Damage numbers appeared above Lightning Jack as the dark rays stayed on his body. With Lightning God Incarnation's massive damage reduction, Lightning Jack was not in danger. However, he also couldn't do anything. The divine skill lasted only three minutes. So, every second passed without doing anything was a big waste of the skill.

Dragon Jack floated above. He also couldn't tell which one was the real Evil Janus. All of them had the same mana signatures.

He had tried using their linked consciousness to wake Lightning Jack out of his trance, but there seemed to be a veil constantly shrouding Lightning Jack's mind. Even Peniel's healing skills that removed status effects were not working.

Dragon Jack cast Tracing Light Beams. They were controlled and empowered by mana manipulations. The multiple light beams were very fast and their accuracy was precise. They spread out and struck all the Evil Januses, but every one of those beams just passed through their targets. All these Evil Januses were illusions.

"Master, he is over there. Follow my wing-blades!" Jack heard Spark's voice. Spark had flown over while the Young Januses were disrupted by the iron mammoths.

Jack looked at where Spark's wing blades were heading. A barrier appeared at that spot, blocking the wing blades. Another Evil Janus was seen inside that barrier. This was the real one. Once this real Evil Janus appeared, the illusions vanished. This real one also had a dark ray that was locked on Lightning Jack.

Spark could see through the illusion because it could perceive mana in its raw form. It had the same talent as Grace, Mana Perception.

Once the real Evil Janus was revealed, Dragon Jack cast Teleportation. He appeared above Evil Janus, who had readied a spell for him. A black hole appeared right before Jack, but Jack disappeared again as soon as he appeared.

He reappeared right behind Evil Janus, who was surprised that Jack could use two teleports back-to-back. The second one didn't even need a spell formation.

The second teleport was a skill, Teleport Slash. Aside from covering longer distances than Flash Slash, this skill also could be executed from the air. Unlike Flash Step and Flash Slash where the user needed stepping ground to execute.

Once reappearing, Dragon Jack used Brave Slash combined with One-word Slash.

Though Evil Janus was surprised, he still acted fast. His spell-casting was very fast, as fast as Master. The spell he cast was Force Impact. The spell hit Jack and pushed him away as he was swinging his sword. Evil Janus knew the key to facing these melee opponents was keeping them away.

Dragon Jack didn't stop swinging despite his opponent being out of melee range. His One-word Slash using the legendary-grade Storm Breaker was able to hit an enemy at a distance. When he finished swinging his Brave Slash, the golden light from the slash formed a straight line that moved forward. This golden line slammed into Evil Janus' barrier. As if a laser that sliced through a target, this golden line cut through the barrier and hit Evil Janus behind it.

"Arrgghh…!" Evil Janus let out a scream due to the pain. The golden line sliced into his left shoulder and caused a bloody wound. He looked with disbelief at the wound.

Dragon Jack might have hit his target but he then found himself to become extremely heavy. It turned out that multiple Young Januses nearby had cast Telekinesis at him. The multiple force bearing on him turned out too great even for his massive strength powered by the Strength of Hope. He was slammed into the ground by the power of the combined Telekinesis.

However, that one slash from Jack had caused Evil Janus' concentration to waver. The dark ray stopped coming out of his staff. Lightning Jack's mind was cleared. He didn't let this chance go. He turned into a lightning bolt and slammed into Evil Janus. At the same time, he threw Lightning God Barrage at the Young Januses who were using their Telekinesis on Dragon Jack.

The lightning balls erupted with lightning explosions and forced those Young Januses to forego their spells.

Lightning Jack also used Realm of Sword God. Uncountable lightning swords rained down from the void above. All the while he blasted Evil Janus with lightning rays from his hands.

"Hehe, I admit I have underestimated you, Mister Storm Wind," Evil Janus said. A dark aura erupted from his body, countering Jack's lightning rays that were showering him.

He turned into a shadowy creature with one large eye at the center of his head. A dark beam was shot from this eye. The dark beam crashed into Lightning Jack and knocked him to the ground. Lightning Jack felt his head spinning. The dark beam just now also carried a strong mental attack.

Dragon Jack, who was freed from Telekinesis, had a good look at the transformed Evil Janus.

"Demonic Possession? No, it looks different," he uttered.

"I think it is Demonic Possession, but it was not any version I recognized," Peniel said.

The lone eye on Evil Janus' head was unmistakable. It was the Eye of Illios. Jack thought perhaps this was another unscripted application by natives. Evil Janus might have found a way to merge the power of the artifact with his spell to create this unusual version of Demonic Possession.

The large eye of Evil Janus continued firing dark rays at Lightning Jack. Every time the ray hit, Jack was assailed by a heavy migraine, rendering him unable to do anything.

At the same time, Evil Janus' two hands shot dark energy bolts at Dragon Jack. The other Young Januses also sent their spells to keep Dragon Jack and his other minions from approaching Evil Janus. What Evil Janus prioritized at the moment was to wait out Lightning Jack's divine form.

"Hmm…?" Evil Janus who had merged with his Staff of Illios had a heightened perception. His one eye saw the true Jack in the distance. That Jack stayed at the back with Good Janus. True Jack was sitting on the ground doing nothing.

No, not doing nothing. There was this goblet on the floor next to Jack. He focused his sight on this goblet. As someone sitting at the top of a league faction that focused on magic studies, he quickly identified that goblet.

The goblet was the Chalice of Blood.