, which was able to negate the tentacles' regeneration property. But similar to last time, there were just too many tentacles. The black light from his ancient art only managed to create a small gap.

Jack tried to slip past that small gap but he wasn't fast enough. He ended up getting bound by the tentacles. The same happened to his other clones.

One person managed to punch through. While the herald was in the middle of casting another spell, sharp black energy shredded his fiery tentacles and continued toward him.

This was Leavemealone's Nine Yin Abyssal Finger. While Jack's Nine Yin Phantom Sword was unable to create a gap big enough, Leavemealone's ancient art tore through the fiery tentacles like a giant drill. Plus, Leavemealone was protected by the Fire God Suit, the fiery tentacles weren't able to entangle him.

The herald erected a magic shield with one hand while his hand with the magic staff continued casting a spell. Leavemealone's Nine Yin Abyssal Finger slammed into the magic shield with a bang.

Although the nine-yin energy had an excellent penetrating ability, it was still unable to pierce through the magic shield empowered by the herald. The herald was surprised though when he saw Leavemealone's nine-yin energy penetrate half the thickness of his magic shield. He even had to manipulate the mana of that shield to stop the black energy from penetrating further.

He then sensed an extremely intense energy from the other side. An explosion of lightning occurred there, destroying all the fire tentacles in that area. As the fire and lightning subsided, the herald saw a lightning creature in humanoid form.

Jack had used the Lightning God Incarnation. His other clone with the gold dragon wings used the Lightning God Suit. They were no longer hindered by the fire tentacles.

Sadly, the herald's spell formation was completed first. A giant flower made of fire bloomed with the herald at its center. Its fiery petals spread everywhere.

Jack's clone on the ground cast Magic Wall to block the incoming flame. Those who were nearby hid behind the illusory wall. Jack's clone who was donning Lightning God Suit also activated Gold Scale Armor to tank through the flames while pushing forward.

The real Jack didn't worry. He was almost invincible while he was in his lightning form. Plus, he was also in his supreme dragon form which gave him very high HP.

Leavemealone's Fire God Suit gave him immunity from fire. He was the safest compared to the rest.

Yet, they were too late to save Grace. She was the closest to the herald. She was already suffering from immolation. The fiery trap that locked her prevented her from using any skills. She couldn't even channel her mana to use the Nine Yin Devouring Palm. The fiery bloom drowned her in flame and washed away her HP.

"Asshole!" Jack cursed and turned into a bolt of lightning that slammed into the herald.

The herald was forced several meters back from the impact. Jack was now in front of the herald. He used his sword art. Using the Formless Flowing Sword Style in the lightning form created countless lightning that danced around the place. Those who witnessed it thought as if a small pocket world filled with lightning had formed before them.

The herald was battered by countless lightning but he was not paralyzed. The chaos armor protected him from all sorts of status effects. He cast a quick spell and a flock of flaming shields appeared around him. These flame shields blocked all the lightning assailing his body.

The herald pointed his staff at Jack and cast another spell, Force Impact. Even in his lightning form, Jack felt like he was being hit by a speeding train. The force impact had been powered by mana manipulation. Jack flew back from the impact.

Another spell followed. Torrents of fireballs flew all around the place, striking everyone. These fireballs had strong knockback force. They prevented everyone from approaching. In the meanwhile, the herald was casting another spell.

Jack recognized the spell formation, it was Second Sun. The spell that always killed him after it was cast.