"Well, you have that guy to thank for your miracle," John said to Bryan while pointing at Master. "At least that's what he claimed. How about you give him a proper thanks?"

Bryan turned to Master and said, "Tha… Thank you, mister…"

Master simply grunted for a reply.

"Bryan is not the only example!" John bellowed, startling Bryan who was right next to him. "There are more! Siti here…"

He pointed at a woman below the stage. "She was blind in the old world. Now, she can see. Cole over there! He couldn't walk. Now, he can. And it's not just about disability. How many of you experienced sickness ever since you came into this world, huh? None. Because there is no such thing here. No disease. No virus. Back in the old world. You had to pay attention that the person you were talking to didn't have a cold. Otherwise, you would catch one too. You have no such worry here.

"Alice over there! She told me she lost a son due to a car accident. If it happens in this world, her son will still be alive. Back to level 1 perhaps, but alive! And you want to throw all these away? You are going to let this person, take it all way?!"

John was pointing at Master again as he said that.

"He said that he is the creator! I, for one, don't buy into that crap one bit! Okay, he can turn day into night. So what? I can summon a freakin' tiger! You can conjure fireballs, for goodness sake! This world is full of miracles! I'm not going to let him take all these miracles away, and you shouldn't too…!!"

Murmurs spread around the crowd. Among the crowd, one spoke up, "But… I still can't find my brother. I need to go back to the real world and make sure that he is all right!"

Some others expressed the same sentiment to the one who just spoke.

"If your brother was still alive when the world turned, then he should still be alive right now. Well… Unless his age is too old that he is close to deathbed," John said. "If he is not, you can go to the Missing Outworlders Coordination Center. They have branches in every capital. Or, you can just come straight to Thereath, where their headquarters is located. They have the most comprehensive record of players. If they don't have the info on your brother, they can help you look for him."

"What about our possessions in the old world?!" Another yelled.

"If you are those who rely on your assets to succeed rather than your hands and feet, then I can't help you there, mate," John said. "We are all given a new start here. Isn't that a good thing? A new start! A second chance at everything! This is the place where everyone has an equal chance of making it big!"

Murmurs were heard again.

John looked to the side. "Aren't you going to say something?" John asked Master.

"I've said what I want to say," Master responded.

"Hm…" John was expecting more resistance.

"Are you done?" Master asked in return.

"I will be soon," John said. He turned back to the crowd. "People of the old world! You have experienced the old world for the majority of your lives. You have experienced this new world for one and a half years. Even though you only experience a fraction of what this world can offer, I believe you get the idea. You can make the comparison yourself. Don't listen to the people next to you, they are fools!"

The crowd started looking at one another, more precisely, the people next to them with a weird look.

"Make your own judgment! What the old world has to offer you. What this new world has for you. Decide on your own! Don't just go and follow blindly. If you choose to stay in this world, then you are among me and my friends. You heard this maniac before. He can't select people to leave this world. Everyone has to either go or everyone has to stay. So, are we going to let him just take away this wonderful new world from us?

"I say no…!! All of you who agree with me, stand with me! Together, we will drive away this tyrant who tries to conquer this land, like many psychotic oppressors from our old world's history. Different from our old world. Here, we are more equipped to fight back! We will not let these bullies rule our lives anymore.

"Stand with me! Once we dethrone this despot, you will be able to fully enjoy what this new world has to offer! This world has a whole lot more to offer. This, I promise you!!!"

The crowd cheered. It started on the side where the Everlasting Heavenly Legends and their allies were, but the cheering soon spread.

"I feel like I am watching one of those political campaigns," Jet remarked.

"Yeah, both of them are spouting bullshits," Paytowin said.

Master stood from his seat.

"Finally going to say something?" John asked.

"Are you done?" Master asked in return.

"Depend on what you are going to say," John returned.

Master cast his Fly spell and floated up. "Those who wish to stand with me! Come to Liguritudum. We will march together!"

John didn't want to lose. He had also learned the Fly spell. He cast the spell and floated to an elevation that was slightly higher than Master. He shouted, "Those of you who wish to stand with us, come to Themisphere. We will march together!"

"No need!" Master announced. "Those of you who oppose me. You will perish here!"

The crowd was startled by the announcement.

"Now, this is surprising. I thought you gave us your word you won't harm your enemy during this convention," John uttered.

"During the convention," Master returned. "It has now ended!"

The crowd started to part. Some went to the side where the World Maker and its allies were. Some went to the side where the Everlasting Heavenly Legends and its allies were. Many stayed at their places, unsure of what they were going to do.

"Have you people made up your choices?" Master asked.

"Heh, more people come to our side, moron. You've failed," John said after seeing the crowd's movement from up in the air.

"There are more undecided people down there than the ones who have made their choices," Master returned.

"Once you start attacking, they will see that you are not a man of your word. They will be fools for following you."

Master grinned. "You still think this convention is meant for me to rally manpower?"