In the Shylvan region, the border region between Liguritudum and Aurebor, Master was riding alone on his Qilin. He just left a border town where he met Mistress and discussed their next course of action. Aside from preparation for the coming war, the World Maker and the World Ruler also worked together to prepare for the convention one week from now.

As he traveled the wooded land, he suddenly found a shadow covering him. He looked up and saw the silhouette of a large dragon blocking the sun.

"I have been looking for an opportunity like this," a raspy sound was heard from the silhouette. "An opportunity where you are alone!"

This silhouette took a deep dive, directly at Master. Master unsummoned his Qilin and cast a spell. He teleported away just as the gargantuan creature slammed into the ground where he used to stand. He appeared a distance away and had a good look at his attacker. It was a dragon that seemed to be made of wood.

"Eurdrasill…," Master muttered.

"Didn't I tell you to watch your back?" Eurdrasill uttered. "I lost my chance the last time when you disappeared into that strange mist in this region with your small band of bodyguards. I took too long to decide whether I should attack. I don't make that mistake now. It's time I avenge Ashala!"

Eurdrasill was about to unleash his divine wind breath after his declaration, but he stopped when he noticed Master's expression.

The ethereal was smiling.

"You natives are so gullible," Master mocked. "I've never been alone all this time. Now that I do, don't you think it's strange?"

Eurdrasill's eyes narrowed. He uttered a low growl. "Quit your taunt, outworlder. I've surveyed the surrounding land. You have no one in the vicinity. Not even an invisible one!"

Master's smile didn't falter. Something appeared in his hand and it glowed.

"Dra… Draconic Suppression Crystal…?!" Eurdrasill exclaimed in surprise when he identified the thing in Master's hand.

This was the Draconic Suppression Crystal Wong and Ronald had received in exchange for the first-rank prize during the Outworlder World Tournament. Master didn't have a chance to use this item because the elite force from the Council of Virtus arrived in Liguritudum to aid the rightful ruler. Syndrillis went into recuperation because of the elite force's presence, only to come out when the Aurebor army joined the war. By then, there was no need for Master to use this item to gain an advantage. Thus, he had been keeping this crystal in his inventory all this time, until now.

Eurdrasill felt his strength weakening. His grade was reduced to one grade lower. He was now a level 90 mythical grade.

"GRAAGHHH…!!!" Eurdrasill roared with fury.

He slammed his massive feet into the ground, causing multiple cracks.

"You despicable outworlder! Even if I've been reduced to a mythical grade, I can still tear you to pieces!" He exclaimed. The divine wind breath burst out from his mouth.

The divine wind breath engulfed Master. The breath continued to pour out. Eurdrasill didn't stop because he didn't sense Master's life diminished. Instead, he sensed the outworlder was pushing forward.

A gigantic fist made of stone punched out of the wind streams. This fist struck Eurdrasill's head and forced him to stop his breath. He reeled backward from the punch.

Master was in his titan suit. The suit was full of cracks due to Eurdrasill divine wind breath. Even so, Eurdrasill couldn't believe that Master could resist the pushing force of his breath and advanced instead.

Master was elated. Before, he was blasted away from a single contact with the breath. Now, he was able to resist it. Even though Eurdrasill had been reduced by one grade, this was still an impressive feat.

Eurdrasill was extremely furious about the exchange. He had to put this outworlder down to erase such a humiliation. He lunged forward. Master didn't back down.

Master, who was not used to melee fights, was now having a physical bout with the wooden dragon. In between his punches, he still cast spells and reduced Eurdrasill's HP bit by bit. He also used Wing God Blades and Wind God Rage, but Eurdrasill had extremely high wind resistance. The dragon was hurt but not as much as those skills normally did.

In the end, Eurdrasill still excelled in the melee department. Master's titan suit crumbled after repeated punishments.

However, it was not an ethereal who was revealed after the Titan Suit was destroyed. It was a demon.

"Demonization?!" Eurdrasill uttered.

The Demonization was the fourth skill from Master's Satanic Devil Bloodline. With this transformation, he had no problem even if the enemy caught him in the melee range.

"Hah! I admit you surprise me, outworlder," Eurdrasill said. "But the result will still be the same. The Draconic Suppression Crystal lasts only three hours. You will only survive for as long as that item's duration!"

"Haha. Foolish dragon, you've misunderstood," Master laughed. "I fought you simply to test my improvement. I lure you out here on purpose. I can take you down anytime I want."

"Don't think you can unrattled me with your taunt, outworlder," Eurdrasill growled.

"Is that so?" Master grinned.

Eurdrasill sensed something approaching from above. He looked up and saw a huge red-scaled dragon diving straight at him.

He dodged at the last instant when this dragon slammed into where he used to be. After the dust settled, he had a good look at this dragon.

"Ud… Uddroth…?" Eurdrasill uttered after recognizing the dragon in front of him. "No… You are not Uddroth… I sense no life from you…"

The red dragon in front of him was indeed Uddroth, the ex-country guardian of Palgrost, or at least what was left of him. Master revived him using the Necronomicon after he was killed by Suzaki. He had been keeping the zombie dragon a secret. When Themisphere army arrived, he sent Uddroth away because he didn't want Jack to be permitted to summon Broidrireg.

"You might have surveyed the surrounding land, but you forgot to watch the sky above you," Master said.

Eurdrasill watched zombie Uddroth with wariness. Uddroth was a level 90 eternal grade. Zombie Uddroth should be weaker than when he was alive for not being able to use mana manipulation, but Eurdrasill was also in a weakened state. The situation was not advantageous.

Eurdrasill flapped his wings and attempted to fly away, but a large dome of black fire suddenly formed around him.

Master's Prime Demonologist had reached level 80. This was the new spell he received from leveling up, Hell Prison.

Eurdrasill banged on the dome, but it was very sturdy. It would take some time to break through using his mythical-grade strength.

Master used his companion token and king badge. Urxor, his level 79 mythical-grade companion, and seven royal agents of rare elite grades appeared around him.

"Hehe. Soon, I will have two level 90 eternal grades as my servants!" Master exclaimed. He sent the command for everyone to attack the trapped dragon.