In between the Jagara region and the Khan region was a long valley flanked by two hill chains. This valley was named Cakra Valley. One particular spot in this valley was an enormous dome-shaped recess. It was as if a meteorite had crashed into that spot a long time ago and created a giant crater.

This crater was called the Cakra Basin. It was believed that this basin used to contain water. It was dry now. This was the place where Master held the Outworlders Convention.

It was nearly dawn on the day of the convention. The place was crowded with people. All of them were players. Even since the night before, the place was already filled to the brim. More and more players arrived this morning. Many had to stand at the hills by the basin's sides.

Average monsters of levels 30 to 40 inhabited this place. They had been eradicated since the day before. Any monster that spawned was soon slain again. However, if too many people occupied the area until no available space for the monsters to spawn, they stopped spawning. Hence, the players mostly waited in boredom. Some went away from the crowd to find monsters to farm while waiting.

Though the basin and its direct surroundings were inhabited by these low-level monsters, the areas leading to this place were infested with monsters of level 50 and above. Because of that, the lowest level of the players who gathered here was around level 50. Around thirty percent had levels above 60, and only a handful with levels above 70. Most of these high-level players were guild members.

Jeanny and John looked at the mass in the distance. There were probably three million players there, and more were still arriving. If all these players joined Liguritudum's side, then it would tip the scale back to Master's favor again. John applauded the enemy for resorting to this method to recover their manpower, but he was not going to let them have their way.

They had tasked some of their guild members and their allied guild members to scout the surrounding regions, making sure Master didn't hide any army. The scouts reported that they saw no natives around these regions, only players.

They weren't afraid if they only had to go against players. World Maker might have strong members and many followers, but their guild was also strong and had plenty of allies. If they had to go toe to toe, their chance of winning was still higher.

The question was the mass who had gathered here. They were mostly independent players or small guilds, but their collective number was massive. The side that won today would be the side that gained these people's support.

When John and the others arrived, people opened the way for them. This was because their group was headed by four guilds that sat at the top of four countries. Everlasting Heavenly Legends from Themisphere, Cipher Flight from Verremor, Saint Edge from Sangrod, and Licth Squad from Palgrost.

Behind them were members from many other prominent guilds. Wicked Witches, Dogs of War, True Death Associates, Corporate United, White Scarfs, Black Cloak, Crowd of Sins, Evil Breakers, and Offline Beasts. Several other smaller guilds from all seven countries were also with them. These were the guilds who had committed to band with them to go up against World Maker's ambition.

Other Themisphere guilds who had guild headquarters had arrived earlier. They were the Jackal Crew, Gluttonous Despot, Six Rings of Prosperity, Warriors of Solidarity, and a guild called Prodigious Chronicler. Prodigious Chronicler was the guild that took over the empty headquarters spot when Death Associates left Themisphere for Aurebor.

These guilds might be inclined to support Themisphere, but they were not dedicated. Depending on what they hear today, they might switch to the other side.

As the host of this convention, World Maker and its allies were already here since the day before. They gathered at the center of the basin where they set up an elevated platform as a stage. Two lavish chairs were placed on that stage. Mistress was sitting in one. No one needed to wonder who the other chair was for. Master was nowhere to be seen, though. Linda was the one supervising all the preparation.

John and Jeanny went up to just before the stage, where they were stopped by a row of World Maker's members.

Their guilds had been at odds with one another for a long time. Both sides' members had been in contact with each other on multiple occasions. And by contact, the definition here was pummeling one another till the other side turned to dust and went back to the rebirth portal.

Thus, the two sides looked ready to lunge at each other the moment they came into eye contact. Still, they were disciplined enough to not make any move without their leaders' approval.

"You've finally arrived. Cutting it so close, I thought at first you were not interested in joining this convention," Linda greeted John from above.

"Hehe, you should know I won't let go of the chance to cause some ruckus," John returned.

"Hello, dear," Jonathan greeted his wife.

"I've nothing to say to you," Linda replied curtly.

John simply chuckled at the exchange. He asked Linda, "Where is your master?"

He purposedly said your master instead of just master. This subtle distinction slyly insinuated Linda as a slave.

"Is that how you talk to your mother?" Linda asked.

"Is trying to murder your son and your son's friends a motherly act?" John shot back.

Most of Everlasting Heavenly Legends' core members knew of John's relationship with Linda, but many others especially players of other guilds didn't. This was the same for World Maker's members. All these people now looked between John and Linda with gaping mouths.

"You know I do this for your good," Linda continued.

"You know that ain't true," John wasn't backing down.

"When this is all over, you will see I am right."

"If your master gets what he wants, you will see that I am right."

"You are very stubborn," Linda shook her head.

"I wonder where I get it from," John returned. "How about this? We used to bet against each other. Let's make a bet."

"What bet?" Linda asked.

"This convention. If your side gains more support, I will do what you want. If my side wins, you will leave Master's service."

"Hey, are you insane?!" Jeanny nudged John. John signaled her not to worry.

Linda seemed to be considering the offer. She replied, "Let's change the condition. In the coming war between your alliance of countries against ours. If your side wins the war, I will quit being Master's tactician. If we win, you will come over to my side."