"Didn't we already establish that it is impossible to do that?" Paytowin said.

"Didn't I already say that it is possible if you all wear legendary equipment?" Peniel returned.

"And how do you suppose we do that?" Paytowin asked.

"With patience," Jack said. "First, each of us has to score enough to get one piece of legendary equipment during every run. If everything goes perfectly, by the eighth run, we will already have a complete legendary set."

"Even now, only three of you can exchange for a piece of legendary equipment," Jet said.

"I did say if things go perfectly, didn't I?" Jack returned.

"You youngsters might be okay, but I will be too old already by then," Jet grumbled.

"This legacy dungeon is set for endgame contents," John speculated. "It was meant for players to keep on playing after the main story ended and players reached the highest levels. It was purposefully designed for a long grind."

"Well, the thing is we aren't in a game, aren't we?" Jet continued his grumbling.

"Nevertheless, we are lucky to have this legacy dungeon," Jeanny said. "Others don't have this option. So, we are going to do this dungeon every five days from now."

Everybody turned to Jack, which made him feel awkward.

"Without you, we won't even be able to touch the Herald. So, you have to join. At least until more of us get some legendary equipment," Jeanny said.

"Uh… Aren't we supposed to go on the offensive after the country leaders' meeting?" Jack asked.

"The meeting is to talk about how we arrange our armies and where to strike. After that, it will still take some time to move the soldiers. The actual attack will probably still be a few weeks away," John said.

"Uh… Okay, I will make the time for this legacy dungeon," Jack said. There was also no news yet from the investigator team, so he figured he would stay in the capital for a while longer.

"Are you going to exchange your scores yet? If not, let me exchange mine first," Leavemealone uttered.

Jack gave him a side-eye. This fellow was truly impatience.

Jack already made his decision. He was simply curious about the rest of the list. He interfaced with the screen and exchanged 150,000 scores for the Divine Sword of Valor. Even if he had 170,000 scores, he would still get this sword first rather than the God of Courage's Sword. This was because God of Courage's Sword was a legacy weapon. He couldn't feed a legacy weapon to his Storm Breaker. He wanted to upgrade his Storm Breaker first.

The sword materialized in his hand. He moved away to marvel at the sword and let the others use the exchange screen.


Divine Sword of Valor, level 50/99 (Legendary one-handed sword)

Physical damage: 550

Attack speed 2

Durability: 150

Strength +50

Defenses +100

Elemental resistances +50

Soul Mark (Active skill): Mark an enemy. All subsequent damage received by this enemy will add 10% soul damage. Reduce this enemy's speed, defenses, and attributes by 15%. Duration: 3 minutes. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

World Splitter (Active skill): Deals 2000% physical damage to all enemies in a line. Ignores 50% defense. 100% chance of causing Weakness and Bleed for 1 minute. Range: 50 meters. Cooldown: 30 minutes.


"Level 50? So low," Jack said disappointingly. Luckily, he had lots of ores in his inventory. He hadn't upgraded the equipment for guild members for quite some time and he had just emptied the guild warehouse from the piled-up basic materials earlier.

The blacksmithing process would take some time. He would level up this sword later in the Space-time Chamber. He went to see what the others were getting.

Leavemealone and Jeanny each exchanged for legendary chest armor from the Divine Armor of Valor set. Leavemealone chose the light armor version while Jeanny took the heavy armor version.

The others didn't have enough scores for legendary equipment. Some chose weapon and armor orbs. The others took the legendary-grade materials. They all gave these items to Jeanny. Jeanny checked the cost of replicating the orbs, they were expensive but not too absurd.

Jack told Jeanny to copy the orbs for the other members. He already had three orbs on him. He was capable of getting his. Jeanny was happy to hear that.

She said that if she got enough mana cores, she wanted to copy Jack's orbs as well. Two out of the three orbs Jack possessed were unique-grade. The ones they've gotten from this exchange list were super rare grades. A weapon or armor orb was something that could be detached when needed, so they could be copied later.

After they were done exchanging, Jack asked if they wanted to try the medium difficulty of the ancient battleground. Firstly, to get more experience fighting the Herald. Secondly, to see if they could kill the Herald in that difficulty.

Everyone agreed to the proposal.

In that medium difficulty, they repeated the tactic they used in Hard difficulty. They all gathered around Jack when the Herald cast Hell Inferno. Under the protection of the Elemental God Barrier, Jack, Paytowin, Grace, and Jeanny channeled their lights to John who then fired Hope's Light at the Herald.

Hope's Light only managed to cause 20% damage to the Hard difficulty's Herald. In this medium difficulty, the Herald lost more than half of his HP, even when this one also had Chaos Armor on. They wondered if Hope's Light could have one-shot this Herald if it was not protected by that defensive spell.

None of them got wasted immediately like before. Everyone landed a strike. Considering the Herald was only level 50, it was nothing to be proud of, but it still gave some people a good feeling. Particularly Fierce Flame and Jet.

Fierce Flame used her Chaotic Arcane Shot and fired like a madwoman. She didn't say anything but it was clear that she was pissed for getting one-shot by the level 80 Herald earlier.

The Herald cast Second Sun. Since they now knew it was a sustained spell, they all threw hits at the Herald once it was cast. They no longer tried to flee from it. Jack's Lightning God Incarnation using Brave Slash powered by mana manipulation managed to wound the Herald and forced him to stop the Second Sun before anyone was killed.

After a long fight, they finally succeeded in killing this medium difficulty's Herald.

The last time, Jack received 51,366 scores due to a level penalty. This time, he received 106,580 scores even when the level penalty was more than that last time. These scores were not enough to get legendary equipment. But from this, it was shown that 200,000 scores were possible as long as they killed the Herald in the Hard difficulty.