They exchanged their scores for various materials for the guild. Everyone promised to gather again five days from now to do another Hard difficulty.

Jack asked Jeanny if she needed help to capture another guild guardian. After winning the war in Palgrost, their guild received a huge reputation boost. This catapulted their guild to level 6. They now had a slot for their third guild guardian. Their member limit had also increased to 25,000 members.

Jeanny told Jack not to worry about this matter. They had just finished building the structure needed for their third guild guardian, but they didn't need to go catch one. The built structure was Hallowed Grove. It was situated inside the woods next to their headquarters. This hallowed grove could house a beast-type guild guardian.

The reason Jeanny told Jack not to worry was that they didn't need to capture the guardian using the normal way. Leavemealone and Domon's connection to the Catfolk had opened this minor race to their guild members. Many of their members visited the catfolk's village and did many quests for the catfolk, which further increased their relations.

Domon and Leavemealone also went there often. They had many friends among the catfolk and Domon also liked to check in on the progress of his disciples, whose number had expanded to more than Mohmed and Ihhi.

Due to all this interaction, the guild received special chained guild quests which upon completion would grant them a guild guardian of the beast type. One of the chained quests was building the required guild structure, which had just been completed recently. They were now at the final phase of the chained quests. Domon and Leavemealone were involved in the quest, as well as other prominent guild members, so Jeanny said there should be no problem.

Jack told her that if she needed his help, she could call.

Aside from the chained quests, the guild also received another quest from the catfolk which granted an insignia. This insignia allowed the guild to train a new guild unit, Feline Immortals. This unit comprised fast units in light armor.

These units were of the catfolk race. They had a special ability that Jack should be familiar with, Second Life. But theirs were passive abilities. They came back to life automatically if they were killed the first time. This ability had a cooldown of one day. So, these Feline Immortals would only die if they were killed twice in a day.

Their weapons were twin scimitars, but they also carried bows and arrows on their back. They were versatile units that could adjust to different situations on the battlefield.

After saying farewell to the others, Jack went to the Space-time Chamber to work on his newly gained legendary sword. Jeanny and Leavemealone also gave their new legendary armor to Jack for leveling up.

Now that most members were back, the Time-Space Chamber was filled with training members. With their member limit increased, their core members' number was also increased.

Jack went to a corner to do his things. He took out his mobile blacksmith tools and started working. The divine sword of valor continued to increase in level with each attempt. It became slower once he reached level 71. The success chance, even after using his Runestone of Probability powered by his Intermediate Master runecraft skill, was 50%.

He stopped after getting to level 77. The success chance to get to the next level was only 20%. He would likely fail four times before he succeeded. That wasted too many materials. Even for his Transformation Prism, he couldn't squander materials like that.

At level 77, the divine sword of valor had a damage value of 1,225 physical damage. With his strength and other passive damage buffs, he could easily one-hit kill a low-aged player with this sword.

Nowadays, players could regain their levels quickly with power leveling. Age, however, was much more difficult to cut corners. For a human race, only drinking a Thousand-year Wine could increase one's age, but this wine was extremely rare. Hence, a large portion of players who had died a wilderness death had shorter ages than they normally should. In terms of HP, Jack learned that age played a more important role.

Jack didn't immediately feed this legendary sword to his Storm Breaker. He continued the blacksmithing process on Jeanny and Leavemealone's legendary armors.

As he worked, the nightmares zipped past him several times. The two nightmares had recently reached adulthood. Bowler and The Man's hard work had paid off. The same as their custodians, Sol and Fira also accepted the two humans and agreed to become their steeds.

Bowler was currently riding Fira, and The Man was riding Sol. The two had seen Jack enter the chamber and had purposefully run in front of him to show off their new steeds.

Jack ignored them at first, but the repeated zooming was getting distracting by the second. It was especially annoying when the two rascals ran past him when his blacksmithing attempt failed.

He finally could take it no more. He came into the two nightmares' running path and then summoned Pandora. The two nightmares immediately came to a full stop when they saw their aunt. If there was no magic gluing Bowler and The Man's butts, they would have been thrown off from that sudden stop.

Pandora gave the two nightmares a hard stare, which caused the two to lower their heads. Her gaze softened then. She talked with them in languages only they and Peniel understood. The two young nightmares then reared up. Bowler and The Man were thrown off as a result.

"Hey!" The two protested.

Sol and Fira didn't even glance at them. They followed Pandora who took the two out of the chamber.

"She wants to spend some time with them outside," Peniel explained.

"That's good. They should spend more time together," Jack said. He then turned to Bowler and The Man, who grinned sheepishly.

"If you two disturb me again, I will ask Pandora to command Sol and Fira to break your contracts," Jack threatened.

"Sorry, boss! It won't happen again!" The Man hurriedly said. Bowler expressed a similar statement.

"Now, keep everyone away from me so I can work in peace," Jack ordered. The two stood up and started forming a barricade, keeping other members away.

Jack resumed working again. He leveled up Jeanny and Leavemealone's armors until level 72. He didn't want to waste too many materials. They would need it later when more members acquired their legendary equipment.

Now that he was done with his task, it was time to feed the divine sword of valor to his Storm Breaker.