"He had control over all the other Januses?" Jack asked the Good Janus behind him.

"He is the true one. All the Januses here are just clones from other timelines. So yes, he can exert control if he wants."

"Aren't you also the true Janus?" Jack asked.

"He is the more dominant one," Good Janus replied. "I'm not powerful enough to wrestle control of all those clones."

"Can you at least affect some of them?" Jack asked.

Jack cast Double Clone, Mirage Beast, and called out his golden wolves. They were hardly enough to deal with all these opponents, but they were better than nothing. Clone Januses remained smiling at Jack's effort while Evil Janus simply displayed a slight smirk.

"I can only affect a few," Good Janus answered. "And I might only pause or slow them down. I won't be able to gain complete control of them."

"That will have to do," Jack said.

"I won't be able to join the fight then," Good Janus added.

"F*ck. Just do it!" Jack said. He sent his two clones, Spark, Therras, Clone Therras, and the golden wolves toward the Januses. He also used Beast Howl to strengthen all those minions.

The young Januses continued to walk forward since they appeared. They were now in front of Evil Janus. Evil Janus never moved from his position. It was apparent that he was confident he didn't need to join the fight. The young Januses started casting spells when Jack's minions came at them.

Multiple spells were unleashed. They were the various spells from all the four elite classes branched from the Mage advanced class. Jack's golden wolves were fast. They tried their best to maneuver around the spells but there were too many. They couldn't evade them all.

Their golden fur provided them stronger defense than normal wolves but it was still not enough to tank through so many spells. They were the first ones to perish from the spells' bombardment.

Therras had the highest defense and HP among Jack's minions. It was the most durable one. Jack also used Ultimate Beast, Gigantify Beast, and Beast Tantrum to turn Therras into an unstoppable beast.

Many of the young Januses also used spells from the Summoner class. Their already large number was further bolstered. It was as if a small army had appeared inside that space.

Therras activated its armor's supersonic mode and used Tyrannical Charge to pierce through all the enemy summons. It was the first to arrive before the young Januses. It immediately used its AOE skills to disrupt the Young Januses' spell castings and started wreaking havoc.

The other Young Januses further away cast their offensive spells at Therras. They didn't seem concerned about hitting their clones. From the look of it, Evil Janus considered all these clones as expendable.

Spark didn't have HP and defense as high as Therras. Its speed was also not as fast as Therras in its supersonic mode, but it had the finesse of a top martial artist. Its mana sense allowed him to maneuver through the tight bombardment from the enemy's spells. It then sent its wing-blades to attack the Young Januses from a distance, while engaging in melee with the enemy's summons.

Jack's one clone transformed into Supreme Dragon Form and used Lightning God Suit. He charged with Clone Therras tanking the way. By the time they forced their way to Young Januses, Clone Therras had lost almost half its life. Unlike the real Therras, the clone didn't receive the armor's benefits and the buffs from Jack's skills.

Dragon form Jack leaped out from behind Clone Therras. Firing Soul Breath into where Evil Janus was, but this breath was blocked by the multiple elemental walls conjured by the Young Januses. Evil Janus remained in his position with a sneer.

Jack's other clone used Lightning God Incarnation. His transformation blasted away all the enemy summons nearby. He then transformed into a lightning bolt and zoomed directly into Young Januses' midst.

Each time he stopped, he used AOE skills and spells to blast the Young Januses in the vicinity. He turned into a lightning bolt again after two seconds, working his way towards where Evil Janus was.

"Fully upgraded divine treasure…," Evil Janus muttered. He was surprised by this reveal, but he wasn't too concerned. That divine skill was powerful but it didn't last long. It won't turn the tide.

But then, he sensed another divine power from the other side. He looked over and saw Dragon Jack. Around Dragon Jack were Iron Mammoths rampaging among his clones. This disruption caused his clones to be unable to stop Dragon Jack, who was coated with a soft glow. Dragon Jack flew at high speed in his direction. The Strength of Hope powered this Dragon Jack.

"Mister Storm Wind… You are indeed impressive," Evil Janus muttered. He finally acted as the two Jacks approached. The staff of Illios in his hand was lifted high. The eye sculpture at the top of the staff burst with ominous light. The dead sculpture turned into a real eye that looked around with a ravenous appetite.

Evil Janus cast the Teleportation spell as Lightning Jack arrived. He narrowly dodged the lightning blast emitted from Jack's hands. The lightning blast hit a nearby Young Janus instead.

Lightning Jack used his mana sense to trace where Evil Janus had teleported to, but the trace somehow became blurry. As he looked, he saw multiple Evil Januses at different spots. All looked at him with evil grins.

The ominous eyes on top of the multiple Staffs of Illios shot rays of dark light. These rays converged on Lightning Jack.

Lightning Jack felt as if a huge burden suddenly weighed on him. He had difficulty moving. His mind was a mess. He couldn't think straight. He tried willing himself to turn into a lightning bolt to escape, but it was as if his mental command never reached his body's motoric functions.

Lightning Jack just stood there under the spell, wasting its precious second doing nothing.