"What do you need?" Gruff asked.

"Firstly, do you have any idea of an isolated place where your leader used to go by himself?" Jack asked in return.

Gruff gave the matter a thought. He then informed Jack of a place in Hydrurond. The League of Champions' headquarters was in Hydrurond, so their leader tended to stay in that country.

After listening to Gruff's info, Jack told Gruff his plan.

"Are you sure about this?" Gruff asked. He was skeptical about what Jack told him.

"I don't. That's why we need to do this to make sure," Jack answered.

"Mm… Well, our leader is indisposed at the moment. He has some issues that need dealing with but I'm sure he is willing to go along with this plan. Let's set the plan to five days from now. He should be free by then."

"He won't be alone within these five days, will he?"

Gruff chuckled. "Don't worry. He is with the mightiest warriors our faction has to offer during this time. No one will trouble him."

Jack nodded. He left the building and headed to the Order of Magi next.

"Mister Storm Wind! Always a pleasure with your presence," Janus greeted.

"Is your true self available?" Jack asked. "I truly need to talk to him."

"I'm sorry, Mister Storm Wind. Our leader is still unavailable," Janus replied with a smile.

Jack was depressed hearing that.

Seeing Jack's expression, Janus asked, "Is this regarding the case where league faction leaders are attacked?"

"Yes," Jack answered. "We are planning a trap for this assailant. The leader of the League of Champions is part of this plan. I am hoping your true self can join. With two of the most powerful league factions' leaders working together, I'm sure we can easily defeat this assailant, whoever the person is."

"Master Ragorth? I'm intrigued," Janus said. Ragorth was the name of the League of Champions' leader. "If you are willing to tell me, I can relay it to my true self. If he can, I'm sure he will join."

"All right. I have intel that the next target will be Master Ragorth. That's why he is willing to be part of this plan."

"You do? How do you know?" Janus asked.

"Suffice to say, I get it from a reliable source," Jack answered. "Since we know the target, it is easy to place the trap. Master Ragorth will be the bait. Do you know the Eltis Shrine?"

"I do. It is a ruin of an old shrine at Hydrurond," Janus replied. "It used to be an important shrine to a religious sect in the past."

"Master Ragorth visits the place regularly to pay respect to his ancestor, who used to be one of the members of a religious sect in that shrine."

"He does?" Janus asked.

Jack nodded. "I'm sure the assassin should know about this as well. We have arranged for Master Ragorth to visit the Eltis Shrine five days from now. We will circulate Master Ragorth's plan to visit this shrine to the public. Subtly, of course. If it is too obvious, the assassin might get suspicious. Anyway, we will prepare a trap at this shrine. When the assassin comes, we will bag the person!"

"Neat. Master Ragorth is willing to take the risk?" Janus asked.

"Gruff thinks he will, but we will use a decoy, of course. His life is too important, after all. My guild has a consumable item to put someone into disguise. We will disguise someone else as Master Ragorth. The real master Ragorth will be some distance away. Once the trap is sprung, he will join the fray."

"I see you people have everything thought out," Janus said. "Will you be joining the operation?"

"I can't," Jack answered. "Hyrdurond is under control by Liguritudum. That country is in a hostile state with Themisphere. Humans will be captured if they are found roaming there. I just help them plan this operation."

"I see…," Janus uttered.

"If your true self is willing to join, he can wait together at the hiding place with Master Ragorth," Jack said. "There is an abandoned hut South of the Eltis Shrine. It is not too far. You should be able to find it. Master Ragorth will be on standby there while our decoy lures the assassin."

"Now that I hear everything, I'm pretty certain my true self wants to participate," Janus said. "Okay. He will be there. Five days from now, is it?"

"That's correct," Jack confirmed.

"I hope everything will go smoothly as you plan it," Janus said. "Do you want to attempt the challenges again today?"

"It's late already. I have had a long day. I'll do it another time," Jack replied. The sun had set when he arrived at the Order of Magi's hut. The meeting, which might still be ongoing, had taken the entire day.

"As you wish, Mister Storm Wind," Janus replied.

When Jack returned to the palace, everyone had left except for John, Jeanny, Grace, and Paytowin. He told them about his quest.

"Five days from now? Cutting it a bit close, aren't you? We have the convention to attend, remember?" John said.

"If everything goes as planned, I should settle that quest on that day," Jack replied.

"When does everything go as planned?" Peniel remarked.

"Can you please not jinx it?" Jack admonished her. He then said to the others, "After I'm done with the quest, I will join you all. With Pandora, I should be able to reach the venue even if I leave one day before the convention."

"In that case, we can't provide you any help," Jeanny said. "We have to leave early to get there in time. It will be a big crowd, so I will have to stay with them along the way to make sure everything is fine."

"I understand. Don't worry about me," Jack said.

"Maybe I should come with you," Grace offered.

"No, this is my quest. I will settle it myself," Jack replied. "The convention is more important. We need to thwart Master's plan to gain players' support. The four of you should be there to make sure that he doesn't get what he wants. I will also be there. If it is needed, I will let go of my quest."

The five said goodbye to each other. Everyone had their things to deal with. John would be organizing the country's army with Grace's help. Jeanny and Paytowin would be organizing the player community to go to the convention.

As for him, he needed to increase his available battle power.