The Second Sun was gone but the Chaos Black Hole remained. It was now in its final phase where it imploded and caused instant death to everything within its scope, which were all the minions still stuck in the air, including Therras and dragon-form Jack.

Dragon Jack used Gold Dragon Vitality. He was exempted from the instant kill but he still received a large amount of damage from the implosion.

Only Dragon Jack and Jeanny's golden dragon remained in the air. The golden dragon was not alive so it wasn't affected by the instant death. Without the pulling force from the black hole, Dragon Jack and the golden dragon flew back down.

The Second Sun was removed almost as soon as it was conjured, so no one suffered significant damage. Without the reverse gravity zone around the Herald, the melee players advanced.

Domon, Leavemealone in his tiger form, Jet in his form, Jeanny, Giant Steve, and two of John's summons rushed in at this time. John's two summons were ones he kept behind because he suspected the Herald would be able to mass-kill the first batch of melee combatants.

The two summons were from his special class. One was the Dire Alligator. It was a large gator with metallic armor and six legs. The second summon was a goliath with thick red armor covering its entire body. It was called Seaspawn. Its appearance was a humanoid crustacean creature with gigantic shrimp claws for hands. Anyone could see these two monsters were extremely durable.

John still had another summoning spell after his Marine Keeper class reached level 70. This spell summoned a water serpent. This water serpent was now floating beside him as it shot waterjet from its mouth. This water serpent joined John and Paytowin who attacked the Herald from a safe distance. Grace was also at the back using healing spells to aid the others.

Jack's true body who had lost his lightning form was next to the Herald. He activated Lightning God Suit and was currently using his sword art. The living flame shields were already gone after the final assault from Lightning God Incarnation, but the Herald was not paralyzed due to his Chaos Armor. His one hand conjured a magic shield while his other hand cast a spell.

The herald received some slashes from Jack, but those slashes didn't bother his concentration. His spell was completed and numerous fiery tentacles burst from the ground. These tentacles struck the approaching combatants and tried to entangle them.

The fiery tentacles couldn't entangle Jack due to his Lightning God Suit, but they struck him and forced him away from the Herald.

Domon executed Death Carrying Cyclone with his glaive already transformed into tiger armament, enhanced by Ki Weapon, and empowered by mana manipulation. Even with all those enhancements, he could barely cut those tentacles. To make matters worse, the tentacles quickly regrew. Domon was forced back.

If even Domon was having trouble getting through, the others had an even worse time. Giant Steve had it the worst. He was entangled by the tentacles and out of everyone, only he still hadn't landed a single hit.

"Haon, Steve, let's do it!" Jack exclaimed.

They had known that Giant Steve would have the hardest time getting the hit, so they had devised a strategy specifically for Giant Steve before entering this legacy dungeon. Leavemealone had purposefully advanced close to Giant Steve, and Giant Steve advanced to where Jack was located.

Jack used his weapon's skill, World Splitter. A pure light cut across the field in the Herald's direction. All the fire tentacles on the light's path were severed. It also hit the Herald and caused some damage.

Jack's purpose was not to wound the Herald but to open a path. They could now move more freely without the fiery tentacles constantly trying to hit them.

While these fiery tentacles were still regenerating, Haon used his Nine Yin Abyssal Finger. This martial art could penetrate almost anything. All the still-regenerating tentacles in his way were shredded to embers. These tentacles lost their ability to regenerate.

Jack used his Nine Yin Phantom Sword and cut the tentacles binding Giant Steve. He was now able to use this ancient art every two minutes. He understood now that the reason he was unable to do the art as often as he wished was not because of a secret cooldown. It was simply because his body was still adapting to the Nine Yin energy. This energy was very peculiar and used unusual mana. He believed once his body adjusted, this secret cooldown would disappear.

After unshackling Giant Steve, Jack used Flame Strike at the big guy. Giant Steve was ready. He placed his shield behind him and received Jack's Flame Strike. Giant Steve received damage, but the strike also sent him flying through the path opened by Leavemealone.

Leavemealone's Nine Yin Abyssal Finger pierced forward but the Herald dodged the ancient art with Flash Step. Leavemealone then found himself unable to move. He had been held by Telekinesis. But the opening was enough for Giant Steve to slip forward and use Shield Bash at the Herald. The Herald received minuscule damage but was forced back. The Herald's mouth opened and Chaos Breath poured out.

Giant Steve was swallowed by the Chaos Breath. He might have possessed high defense and resistance, but the Chaos damage from the breath bypassed his resistance. He had also suffered damage from Jack's Flame Strike, this Chaos Breath took out his remaining HP. He didn't despair though, he had already achieved his objective of landing a hit.

Now that everyone had landed a hit, all that was left was just scoring as much damage as possible. Jack rushed forward, using Soul Asura and Dances of the Brave to cut through the tentacles. The tentacles might keep regrowing but he had way more swords than an average person could wield. The speed of his cutting matched the speed of the tentacles regrowing.

Yet, he was stopped before he reached the Herald. A large fiery symbol appeared around him. The fiery symbol couldn't lock Jack's body due to the Lightning God Suit, but Jack also couldn't advance further. It was as if he was stuck in place. He could move his limbs around but couldn't escape the spot.

He still had another clone. Dragon Jack dove down using Wind Jet and slammed into the Herald. Jeanny's golden dragon followed behind him. When the dragon almost hit, the Herald finally cast Teleportation.

The Herald didn't want to use the spell because his position was quite protected due to the fiery tentacles around him. Now that he teleported away, he was outside of the area covered by those tentacles. He didn't have a choice. He could sense the danger from Jeanny's golden dragon.

Yet, as soon as he reappeared, he sensed danger again from right behind him. He turned and saw blurry images of blades, he then felt himself getting cut uncountable times.

Domon was coincidentally near where the Herald had teleported to. He didn't waste the chance. He performed Soul Pursuit Hurricane before following up with Tiger Ki Strike.

Domon's stats might not be exceptional, but his mana manipulation was. The Tiger Ki Strike was enough to send the Herald stumbling back. Domon even aimed so the direction was toward where the Herald had come from. Due to this, the Herald could finally not evade Jeanny's golden dragon.

The dragon entered the Herald's body and ravaged him from the inside.