When it came to the second half, everyone went all out to destroy as many supply carts as possible. They wouldn't be able to deal much damage to the Herald, anyway. The bonus scores for hitting the Herald didn't have a requirement. They would still get the bonus scores even if they caused only 1 damage.

Hence, the five who had Hope's Sanctification helped the others to destroy the supply carts. Those five destroyed only eight supply carts. After that, they helped deal damage to the supply carts but left the finishing blow to the others.

Jack used his Lightning God Barrage and Lightning God Incarnation here. He destroyed eight supply carts in a short time with those two divine skills. He then helped the others to destroy as many supply carts as possible.

Everyone outside the five with Hope's Sanctification destroyed at least sixteen supply carts in this manner. Those sixteen supply carts worth 80,000 scores. If they successfully hit the Herald once, which netted them 30,000 scores, they only needed another 10,000 scores. These scores should have been gathered from killing the black soldiers earlier. In this way, they should have no problem getting the legendary equipment.

Jack used Reset and gathered with the others when the Herald started taking action. As before, they advanced together and Jack used his cloak's Elemental God Barrier in its fire form when the Herald cast Hell Inferno.

Luckily, the Herald didn't remember the previous battle. This simulation was based on the original record from the past. It didn't record every run done by participants of the dungeon. So, the same move that was successful in the previous run still worked in this run.

The Herald was engulfed by Hope's Light. But same as the previous run, the Herald also managed to protect himself with the Chaos Armor.

Once Hope's Light ended, he found a golden eastern dragon flying toward him. At the same time, multiple ranged attacks were coming his way. The golden dragon was Jeanny's rune technique, Divine Dragon Spear. She formed it with the help of Jack's Superior Acceleration.

The others also attacked a split second before the Hell Inferno ended, based on John's cue. He had memorized the timing of the Hell Inferno and the Herald's exact position. This gave the Herald no chance to retaliate.

The Herald cast Teleportation to dodge all those attacks. When he reappeared, Jack also appeared next to him a split second later. With his enhanced mana sense due to his mana affinity talent, he could quickly detect where the Herald had teleported to and used the same spell to get close.

He then slammed his rune technique, which had also been completed with the help of Superior Acceleration, at the unsuspecting Herald. White flames burst out of the Herald's body.

The Herald felt the pain from Jack's Infernal Cleansing Flame, but not as intense as it should be due to his Chaos Armor. He still could concentrate enough and retaliated by using the exploding flame lance, which pierced and dragged Jack away.

That Jack was just a clone. Two other Jacks were heading the Herald's way with Jeanny's golden dragon.

The Herald dual-cast in response. An arrow came and hit him from his blind spot. One of the two spell formations above his hand was shattered. This was not because the Herald lost his concentration. This was because the arrow was Fierce Flame's Disrupting Shot.

Everyone spread out once they unleashed their ambush attack at the end of Hell Inferno. This was so the Herald's AOE spell couldn't hit everyone at the same time. Fierce Flame had moved into a position behind the Herald. She was very satisfied that she managed to avenge her previous failure by hitting this Herald.

She used Chaotic Arcane Shot and became a human gatling gun. She opened fire without restraint, but her arrows were stopped by the Herald's second spell. Multiple flaming shields revolved around the Herald, blocking any incoming attacks.

Fierce Flame then found herself engulfed by fire. She had been hit by the Herald's Immolation spell.

Even though Immolation was not a high-level spell. It was cast by a being with the highest grade. Fierce Flame's class wasn't a durable one. She was killed by this one spell. She was again the first one to go, but she at least had landed her hit. Her task was done.

The flame shields around the Herald stopped the attacks from the two Jacks and the golden dragon while the Herald prepared another spell. At the same time, John's multitude of minions, Brave King, and Jet's pets surrounded the Herald. Therras, Spark, and Jack's golden wolves were also in the mix.

The Herald tapped his staff into the ground. A huge runic symbol appeared on the ground and the gravity above that symbol was inverted. All those minions were lifted into the air. He also completed his spell and cast Chaos Black Hole in the middle of the floating crowd in the air.

Leavemealone's Fire God Barrage came then. The flame shields blocked the fireballs but their AOE explosion still hit the Herald. Jack also sent Lightning God Barrage from above.

The Herald ignored the damage from these divine skills. Even with his body still burning from the white flames, he concentrated on casting his ultimate spell, the Second Sun.

Under the inverted gravity around him, no one could approach him. He ignored all the ranged attacks. This was also the chance Domon and Jet used to score their one hit. Domon used Ki Wave. Jet had his silver griffin, which was still in agony from being burned by the Chaos Black Hole, to use its wind darts.

The only one who hadn't landed any attack was Giant Steve. He, unfortunately, didn't possess any range attack.

The Herald's Second Sun was completed. The sun appeared above, burning everyone with its glow.

Jack used his Lightning God Incarnation then. His lightning form could not resist the pushing force of the inverted gravity, but the final attack from this lightning form could. He consciously triggered this final attack. Using this final attack would cause him to lose his lightning form, but stopping the Second Sun was more important at the moment.

Spark also used its finishing mode. Its finishing mode was slightly different from before. Before, it detonated everything in its vicinity. Now, it turned into a giant piercing sword that flew a distance away before detonating. This effectively turned the finishing mode into a ranged assault.

Spark could use mana manipulation. Its finishing mode had a very powerful push. Empowered by mana manipulation, it resisted the force from the inverted gravity and the Chaos Black Hole and rushed toward the Herald together with Jack who used the final attack of his Lightning God Incarnation.

Therras also fired its earth core bomb from above.

Jack's other clone used supreme dragon form and unleashed Soul Breath. He also cast Time Lock. The Herald's Teleportation spell was off cooldown already. Jack didn't want to risk the Herald escaping this combined assault. He also didn't forget to use his weapon's skill, Soul Mark, to increase the damage the Herald suffered.

These four explosive attacks landed on the Herald. The force was so devastating that it forced the Herald's hold over the sun to waver. The second sun fizzled out of existence.