"That herald is insane. How can anyone kill that thing?" Giang Steve said.

"I don't think we are meant to kill it. We still got scores from causing it damage," Paytowin reasoned.

"Causing what damage? I can't even touch it," Giant Steve complained.

"You still dare to talk? I got wasted the second the fight began!" Jet exclaimed.

Jack kicked Jet's butt for his remark. When Jet wanted to hit Jack back, Jack pointed at Fierce Flame who was pouting at the corner. Fierce Flame was the actual first who was taken out before everyone else.

"Let's just take this as a learning experience," Jeanny uttered. "Now that we know how the herald fights, we should be able to do better next time." She turned to John and asked, "Right?"

"Oh? Do you still plan to repeat that? I honestly don't enjoy wasting my effort on pointless things," John said.

"Let's check the scores and the exchange list first before we decide whether this is pointless," Jack said and interacted with the exchange screen. A notification announced the scores they had received.


Storm Wind, scores: 154,950

Leavemealone, scores: 129,138

Jeanny, scores: 121,420

Unequaled Grace, scores: 119,037

Paytowin, scores: 115,913

John, scores: 107,526

Fierce Flame, scores: 70,250

Domon Fei, scores: 68,204

Jet Hung, scores: 62,192

Giant Steve, scores: 58,130


A clear separation was seen from the score rankings. Those who scored above 100,000 were those who had landed hits on the Herald. Domon, Jet, Fierce Flame, and Giant Steve got their scores only from the supply carts and the black soldiers they killed after the three-hour mark. Fierce Flame had the highest scores among those four because her class gave her better DPS.

Everyone gained lots of exp points and mana cores according to their scores. Jack's Beast Monarch increased to level 79. Grace leveled up to level 78. Jeanny, Leavemealone, and Paytowin were now level 77. Fierce Flame and Domon became level 76. John, Jet, and Giant Steve were level 75.

Everyone except Jack donated their gained mana cores to Jeanny. Jack received 15,000 mana cores

The breakdown of Jack's score was 60,000 from the supply carts. 30,000 from landing an attack on the Herald. 12,390 from the enemies he killed after the three-hour mark, and 52,560 for the total damage inflicted on the herald.

"Fifty thousand?" Jack muttered. "Last time when I inflicted less than 1% damage I got seventeen thousand scores. This time, the Herald lost 30% of his HP. I should get like thirty times the last scores."

"The scores aren't proportioned like that," Peniel said. "The first few damages will give you most of the scores. After that, the scores are greatly reduced. Plus, the damage inflicted on the Herald is not from your single effort. The scores are divided among others who also cause damage. If you want more scores, you have to go for the next step, which is defeating the Herald."

"Is that even possible?" Paytowin asked. "I don't see us defeating that thing even if we reach level 99. Level 99 is the highest level we can get to, isn't it?"

"It is," Peniel confirmed. "If you still wear the same equipment as now, then yes, it is unlikely. But if you have ten people fully donned with legendary equipment, aided by good bloodlines and special classes, then defeating the Herald is not impossible."

"Full legendary equipment? How do you expect us to get that?" Paytowin complained.

"I can get one now," Jack said. He was browsing the exchange list. Everyone came to his screen to take a look.

On his screen was a selection of legendary equipment. Jack was hovering over the medium armor collection which was the equipment type for his Brave Swordsmaster. They were a seven-piece set equipment called Divine Armor of Valor. Each one cost 120,000.

"You can only get one," Paytowin said.

"You will lose your current set equipment's ability, Judgement of Past Kings, if you exchange one of your regal outfits with one of these," John reminded.

"I'm not getting armor, my scores are enough to get a weapon," Jack scrolled up to a legendary-grade longsword, Divine Sword of Valor. He had already seen this list before so he knew this equipment was here, but he found that he could still scroll further up.

"Eh?" The last time, the Divine Sword of Valor was at the top of this list. He remembered then. Mihos once mentioned that some items on the list only showed up if the total scores from all ten members reached a certain threshold.

So, he scrolled up again to see what more was up there. There were several legendary-grade materials, including the divine crystal which was used to upgrade his Lightning God Blessing. If he hadn't gotten that crystal from Duke Alfredo, this could be the alternative place for it. The crystal cost 100,000 scores. The other legendary materials cost between 50,000 to 90,000 scores.

"We have to utilize this legacy dungeon every five days from now on," Jeanny said. "Even if we can't get the legendary equipment, these materials were still very valuable."

"Our mechanical guild units will be even stronger if we use one of these materials as a supplement when producing them," John added.

There were also a few weapon and armor orbs that cost around 90,000 to 120,000 scores.

When Jack got to the top of the list, it was another set of legendary equipment. This equipment was categorized as legacy equipment. The same type as his royal outfit, which level followed the user's levels.

The legacy weapons consisted of all types of weapons, but they all had the same prefixes. The one Jack was interested in was the God of Courage's Sword, which was a longsword. This sword cost 170,000.

"Even among legendary equipment, there were some that are more superior than others," Peniel informed. "The God of Courage's Sword here is no doubt much more powerful than the Divine Sword of Valor below the list."

There were more items above these legacy weapons. Jack scrolled up and saw that they were legacy set equipment. They had four categories. Heavy armor, medium armor, light armor, and cloth armor. These armors also had the prefix God of Courage. Different from the Divine Armor of Valor below, the ones here seemed to be presented in bundles. The cost for each bundle was 200,000.

"One piece of Divine Armor of Valor cost 120,000 scores. This one gave seven pieces for 200,000 scores. Everyone will just go for these legacy set armors," Jet uttered.

"Except we can't save our scores," Jack reminded. "All our scores are gone if we don't exchange them. We can't save them for future use."

"Yeah, I suspect there is only one way we get 200,000 scores," John said.

"Defeat the Herald," Jack said.