The loot was another benefit of fighting the demon ants compared to the Volatile Firefly Ants. These demon ants dropped better loot, but not many excited Jack except for the mana cores and gemstones.

They also dropped some rare-grade equipment. Jack was collecting the robe armor to be fused using his Transformation Prism. All his unique-grade equipment had been donated to the guild for Jeanny to distribute. He had no use for them since the unique grade was the highest grade his Transformation Prism could fuse.

He was now collecting them again for Elayne. When he returned to do the Ancient Battleground Legacy Dungeon, he had taken out all the low-grade robe armors from the guild warehouse and fused them. He was now adding those to the newly gained gears from these demon ants.

The second type of monster at this place was less numerous but stronger. The monster was called Scorpilion. Their level range was around 75 to 80, and most of them were rare elites. They looked like a cross between a scorpion and a lion. Hence, the name. Jack supposed Wilted's monster design team enjoyed slapping two or several animals into one monster and called it a day. A simple but effective method. He did realize many past games also applied this formula.

The Scorpilion had the head and forelegs of a lion, and the rear half was a giant scorpion complete with its poison tail. This tail could not only dispense lightning-fast sting attacks, but it could also discharge poisonous spikes. The lion's head could unleash poisonous fumes that caused earth damage and also caused the Weakness status effect.

They were still not a match for Jack and his team.

The third monster type was the strongest that roamed that part. It was a Hell Beetle. they only encountered two during their time here. Both were level 80 mythical grades. These Hell Beetles were the size of a tank with the armor to match. They could shoot a stream of melting fire from its mouth and had a long horn that discharged electrical rays.

They had very high defenses and resistances. They could also fly and create stunning shockwaves.

Even though these Hell Beetles were usually accompanied by a horde of demon ants, they never appeared two at a time. Thus, all Jack had to do was engage the Hell Beetle and let Therras, Spark, and Elayne deal with the demon ants.

Then again, even if more Hell Beetles appeared at the same time, it was still no problem for Jack. Especially if he activated the Strength of Hope.

In those three days, Elayne leveled up seven times. She was level 57 now. Therras leveled up once to level 79. Jack sadly didn't gain any level. His current level took tons of exp to level up, especially since he divided the exp gains into his three classes.

Jack gained plenty of equipment dropped from all the monsters they farmed. From the dropped equipment, he managed to fuse two unique-grade equipment for Elayne. A shoulder piece and a boot. The Hell Beetle also dropped a unique-grade cloak which Jack gave to Elayne.

His accumulated mana cores now numbered 45,000. He only needed 5,000 more before he could summon another Archdemon Lord.

For the gemstones, he obtained several that allowed him to upgrade his Runestone of Duration to a super rare grade and his Runestone of Probability to a unique grade. His Runestone of Marching, Runestone of Spellcasting, and Runestone of Enhancement gained a few elemental energies but they were not enough for the runestones to level up.

Luckily, nothing colorful happened during these three days, either in the underworld or the upworld. Between Jeanny organizing the players to go to the convention and John organizing the Themisphere army for the offensive campaign, everything proceeded smoothly.

Jack sent Elayne back to the upworld and then sent her to the Brave Academy in Therimdell. Most of the players would be heading to the convention, so no one was available to power-level her. He could send her to do quests with his other royal agents but he figured she would gain more benefit by learning additional skills and spells. The Brave Academy was the perfect place to do that. She would still gain exp points in this Brave Academy, albeit not as bountiful as power-leveling.

On that day, the players started traveling toward the convention venue located between the Jagara and Khan regions. They teleported to the cities near the border and then went from there. It was said their number was staggering that the spectators at first mistaken them for the native army.

Jeanny and John joined these players. John had finished with the army arrangement and left the remaining matters to Emris and Duchess Isabelle. At the convention, there would be talks. John wanted to be there and made sure Master didn't sway a majority of players who were still oblivious to his true intention.

Jack himself had to deal with the quest concerning the league faction leaders. He didn't travel to Hydrurond where the trap was prepared, though. He went to the Order of Magi's hut. Going inside, he greeted Young Janus behind the desk.

"Mister Storm Wind," Janus greeted back.

"So… Is your true self decided to join Master Ragorth in Hydrurond?" Jack asked.

"Yes, he is on the way as we speak," Janus answered. "Aren't you going with the other outworlders to this convention arranged by the Liguritudum ruler?"

"I can depart tomorrow," Jack replied. "My steed is much better than the others had. I will spend today doing the challenges. If that's okay with you."

"Our door is always open to you," Janus said, before adding, "So long as you use your mage persona."

"Right, I'm sorry," Jack said, transforming into Unrivaled Arcaner.

"Nice disguise," Janus remarked. "You've never told me what item you use for your disguise. Don't you have one to transform you into a different race? In that way, you can join that operation in Hydrurond."

"I don't. My disguise cannot change my race," Jack lied.