Therras went into the air to aid Elayne. The golden wolves pounced at the ants that were still on the ground and prevented them from flying up.

Spark sent its flying blades into the sky to strike the ants that were closest to Elayne. At the same time, its body left the ground and headed to where Elayne was.

"Huh? Spark can fly?" Jack said in surprise when he saw it from the distance.

Jack's third clone had just returned from drawing another batch. The clone was using the Magi Wing Tool. Blue translucent wings flapped behind the clone as the clone flew.

This third clone joined the second clone and drew the aggro from the crowded ants while his true body activated Lightning God Incarnation. The powerful explosion from his transformation somehow triggered the kamikaze detonation of the Volatile Firefly Ants, clearing the area around him.

Jack then used Wind Jet to put a distance before turning into lightning and appearing right next to Elayne. Lightning streaked from his hands and blasted the ants around Elayne.

Between Jack, Therras, Spark, and the golden wolves, the Volatile Firefly Ants that pursued Elayne were successfully routed. Elayne was no longer playing the Melody of Death so the rest of the ants remained fighting Jack's clones.

Lightning Jack returned to the fray and sent one of his clones out to draw another batch of Volatile Firefly Ants. When his divine skill was coming to an end, Jack let it happen naturally. He didn't focus the gathered energy into a single point. The gathered energy detonated with a loud bang. Violent lightning blast expanded outward. None of the ants hit by this blast survived because this blast also triggered the ants' kamikaze detonation. A huge portion of the ants was obliterated in this manner.

Jack's Double Clone ended soon. When it happened, he cast Reset and repeated what he had done previously.

When the Double Clone ended again, he had Therras stay with Elayne and Spark went to lure the next batch of Volatile Firefly Ants. Without the clones, the speed they accumulated the exp points was reduced. Not to mention, Therras was also there to share the exp points.

Once the two-and-a-half-hour cooldown of Double Clone was completed, Jack unsummoned Therras and recast the spell. Spark returned to guarding Elayne while one of Jack's clones went and lured additional Volatile Firefly Ants.

The farming cycle repeated for the whole day. At one point, clone Jack or Spark had to lure the Volatile Firefly Ants from the hills that were situated by the edge of the island. They were running out of ants to farm.

Luckily, it didn't take long for the ants to respawn. Around one hour after sunset, the first three hills that Jack annihilated reappeared. So, Jack resumed this farming activity until late at night.

They then rested and camped at the spot where they had just cleaned. Gauging from the time it took the hills to respawn, this area would still be devoid of monsters when they woke up.

The next day, they continued the same activity.

By the end of that second day, Elayne had already shot up to level 48. Her level increased a whooping twelve levels in just two days. Considering she was higher than level 30, this speed was probably the same as those training under the Valley of Tempus.

The pace was much faster this time because aside from Jack's faster speed in slaying the Volatile Firefly Ants, Elayne also had the Heaven Blessed talent, which increased the exp she received by 15%.

Once she reached level 50, she would be eligible to join the war.

Jack told Elayne to rest on the morning of the third day. This was because he had to return to Heavenly Citadel. Today was the day when the hard difficulty of the Ancient Battleground Legacy Dungeon was out of cooldown. The others had gathered at the headquarters and had been sending him messages asking if he was going to join.

Jack told Elayne that he would return and continue this exp farming later today. He was about to send her back to where he summoned her from but Elayne told Jack that she preferred to stay here while waiting.

Jack was hesitant about the request but ultimately decided to trust her. He told her to stay away from the hills which were the Volatile Firefly Ants' lairs. As long as she didn't come close to the hills, the ants wouldn't go after her.

There was another type of monster in the area, Sabretooth Walrus. If she was only fighting against one or two of these walruses, there shouldn't be a problem. Jack told her about this monster. About their attack patterns and what she had to look out for in case she came into contact with them.

After leaving the instruction, Jack used the guild return scroll and teleported to Heavenly Citadel.

The nine others were already waiting for Jack in front of the legacy dungeon's portal entrance.

"We are just about to ditch you and enter without you," John said.

"Yeah, right. Like you can get far without me," Jack returned.

"Afei… When pride appears, disgrace accompanies it, but humility is present with wisdom," Domon said.

"Where the hell did you learn that phrase?" Jack asked.

"From a very wise book," Domon replied.

"Okay, everyone!" John called. "Now that everyone is here, let's talk about our general strategy. We have all experienced battling this herald, so we have an idea of how he fights. Please take note that we are not here to defeat him. I don't think that is possible with our current level and equipment. Our priority is to gain scores. That means everyone will have to land at least one hit on the Herald. So, this is what we are going to do…"

John laid out the plans. They talked for a bit about it. After everyone was clear on what they were going to do, they entered the portal.

The first half of the dungeon was as before. Jack went and caused havoc on the army of black soldiers while the others stayed behind with the defending soldiers. They were saving their big skills for later. Jack didn't use his divine skills in this first half but he still managed to slaughter a great number of enemies.