Before the two dragons flew down from the sky, The Man and Bowler were fighting not far from where Domon and Long were fighting. The Man was crossing axes with Goliath from the Warriors of Solidarity.

Since Jack became Themisphere King, Warriors of Solidarity no longer dared to cause trouble to Everlasting Heavenly Legends. Their members mostly skittered away when Jack's guild members were around.

Considering their history, The Man was over the moon of the situation. Several times, he had purposefully ridden in front of Warriors of Solidarity's headquarters, strutting around. He didn't cause trouble, though. Jeanny had warned everyone to not cause trouble even when their guild had become the country's national guild, especially against those guilds who used to be their enemies. Jeanny didn't want people to see them as tyrants.

The Man acted as if he accidentally took a wrong turn, but the Warriors of Solidarity's members knew he had purposefully crossed into their territory to gloat. After all, how could one person take the same wrong turn eight freekin' times?

They didn't dare do anything, though. Offending The Man would give his guild the excuse to attack. So, they just bottled up their resentment and acted docile.

That was until they heard Master's offer at this convention. Returning to the old world? Of course, they wanted that. In the past, there were many games to choose from. If they failed to assert dominance in one game, they could just try another one. At this one, it was clear by now that their guild would just be a second-rated one, but there was no escape. There was no quitting and going offline. They were sick of this world where they had to act like kittens.

Hence, they were the first to jump when Master gave the offer. They didn't care if this put them at odds with Everlasting Heavenly Legends. When they were back in the old world, Jack's title of Themisphere King didn't mean squat.

Once the battle erupted, they were the first to charge with the World Maker's members, trying to prove their loyalty.

After the clash, they found out how the gap had widened between them and the Everlasting Heavenly Legends' members. The Real Man was quickly put to the ground by The Man. If Goliath hadn't stepped in, The Real Man would have died another time.

Even Goliath was having trouble handling The Man. Not only did he lose in terms of class and equipment quality, but he also lost in terms of martial arts.

The Man used an axe art taught by Domon, Surging Wave Cleaving Lands. Each swing produced a violent wind that could sweep away everything. It was a martial art that relied on simple destructive brute force. This martial art suited The Man very well.

Goliath's large stature was forced back with every impact. He was unable to contest against The Man's strength. He was forced until he dropped to his knee.

"Do it," Goliath said. Defeated, he surrendered his fate. The Man only needed another swing.

"Bro, finish it quickly! Master Domon needs help!" Bowler called.

The Man glanced over before returning his attention to Goliath. "You used to be someone I respect. Not because of your prowess, but because of your integrity. Look at you now."

"Gloat all you want," Goliath said. "A winner has all the right to speak."

"All right, then I'm going to give you some advice. Look at your leader. Can you find him?" The Man asked.

Goliath took short glances at his surroundings. The Real Man was nowhere to be seen. He had run away after Goliath saved him.

"In the past, we always stuck with our comrades. All through to the end, no matter the situation. There is no place for a coward like your leader. He bears the name of our guild but he doesn't bear its spirit. You are a fool for following him. Pah! Killing you will be a disgrace."

The Man went away with Bowler, leaving Goliath kneeling on the ground.


The two rushed to where Domon was. Domon had fought Long for some time. Domon had the expertise, but Long had better stats. Long could also heal his wound using the Nine Yang Restoration. In the long run, where healing spells couldn't be cast, the scale slowly tipped in Long's favor.

Domon again landed a slash at Long, but in return, Long's palm struck his side. Domon's HP was down to below half by now, while Long's HP was still near full. The flames from the Nine Yang Restoration again covered his body.

Domon sighed. "The world truly favors the young."

"Not the young. Just me," Long uttered as he conjured another eighteen dragons.

"Stay away from our master, you freak!" A loud voice followed by images of axes and staffs came assailing.

Long redirected his palms into these new assailants instead. Bowler and The Man were smacked away.

"Hmph! Little flies. Why do you fly here? Are you so eager to get squashed?" Long ridiculed.

At that time, Master's two eternal-grade dragons slammed into the ground some distance away. The situation became chaotic. The Man and Bowler heard the shout for everyone to retreat. Many players started moving away. Looking at the situation, the call for a retreat was not a ruse.

"Want to leave? Not so fast! Today, the number one martial artist will fall!" Long declared. He swiped horizontally, conjuring a scorching blade.

The Man and Bowler were distracted by the call for retreat. They didn't have the time to dodge. They could only receive the attack using their weapons.

Domon could dodge, but if he did, The Man and Bowler would perish. He came forward and used his glaive to receive the attack. His glaive, The Man's axe, and Bowler's staff clashed with Long's Nine Yang Scorching Blade.

The destructive flames radiated through the three's weapons and struck them. All three lost some HP. They also fell to the ground from the impact.

Domon was not in the best condition. After that last hit, his HP was near critical. Long lunged forward when Domon fell. Long's palm was now hovering above Domon, ready to land the killing blow.